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  1. it could be a scale issue as well. maybe the picture is out of scale compared to what the forum allows, to big one direction or the other. some forums do limit the x/y scale and anything above is rejected. its not always just about the file size aka Mb, but the picture dimensions too.
  2. there are no absolutes and at the end of the day no ones opinion is more valid or less valid than anyone else. you shouldn't really care what others think or feel about what you say or think or feel or believe; you shouldn't really seek validation from others. for then they have the power to control your perspective of the world. never a good thing.
  3. depends upon sexual preference. babe. hun. babygirl. and a lot of so called male terms have been are and used by women too. there is not really any term that is male or female only in use.
  4. there is always someone seeking to control someone in some form or another. there will never be true 100% equality in this world as long as there are different genders and opinions and views and ethics and morals and standards.
  5. some real life women use that term too. its not just a male term.
  6. lower the resolution of the picture ,it could be to high for the forums. towards the error description, not all of them have detailed reasons behind them and not all forum admins care about going in and changing it so they would. they might not even understand why its doing it themselves.
  7. that is a matter of opinion, not fact. even with the best parenting in the world a person can change and become the complete opposite of what they were taught, even without any sort of brain issues. even with the best social experiences in the world this change can still happen over time if personal experience is changed. their view of right or wrong, good or evil will become changed as they continue to grow and learn. what they once tolerated or accepted will alter. humans are a complex engine that always changes and adapts to what ever is presented before them if they wish to survive. t
  8. at the end of the day it doesn't matter how i see it, what matters is how the person doing it see's it and how the person that it is being done to see's it. would i call it evil.. no.. wrong..yes; but that again is just my opinion and doesn't make it right or true. everything is a matter of personal perspective and opinion, there is not ultimate good or evil right or wrong in the universe. good and evil are relative terms and subjective terms and change as the times change. just look at the health care world, doctors are always changing their opinion on what is healthy or not, good o
  9. that is your perspective and opinion on it, it doesn't make it any more or any less true. Everything in life is a matter of perspective even if some are unwilling to understand this. There is no good or evil in anything, these are constructs created and not proven facts. there is no universal good or evil in the world. What is evil to one may not be to another. A thief stealing things to sell is evil to some but to the family they feed, they are not. Which does not make either side wrong or correct. Each side just has their own perspective view of the situation and opinion, everyone has the r
  10. Its all a matter of perception. good vs evil, right vs wrong, bully vs victim. one persons hero is another persons villain. a troll to one is just a rough person to another, a white knight to one is just a nosy body to another.
  11. lets not forget the walls are all white and so is everything else in the room.
  12. A room with no window that only has one light in one area of the room. The shadow doesnt really change on anything in that room since the light is always coming from the same location all the time.
  13. There are a lot of people both on the forums and inworld that act like this. anyone that claims there isnt is just a fool.
  14. Technically i dont think it breaks the tos so ar'ing it probably wont do anything at all.
  15. My rant about covid-19 it's not turning people into zombies.. I can't use all my zombie killing skill from the games I played...
  16. Think what you wish. I've seen it before from many companies. If you really think they will tell you the real reason why..you just proved how ignorant you are.
  17. that is a common reply by a company that doesn't want to take responsibility for what happened and just pass it off as an accident or a glitch or a bug. it was done for a reason, they just cannot discuss that reason because of the added drama doing so might cause.
  18. actually its a proven biological response why some men or women get aroused at what they see. its a primal instinct, that many people are still affected by even to this day. you cant really take the beast out of man or woman. for women do it just as bad and as much as men do. Just because some people dont like it, doesnt make it not true.
  19. This is standard for most 'game's'; forums usually have very low participation except for the main clique groups that populate them. The population that comes here doesnt represent the majority of those that play the game. Most of the time people only come here if they cannot find any solution in world to their problems.
  20. The only groups I have shown are the invite only groups im in. So I dont worry about the others happening.
  21. some hide groups because they are ashamed or embarrassed being in some of them and what others might say or think about them for being a member of that group. Some people are just very private and do not think anyone needs to know what groups they are in. Which is true, no one has the right to know what groups anyone else is in at all. If someone wants to hide all their groups that is their choice, they dont have to share what groups they are part of. They may have been stalked by someone before and had to leave groups both shared. They may have been harassed for being in two competing gr
  22. It's called a rebranding.. company's do this all the time and don't always tell when or why they did. Nor do they really have to.
  23. I agree it's really just a pointless category.. the majority of people who are in sl don't read the forums.. so the chances they will see it is very low. The chances they will care is even lower..
  24. It's a fanatical radical cult like belief system created by misogynists and man children to feed their delusional thoughts of superiority based upon sci-fi books written by an author who was having an identity crisis because women were gaining power and respect in the work place and he no longer knew where he fit in. Most Gor Masters do not even believe in limits or safewords or consent. That a women is their property with no rights at all except what was given by their Masta. That women only exist to serve and pleasure men, and that a woman's pleasure should be derived entirely by that
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