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  1. Unfortunately the ones I know about are not always active but they do exist, maybe use the group search function in world and search out a few and then join them to see how active they are, or be the active one and maybe see who responds back.
  2. Many of these ideas would be good if implemented, the problem is they would slow SL down to a halt every time someone chose to use it except maybe the rename feature. The reason that it maybe not allowed for then it makes the item look like something its not and anyone looking at it might be confused that the creator sells that specific product as named which they dont, meaning it would be harder to look for in the MP. They would have to be time limited, such as will only apply on server restart day. which would then disrupt a lot of people when they logged in to find their inventory was
  3. If anyone takes notice it seems that most that lost their title are those that have been active, most that still have it have not been very active except for a few.. Maybe they feel the few they left deserve it more than those that had it. Or it could have been completely a random experiment to see how people would react to it, which several here showed exactly how they would by flouncing over it. Which is sort of childish. No one is entitled to any title or rank her but what LL ultimately decided they get. maybe the active ones got the boot because of recent posting styles or being too s
  4. to each their own, at the end of the day what matters is how the person getting them thinks about them or interprets them. none of the negative responses really matter to me. I think their amusing when used. Oh what would some people do if LL ever decided to reformat the forum and reboot it and start everyone at ground zero again..I can see the flames now.. and it would be glorious.
  5. sometimes I think I have, but oh well.. good night and sleep well.
  6. I can do the same thing... i know im not perfect, never claimed I was. otherwise I would not be here in sl being a dragonness..
  7. I learned that lesson on several places. and I can remember everyone of them to this day over a decade ago as if it was yesterday. people want to see me as the bully thats fine I can be the bad guy if that is what it takes. I no longer let that bother me anymore like I would have years ago.
  8. perhaps...perhaps it was just because I got tired of seeing new residents treated like shiat at times by some members here because they thought it was ok to be rude to them and didnt have to care if bothered them. so it brought out MY shadow side just a tiny wee little bit. give people a taste of their own medicine regardless if liked it or wanted it or not.
  9. simple to prove to them they do have one and they are not as great a person as think they are at times. so maybe just maybe they will think a little before responding to someone new or old in these forums without any thought to how it might affect them. call me a mirror if you wish. but one that shows the ugly side back to people if needed. call me coyote or loki or many other similar names. if they cand handle me then how are they going to handle someone worse than me, ive actually been pretty tame with my responses compared to what I could be.
  10. not to all people perhaps, but it does show the shadow side of their personality that they think they can hide or say doesn't exist.
  11. its not really, just some people like to think their snarky actions bother me. when really it doesnt. just deflating their thunderclouds is all. its almost sadly amusing to see people act in this manner, it shows the real person of who they are and how they really can be to anyone they know nothing about.
  12. no one on these forums can hurt me or make me upset or mad. no one controls my emotions but me. i dont let petty things upset me or get my angry. I used to be that person but I learned it was a waste of time and energy to give that power to someone else.
  13. people chose not to use ignore because they are not emotionally immature where they cannot take being attempted to be mocked or ridiculed or made fun of because the are so past those childish games its just humorous when others try it.
  14. not being an ass being the truth even if people dont want to hear it. its a proven fact that no one can hurt anyone with their words alone unless that person first allows it. which is why nothing anyone has said here or other places affects me in a negative manner. I chose what bothers me or upsets me, not anyone else.
  15. wrong its the truth and you just dont want to accept it because then you cant use your excuse of being triggered or made angry or upset as an excuse. you cannot be hurt by words unless YOU chose to let it. its a known fact by those who are old enough to understand that saying and what it implies. just most people are too emotional immature to be able to take responsibility for their own feelings and actions based upon what someone said to them so seek an excuse to validate their behavior no one can make anyone mad or happy or upset or angry or hurt by words alone.
  16. For those who think im using the laugh as scorn.. nah.. I actually find what you say amusing in my own way. so keep thinking what you are thinking and making it a you problem and not a me problem. because all you are doing is making emotional choices on theories and not facts. if I dont like you, I do have the courage to come out and say it here or at least send a dm/pm stating so. so if you have not gotten, one its all just speculation on your part.
  17. even if you put them on ignore they can still see what you say and react to it and you will still see the reaction, plus if anyone quotes them you will see what was said then too. and even if put on ignore does not mean they wont continue to reply and others will see it anyways. not everyone that replies cares who does or does not see it. they reply just because they can.
  18. for some but not always for all. its a give and take experience with varied outcomes, which im ok with. i dont try to win everyone over, im not that egotistical..unlike some here can be.
  19. or a bigger spoon that knows what to do at times..
  20. not to annoy but yes to stir up the pot at times or things get stagnant and stale. which makes for a boring life. why should I let anyone inflict their emotional way of relating to people on me?
  21. you dont have to be social to be here or have a reason to be here. no I dont hate myself at all. nice try..i know what I am and accept it. I dont hide from it or shame it or be embarrassed by it. nor can I be humiliated or degraded or devalued because of it. no one but me decides my value.
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