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  1. wrong.. not me.. would not matter how much the offer would be.
  2. Yep.. which is why its a stupid meme really. Its just about a woman who doesn't take things laying down and expects to be treated with respect. Something most narcissistic or misogynistic men cannot handle.
  3. poseballing is basically just afk sex, or one sided sex where the man wants to get their rocks off while the woman does all the emoting.. the man is usually afk, because they are too busy with other things..but they still want the woman to emote and talk and moan and groan and describe how great the man is.. aka BORING
  4. she probably left sl because she got burned out on it, or maybe found something more important in rl.. like maybe opening a rl antique store that takes up all her time. or maybe she changed who she was and wants no connection to what she was in the past. people do do this at times. its not uncommon really for someone to be a part of a thing and then drop it dead at the door and start off fresh because it was time to do so.
  5. the funny thing is most intolerant dont really care if you tolerate them or not. they will continue doing what they do because they can and no one will stop or change them because of some riots or protests.
  6. smh irt tla re ilu when in doubt search the urban dictionary...
  7. it goes both ways, a lot or either one or the other. and many of women may be men.. or the men may be women..so really its a moot point. there are hookers and escorts in sl.. and some are both. I know a few of them. one is on my collar.
  8. There is always two sides to anything, there is never just one side ever. No matter how much some people may want to think there can be or should be.
  9. Not all escorts are hookers.. but in sl the term escort is usually in reference to being a hooker.
  10. It is impossible to kidd proof sl.. since they got rid of the teen grid years ago. Even then there was no guarantee..
  11. its a waste of time and energy to strive for the un-attainable. its better to work on what can be achieved then what cannot be. but go right ahead and waste your time and energy on something that will never exist in the world. false hope is useless and a waste of life. true equality is not possible for as long as there is differences in opinion and there always will be between the genders. as long as humans have free will there will be no equality ever. equality cannot be forced. you cannot make others care or believe your beliefs on what is fair or not. as long as rules exist and l
  12. wrong.. for that makes it about one color more than another and that is not what it should be about.. it never should have been about one color ever. it should have been about social injustice by the police and how the system is corrupt and needs to be re-done. Not about how one color is being oppressed seemingly more than any other color.
  13. trying to make it about one ethic group is a slap in the face to everyone else which is why a lot of people dont like the whole 'black lives matter' approach. all lives matter.. period.. doesnt matter color or ethnic background.
  14. teleports check id to make sure your not banned from a region or the region owner has it set where you need payment information in profile.
  15. I think I will be controversial yet again and go with 'all lives matter' or simply 'life matters' to make it about one color of skin or ethic background over any other is a slap in the face of every other color of skin and ethic background. what happened was yes not acceptable but to focus on one skin color is just as unacceptable police and law enforcement of all branches of all colors need a serious policy overhaul on what they are allowed to do and what punishments/consequences they may face if they break policy and what may happen to anyone that witness it and does nothing to sto
  16. 100% equality between both genders will never happen as long as there is misogynistic people in the world male or female. So short of rounding them all up and executing them it will never happen. Even then it wont happen for there will be someone who still will see it as morally or ethically objectionable for one reason or another and not care if others agree with them or not. So lets get rid of morals and ethics and standard and values now.. well someone religious may still become offended.. so lets get rid of all religions at that point. someone spiritual or non may get offended lets get rid
  17. actually you might be surprised that some people might have actually liked this in their community. not everyone is how you think they are.
  18. scapegoating happens a lot on these forums by the major forumites. its easy to point a finger at someone else and say they are to sole source of the problem then accept their own possible accountability for it as well. lets all pass the buck ya know.
  19. non-important player character.. aka nobody important to them and how they feel or think. someone of no value to them at any level. a few may have friends or those they call Friends, but are they really friends or just some half-friend that will leave them at a moments notice if things get too rough for them to handle.
  20. get hurt or betrayed enough and you will. its how the body and mind adapts to survive at that point in time. a lot of people here have already shown they dont really care what their actions or words make others feel, but they expect others to care what their actions makes them feel. aka 'i want my cake and ice cream how I want and im not sharing it' if you poke me I will cry foul.
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