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  1. That is a bit of generalization of gamers. A lot of gamers are tech savy, it fact most true hardcore gamers built their own systems and know the ins and outs of how it works and how to repair it if needed. Most do know a lot about the os and how to optimize it for their gaming experience so would have little problem learning how to use sl at all. Dont lump in normal console gamers with pc gamers, there is a big difference between the two groups. As someone who is both a pc gamer and a console gamer I find this a bit insulting.
  2. Not too many of those, and what few are around may not be active all the time. use the search feature in the viewer and search for dragon rp and see what comes up.
  3. now someone needs to make an animesh of a caddy holding a golf club bag standing next to it. when the user sits, and the tee drives into the ground, have the caddy grab a club out of the bag and hold it out like is offering it to the nearest golfer..
  4. how dare you try and interject humor into a thread.. thats not allowed at all here!
  5. terf such a very helpful way of finding out the definition of many different things that you might not comprehend at times.
  6. There are hundreds of places like that you just have to keep looking for the right one. Use the search function in the viewer you are on and type bdsm babygirl and see what comes up. some of the places may be mixed placed where its not just ddlg bdsm but a combination. looking for and finding the right owner/dom/daddy is not easy or fast.
  7. I do not believe that riots are part of protesting. I believe riots are people taking advantage of protests to act how they want and then try and excuse or validate it because of the protest going on. protesting is fine.. riots are not...looting is not...damaging others property is not... none of that is part of protesting.
  8. This... so much this.. or use an external harddrive and have it save a backup copy every day or so. Otherwise you are pretty much out of luck about getting them back.
  9. because you are just an object a piece of property a piece of meat a slave for him to do with as he wants and you have no say in it. he likes to think he is is a bdsm dom/master but really he is not.
  10. that is why they are to blame. it should not be about getting more views but to give enough information for others to decide on their own, which means showing the bad and the good. which a lot of media does not do. reporting the news and public/social events is not the same as it used to be. its all about how much you can sensationalize it is now. which often means leaving out unpopular facts.
  11. These work to some degree with some people, but dont expect them to work with everyone. it really depends if the person you spoke to is in a friend wanting mood or not. Not everyone is all the time. So even with the best introduction/gretting you may get shut down on the spot. making conversation helps but that will not guarantee a friendship with everyone you encounter. some people are willing to talk to strangers and keep it just as that.. strangers with no desire to be friends at all. so even after doing both of those first.. you may not have been as successful as first belie
  12. There are some tv's on the mp that do that but it takes time trying to search through them to find the right one. some require a little editing of the script or land settings to get to work, some dont. I dont really have any offers of which is better, because I just usually use something like the service that was known as rabitt to do that.
  13. not everyone wants to learn to script to get something in sl... and not everyone wants to have to know how to edit scripts to make something work either. some people do just want a buy and use solution at times..
  14. The thing is, your avatar is a virtual you per say, so its not art. its of a virtual living being. where as the painting was not, it was art. sl avatar = living being because some people do actually try and make their avatar look as close to them in rl as possible. so in that case showing off any bits would be like posting nude photos of their rl self. just because some want to see everything in sl as just virtual and not real does not mean everyone else does. To some people sl is an extension of their rl self, so everything seen and done is real to them and not just roleplay or virt
  15. 99% of all asmr vidoes are totally a waste of time for me. peeve... i want my time and life and energy back for watching that waste of time...
  16. Right it doesn't work it all situations but it can work in some. A small apartment complex where when people enter or leave they all say hi and acknowledge each other like human beings. A small town where your walking through town and just being polite by saying hi as you walk by.
  17. A lot of people like to toss the word Troll around here in the forums as if its some insult that will magically crush said troll into running away from the forums. Or that using said insult will magically make them change their ways. You learn to ignore it and their opinion over time and stop caring about any validation for your opinion from said people. Which totally takes the thunder out of their clouds and turns their lighting into just a flickering light bulb. Which they cannot handle or deal with. I am often controversial myself and certain people on these forums cannot tolerate it.
  18. anything non ll supported should always be looked at with a skeptics eye, because you really dont know where the money is going too at the end of the day.
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