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  1. thing about respect its useless for the most part, unless you really care what that other person thinks or feels or likes or doesnt. and if you are just two strangers on the internet with little desire to be friends you not going to care. that is why hot emotions happens, one gets hurt because another didn't care what they said or how it would affect them. which a lot of the forumites here do act that way. that anyone they disagree with is just a nipc. so when that person responds back hotly to them, they get all bent out of shape over it. it becomes a 'them' problem at that point and they can
  2. I dont use ignore either, i find such features a childs tool. for those who cannot deal with how unpretty the internet can be at times. if you cannot deal with the not so nice, then you are too thin skinned. not as mature as you like to think or claim or try and get others to believe. maybe a bit narcissistic or egotistical too. 'play by my way or else' and before anyone says look at myself.. I already know what I am. im not ashamed of it or hide it. any attempt at being snarky or witty or sarcastic or rude will just get you laughed at. because its highly amusing that someone thinks their
  3. the forums are not all about being nice all the time, its about expressing yourself, the good and the bad. it shows that there are real people here and not just a few using sock puppets all the time. a few hostile replies in a thread that is overall non-hostile will not always get it removed. there is more value in the non-hostile parts if it has enough pages. it might just get locked to prevent it from exploding. A smaller thread may be taken down sooner to prevent it from burning out of control. plus there are a lot of people here who claim to be non-hostile but show just how
  4. a lot of people claim to be adults but are they really an adult or just a child trying to act like one. age doesn't make one an adult. even the moderators could be considered acting not adult at times in their own behavior if someone really wanted to. everyone has opinions and feelings and views, no one single person or group is more entitled to show theirs or express theirs then anyone else. but some here like to think that is not true. thing is you have to learn to stop wearing your heart on your sleeve and thinking everyone is going to be nice all the time. especially considering all t
  5. see that is the point there is no right decision, its just their's and no one elses, and it doesn't really matter what anyone else feels is right or not at the end of the day. their choices are guided by pr choices.. they cannot allow some threads to remain showing too much hostility between users. because it gives sl a bad name to anyone that might come here looking for help or new to sl and thinking about joining. it easier to lock and hide the entire thread then to try and go through and moderate each post and make changes to what was said to make it sound more friendly or nice. the am
  6. nope not going to happen, they care more about the dollar then the player. and and if you try and please everyone then you fail for there will be someone not happy still. start islands are just that for you to start, where you go after that is your choice. its not about perfect immersion, where you choose a furry and start in a furry populated area. because then you dont search or explore or learn anything more, aka you dont find new things you want and have to buy, aka you dont get lindens.. aka you dont spend money. there would be some people that would choose the furry and want to
  7. if they ever modify or change the permission system in sl, they will have the forums burn in flames for all the creators that think they are so special suddenly learn they are not, and come here rage over how its unfair to them what was done and they wont create any new content until its changed back. as this thread has allread shown by several creators that oppose the changes suggested or any change being done. People want to feel special, unique in power in control take away that and they will riot over it.
  8. Its simple.. pr.. they hide what ever looks bad enough to them, that might bring them in a bad light to others. thing is just because someone else thinks its bad enough to be hidden doesn't mean they do. They are after all the gods of the forums not anyone else. the ones the dont hide they probably believe have more value to be allowed to be seen then the ones they hide.
  9. Fox is into gynoids and robot based rp.. used to share a group with them before.. He doesn't want a female he wants a piece of property a docile piece of meat to own and toy with and manipulate. He's not a real dom by any means. A bit of a misogynist...possible narcissistic too. "Objects don't get to choose' total bs.. proof of not being a real or respectable dom..there is always choice and consent and neither can be taken or forced..it must be given and can be removed at any point in time for any reason.. regardless if the dom/owner/master try's to claim any different..
  10. At minimum the other three need to loose their shields and not be allowed in any form of law enforcement again. Maybe then others who contemplate allowing a fellow officer to ever behave in such ways will think twice about what they too could loose from their inaction's. There is no excuse for what happened or how or why ever. Cops are not above the law, they are not gods of justice even though some cops are narcissistic enough to think they are.. And they should be held accountable for their behavior during the event and any similar event ever. It feels like too many of these cops
  11. peeve.. people with peeves thinking that complaining about them on some forums anywhere is really going to change it or stop it or those who do it. its the internet, most people dont really care if they make someone butthurt over something that they didnt like. as has been proven in many threads on the forums.
  12. Or they may not and just leave it as is as a social experiment and see how many or if others ever complain about a simple title being removed.
  13. If you go on tik tok you can see many cops and other people who do get it and have spoken out about it. including a cop who quit his job as a cop to protest when was told he was not allowed to or would be fired.
  14. Yes. You can join the OpenCollar group and ask in there and someone will be able to help you with your problems. OC is currently at version 7.5 You can get the updater from the group notices.
  15. It's the best way to make friends.. you get to be frenemies... 😛
  16. Here in sl if you rent the land or own the group.. your basically a god.. the real gods ll won't interfere in most things.
  17. Where are my zombies.. I'm all ready with my spear and flame thrower..
  18. @Axel as you can see well enough in this thread there 'are' mean and rude people here in the forums and in world. They often try to disguise themselves but fail miserably.
  19. Most people don't see sl as real.. so nothing will be done about it. You have better luck complaining to local lawmakers then here on the forums.
  20. Don't think you want to rent it.. things go missing in there. Like emotions and morals and ethics and other things.
  21. A heart.. a human heart.. inside me.. you jest.. I have no heart.. not anymore.. only a dark pit..
  22. Times change and so do people and their priorities..and they do end up leaving sl for one reason or another. It doesn't matter how much effort they put in here.. people get burned out on sl overtime..and leave. Sometimes for a short time.. sometimes for good.
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