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  1. Oh well even the image has been removed from the post. Anyway, one thing about these characters or those who have avatars looking like anime or something similar: they are not photorealistic. That doesn't mean they can't look underage or their nude body wouldn't count as nude, because it definitely does. Most places actually declare whether they allow or prohibit anime or other cartoon avatars for this reason, and that is the best way to deal with them. A place designated for anime avatars, however, can face the risk of getting reports in certain cases, but I doubt their regular visitors would report each other, as they mostly would be anime avis themselves.
  2. Alright, thank you! If the official standpoint is just like that, it doesn't seem to be bad at all. Except for the questionable wording of Tilia's TOS of course, but hopefully they will adjust it to be more reasonable. I know you meant that as a joke, but it sounds like if I buy something on ebay from a UK citizen, who pays taxes for the Queen, and the product itself has been paid taxes for in the UK, I would become a "british subject". Fortunately, it does not work like that. LOL
  3. Sorry if this has been asked and answered already, I skipped pages 11-31 due to lack of time and all but one questions I would have seem to be clear already. The linked KB article didn't answer the remaining question either, but I'd appreciate if someone could point out to an existing answer for this: Let's say, I'll start selling my creations, and IF they ever would generate sufficient income in L$ to cover at least a portion of premium or land tier fees when converted to real USD, how do these changes with Tilia affect that? With the fees on uploading each texture, animations, and land fees to own an inworld store, I consider this topic to be a huge concern to someone who wants to start their own "enterprise" in SL and turn eventual incomes back to keep their business running, as it seems to financially affect creators. (Note that I wouldn't want to use any L$ incomes to transfer to any bank or PayPal account, but to pay USD fees in SL.)
  4. They definitely don't look underage, anyone who says otherwise certainly haven't seen any (or enough?) Anime and Hentai to be able to tell the difference between how a totally underage or teen or adult looks in these things.
  5. Oh well, the great ambience, has been completely ruined now. Whoever passes by that road, cannot enjoy the pleasant view of a rotting corpse in the light of the setting sun anymore...
  6. I won't deny that. At least being selfish, "can't stand it when others actually enjoy something they don't" is pretty subjective though. Edit: We came to an agreement and the site looks like this now: https://gyazo.com/27c729e3d2944efb055af595528eccc7 P.S.: I love the picture with the fire around the crate!
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