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Found 21 results

  1. Hey, I hope you guys day is going well. I am in a pause of trying to find a URL script for my HUD or someone who knows how to script? I've been searching up and down and I haven't yet to find a URL script for my color changing HUD. Thank you very much.
  3. I would like to see if creators can create an unpack HUD where you can choose a specific body type you want to unpack I know I seen one creator do this. This would save having to delete all the body types that a person will never use and also cut down on inventory clutter. Please share your thoughts on this. Thanks.
  4. Hello, If you are looking for someone to do: - Graphical design, - LSL scripting, - Web development, Please feel free to contact me inworld. Skills: ________________ Graphical design: Full branding design, logos, flyers, banners, event posters, hud designs Web development: - CMS websites - Lightweight, one page websites - Fully custom web applications - Back end system, for LSL - Online database LSL: 9 years of experience; Huds, Systems, Weapons, Magic, Effects, Simple scripts Stack: -Java, angular JS, JS, PHP, LSL, Spring boot, Spring, Oracle, Mysql
  5. Hello, If you are looking for someone to do: - Graphical design, - LSL scripting, - Web development, Please feel free to contact me inworld. Skills: ________________ Graphical design: Full branding design, logos, flyers, banners, event posters, hud designs Web development: - CMS websites - Lightweight, one page websites - Fully custom web applications - Back end system, for LSL - Online database LSL: 9 years of experience; Huds, Systems, Weapons, Magic, Effects, Simple scripts Stack: -Java, angular JS, JS, PHP, LSL, Spring boot, Spring, Oracle, Mysql
  6. Schutzjr

    Nube naranja

    Hola comunidad. Llevo unos días entrando a SL y no me carga absolutamente nada, los primeros días me cargaba solamente la cabeza, después ya no, después empezaba a ver partes de los mapas de la cabeza y los huds a la mitad o en dispersión. Hoy en día vuelvo a entrar y ya soy una nube naranja completamente, los huds ya ni siquiera me cargan, ni son visibles. Intente hacer el troubleshooting de el avatar masculino default de sl, lo puedo ver pero a la hora de ponerle mi mesh vuelve a desaparecer. ¿Saben alguna solución y la razón de esto?
  7. We got a zombie shooting sim. Flying is deactivated in region and land options, but today i still saw someone flying, very fast. I think it's not the normal flying. She can even fly through alpha walls! Seems like she's wearing a HUD or so? Is there a way to make them stop flying? Scrips and rezzing must stay allowed on our sim.
  8. Hi, I am experiencing a very strange thing, never happened before in my SL. In less than two days, four different HUDs, plus a mesh head, just stopped working, not changing no more, not responding to clicks. I can only attach or detach them. The menu option "Refresh Attachments" doesn't help at all. Resetting scripts, when possible, doesn't help. I had no crash; no other strange things happened. I don't wear more than 2-3 huds at the same time. This way I lost (and I had to replace with copies) an AO hud; a Catwa hud; a Maitreya hud; a tracker hud; and a mesh head. Every object always worked well so far. They basically appear as "frozen", they can't be clicked no more. What is happening?
  9. Hello! I've been playing SL for years and I've seen some really good "huggers" out there! I'm finally in a place where I can get a decent one or two than the one I've had since I started so, I come to the forums for the first time in hopes of finally getting a HUD, Item, Gesture or whatever you may know that is great for allowing you to give others the best of hugs! I remember a few that would ask me if I wanted to be animated for the hug, I'd really like one of those because if I remember right they were also well animated. I don't mind noise like "aww" and "huggies!" but I'd like to avoid lewd noises if possible. If it comes with additional features, pose balls, or anything like that I won't mind but I definitely want something I can use with anyone and everyone. All recommendations are welcome, if it does have something you think might be notable such as weird sounds or script errors please let me know! If it's good enough I'll still consider it. I may be buying more than one, so give me all ya got!
  10. ¡Hola a todos! Hace un tiempo estoy interesada en adquirir un traductor para el chat. Pero no se hace si se siguen usando o que tipo existen traductores en hud y no se si de otra clase. No hace mucho estoy en SL y todavía algunas cosas son nuevas para mi. Si alguien conoce alguno y me lo pueden recomendar se los agradecería. Muchas gracias de antemano. Saludos
  11. Created a HUD, works rezzed and worn but only on rezzed item, not worn item. When the socks are worn the textures do change with the HUD but they are extremely blurry and never load. Not sure what to do here to fix this. Anyone else had this experience?
  12. This is primarily directed to clothing content creators. I would like to see clothing creators create unpack HUDs where the consumer is able to choose the specific body type they actually need. I know this is possible, because i did get such a HUD. Unfortunately, I can not recall the creator, but it was an awesome surprise. This would definitely help clean up the process of having to delete the many "other" body types from our inventory that we may never use. Thank you.
  13. I'm in search of a scripter to collaborate with, on my upcoming projects. I create full Bento avatars and am working on Bento heads, currently. Scripter will be in charge of scripting the HUDs, such as applier HUDs and face animation HUDs. Being able to create GUI will be considered an advantage but is not necessary. Have a look at my store META for a better idea of my work. Contact me here or in-world if you are interested.
  14. OK, so I am trying to create hud that premtively grabs perms then sends out those perms when colliding with something. I created step level testing for each phase, so far it works up until it needs to read the permissions. In the testing it says no perms detected even though perms were given. Excuse my language I just find it funny when the object talks back Hud Script: list buttons = ["-", "Btn1", "Btn2", "Btn3"]; string dialogInfo = "\nPlease make a choice."; key teleportee; key ToucherID; integer dialogChannel; integer listenHandle; default { // reset script when the object is rezzed on_rez(integer start_param) { llResetScript(); } changed(integer change) { // reset script when the owner or the inventory changed if (change & (CHANGED_OWNER | CHANGED_INVENTORY)) llResetScript(); } state_entry() { dialogChannel = -1 - (integer)("0x" + llGetSubString( (string)llGetKey(), -7, -1) ); llRequestPermissions(llGetOwner(), PERMISSION_TELEPORT); llGetOwner() == teleportee; } touch_start(integer num_detected) { ToucherID = llDetectedKey(0); llListenRemove(listenHandle); listenHandle = llListen(dialogChannel, "", ToucherID, ""); llDialog(ToucherID, dialogInfo, buttons, dialogChannel); llSetTimerEvent(60.0); // Here we set a time limit for responses } collision_start(integer num) { llSay(1642,"Pressed"); } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { if (message == "-") { llDialog(ToucherID, dialogInfo, buttons, dialogChannel); return; } llListenRemove(listenHandle); // stop timer since the menu was clicked llSetTimerEvent(0); if (message == "Btn1") { //listen to this specific channel llListen(1641, "",NULL_KEY, ""); llSay(1640,"Pressed"); } else if (message == "Btn2") { //listen to this specific channel llListen(1641, "",NULL_KEY, ""); llSay(1643,"Pressed"); } if (message == "Btn3") { //listen to this specific channel llListen(1641, "",NULL_KEY, ""); llSay(1644,"Pressed"); } else { //do anything else } } timer() { // stop timer llSetTimerEvent(0); llListenRemove(listenHandle); llWhisper(0, "Sorry. You snooze; you lose."); } } Listening Script key teleportee; Teleport() { integer perm = llGetPermissions(); { if(PERMISSION_TELEPORT & perm) { llSay(0,"Perms Detected"); llTeleportAgent(llDetectedKey(0), "", <13.0, 38.0, 23.5>, <13.0, 12.0, 23.5>); } else { llSay(0,"No Perms Detected"); } } } default { state_entry() { //listen to this specific channel llListen(1641, "",NULL_KEY, ""); llListen(1640, "",NULL_KEY, ""); llListen(1643, "",NULL_KEY, ""); llListen(1644, "",NULL_KEY, ""); llListen(1642, "",NULL_KEY, ""); //you can say something like this llSay(1641,"Pressed"); } //listen for something to happen listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { if(channel == 1642) { llSay(0, "The Hud Works!"); Teleport(); } else { llSay(0,"You *****ed it"); } } }
  15. Help! Since last night I cannot apply any make up layers to my SL face inworld. Every time I do it looks like the image below no matter what kind of make up layer, regardless of shop and regardless of what skin I wear. I have tried rebaking, taking head off and putting back on, getting re delivery of head etc etc. Anyone got any ideas?
  16. As somebody who wishes to get into creating multi-textured anything.. I am still primitive in the fact that I do not know where to look for a HUD to customize (I guess?) into becoming a HUD for selecting hair textures out of multiple textures to apply to a mesh hair.. or any object I wish to have multiple colors of something for. Where does one go about finding a color changing HUD? I mean.. I make my own textures for stuff.. so I do not need something pre-loaded at all if I do not have to have one.. but where does one start? or... How does one start making one? Any learning curves I have to look into?
  17. bowser311


    what hud's are good anymore that are free for protection etc?
  18. Hola! Desde ayer estoy iniciando una actividad donde tengo que ir de sim en sim recogiendo una gotita de agua, pero resulta que eventualmente despues de cierta cantidad de teleportes se me comienza a cerrar el visor, he tratado de hacerlos al menos con 1 o 2 minutos de diferencia y moverme en el sim. Pero llega un punto donde se queda colgado y comienza a desconectarme. El problema no es ese, sino que despues de mas o menos unas 2 o 3 veces que se cierra, se me bloquean todos los scripts que tengo puestos (con esto se van huds, cuerpo mesh, cabeza mesh) en sí todo lo que tenga puesto que tenga un script ya no funciona, me pasó ayer 1 vez aproximadamente a las 3am (slt) y tuve que volver a abrir las cajas donde estaban mis huds (por dicha los tenia guardados) pero tuve que comprar alguno que no era copy. Hoy comencé de nuevo la actividad y para mi mala suerte volvió a suceder. Ya no se que hacer o porque pasa. ¿A alguien le a pasado algo similar? ¿Que hago? AYUDAA gracias!
  19. MOUNTAIN LION NIGHT CLUB APRIL 23 SHOW SCHEDULE JOIN OUR DJS FOR SOME AWESOME TUNES We specialized in Music from all Countries from the 70's, 80's & 90's --2017. Live DJ's, Events, Contests, in a party fun filled nightclub. Cut loose and dance on our single and couple dance balls and intans with the best dances in SL. Sit at the Bar and have a cocktail. Bring the kids and stroll through our Amusement Park, ride the RollerCoasters, Zip on the Zip Lines, float along the lazy stream. Oh so much to do here, shop, rent a home, ride the Bull Ride, & take home a pet horse or lion from the Breedables. If you are a DJ or have an outgoing personality to Host, submit your application to us. No dresscode, but will not tolerate Nudity or Foul language. JOIN US FOR THE TIME OF YOUR SECOND LIFE. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jaguar Mountains/63/134/22
  20. Does anyone know how to hide what your avatar is wearing when people try to scan to see what body, clothes, or other items you have on
  21. I am in need of a scripter for two upcoming projects. Project 1: A distributable/updateable "Tour HUD". This HUD requires the ability to interface with a kiosk set at each location that allows for a rating system which can sort the destinations based upon ratings, as well as teleport capability for each location in the HUD that does NOT open the SL Map so as to minimize steps needed to teleport to a location. Project 2: A Subscription Product Project that allows multiple creators to add items into a single Prim for distribution to subscribers Please contact VampirePam inworld
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