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  1. it doesnt give you permission to tell them how they 'have' to use it. a collar creator cannot tell you that you can only use their collar if your a slave and not a submissive. and not all subs are slaves.
  2. its all a moot point anyways, for anyone that really wants the item without paying will just find a way to copy or reproduce it for their own use in near exact form as the original. its been done thousands of times. and even on the mp you can find copied items for sell that are exactly or nearly exactly alike as another creator may have made.
  3. not because they had to but because they chose to, to give creators a reason to create. its really a false sense of security and protection at the end of the day. imagine if they said 'hey creators your stuff is a free for all for whoever wants it' you think many people would continue to create things here? no.
  4. the dmca does not apply to all countries. so if a person lived in one of those countries it wouldn't really matter. for they could host it themself at that point and sell it on thier own personal store which can be set up fairly easily with todays software there are software packages out there right now that can have you an e-business up and running in a matter of minutes and if hosted in a non dmca country dmca take downs mean nothing.
  5. wrong they are completely legal in some countries to have and use the application and will never be taken down. you cannot ever stop bittorrents from being available ever. bittorents
  6. who needs napster when there are things like azureus and bitlord. where you can still get anything you want pretty much for free. towards tv and movies you use kodi.
  7. LL can do what ever they want the moment you put your items on their servers. you no longer own it they do. you have no special rights to the obejct anymore once someone buys it or you give them a copy. can an ebook seller take the book back from you? no they cant. can they stop you from using it how you want? not without taking you to court. SL does not have to have the permissions system in it for it to be legal at all. it can run as an 'as is' business. use their service at your own risk.
  8. No they really dont. Once you own it it is your choice in what you do with it. Same with digital content on the internet. Once its out of your hands you have no say in what anyone else can or cannot do with it beyond that point. You give an item to someone they can do with it as that want if they want and not have to care if you like what they did or not. Your only recourse is to contact LL and see if you can have it removed. You dont continue to own the copy of the one you gave them. Its not yours anymore. You were just the creator of the object and nothing more. Your not some god t
  9. them: whats for dinner? You: what do you want? them: i dont know or care. you: ok we are having spam for dinner them: I dont want spam, I dont like it, not spam.
  10. If you figure that out let me know! I could have one do my dishes, one my laundry and another get food in these crazy times. oh wait I do have alts but they are all trapped in the same body.. go figure..
  11. everything can be cheated if you learn about it enough. there are even probably ways of copybotting no-mod scripts as well. for you can copybott scripts out of mod items already even if you dont own the item. nothing is or ever will be uncheatable. even LoL can be cheated because you dont have just camera control you have a client that runs scripts and those scripts can be modified to allow you to do things others cant. someone smart can easily manipulate the camera controls to give them an advantage over others. its been done before in lots of games online. moving it all server
  12. actually its not legally binding in all cases. you are buying something to use how you chose not how someone else thinks you should use it. several game companies has even have their wrists slapped before for trying to use such tactics. play my way or else... there is no legal contracts about what you buy here in sl. except between you and LL for the price of the item purchased. beyond that its do what you want with it even if the creator disagree's. content creators are not the gods they like to think they are at times. the only true gods in sl are LL. Even a sim renter is not a god eve
  13. And then you create a new account and begin again and again and again, it cant be stopped. those who do it dont mind starting over again if needed. its the fact that they can do it that is all that matters to them. Even in some online games some things cannot be stopped or controlled. Many games have tried to create ant-cheat systems or anti-afk systems to have them defeated over and over again. Its a giant cat and mouse game that never ends.
  14. not entirely true, can a software designer tell you how to use their software on your computer after you buy it. no they really cant. even though sometimes some like to think they can.
  15. we will have to agree to disagree on this point of contention.
  16. and that is why copybotters exist to stop such things. thing is you dont own if if you give it away to someone, you own the original not the copy that was given away. its not really your choice on how or why they chose to use it or not even if you want to think it is. or else every creator could arbitrarily say I dont like how you used my object stop or else. which would lead to even more copybotting. I know a few creators who try this already and they dont always get their way, people can find a way to break that control if they really want.
  17. once you give something to someone else you dont really have any say on how they choose to use it or what they use it for. you dont get to be their boss and tell them if they are allowed to do something or not. which is why copybotting was started to stop those who think they have the right to put gateways on certain things. can a car manufacture tell you how you are or are not allowed to drive a car? no, nor can you if you sell or give that car to someone else.. you may have had it created but it does not give you exclusive rights over how it has to be used. you only get those right
  18. people who need to be unique are those afraid or being seen normal. the new normal is to be unique and different and special.. im different I stand out from the rest, look at me. im unique and special. when really everyone is just the same regardless of how special or unique they really think they are. anyone could remake the item if they wanted to take the time to learn how and make it exactly like the no-mod or no-copy unique special item.
  19. just do away with the no mod, no copy feature altogether just make it non transfer
  20. its my toy and you cant play with it...im special and only I can have it.
  21. hey only I can combine words to new spancy(sporty yet fancy) things!!
  22. your right setting things to no mod does not stop copybotting at all for those who like to think it does. there are still ways to get around it if the that user really wants too.
  23. Unfortunately the ones I know about are not always active but they do exist, maybe use the group search function in world and search out a few and then join them to see how active they are, or be the active one and maybe see who responds back.
  24. Many of these ideas would be good if implemented, the problem is they would slow SL down to a halt every time someone chose to use it except maybe the rename feature. The reason that it maybe not allowed for then it makes the item look like something its not and anyone looking at it might be confused that the creator sells that specific product as named which they dont, meaning it would be harder to look for in the MP. They would have to be time limited, such as will only apply on server restart day. which would then disrupt a lot of people when they logged in to find their inventory was
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