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  1. like you most videos on yt do not work, but sometimes a random non asmr video will trigger the response for me. you can even trigger it within yourself just by random thoughts or actions. there is no real perfect trigger list or way for every person. and then you have the problem that once triggered the same action, sound, video may not ever trigger it again. for some people they can trigger it through mediation and yoga or working out for others that has no effect. sometimes a personal prophetic video or epiphany will cause it for the one time similar to the. "OMG that ma
  2. I took it how the majority of humanity would take it. I know that osha would site it as safety reasons, and they would be correct in some cases. both because of possible tool harm to the body or other harm.
  3. Makes no difference really.. as long as there is any control there will be rules regarding public nudism. Which means some people will always find showing nipples of females inappropriate. It would take a complete paradigm shift of human thinking which is not going to happen anywhere soon.
  4. Everyone has different preferences towards conversation starters. No one way is best for all possible people. Those same two types may be creepy to others. It may feel like being stalked to some.
  5. You would think that.. but unfortunately it is not true for everyone of either gender. Hence there are common decency laws about what can be seen in public. Else everyone everywhere would be allowed to walk around totally naked. Top and bottom..regardless of where they were in public.. store..school..work..parks.. etc...
  6. Only if it has no reputation affect. In fact I don't think the laugh should affect reputation either.
  7. its not dead and buried you can still find it and use it on low end phones and tablets. sure it has not been updated in two years but that doesnt mean its useless to everyone. the point is that there is a mobile app already that can provide a presence, just not a lot of people know about or how to find it because it was taken off the google play store but it can still be found lumiya it gives a limited view of the world and has a nice side feature it can be run in vr mode
  8. minor peeve... people who say needs are wants.. you dont know if that need is a want or a need, and its not really your choice to decide for that other person if what they put as a need is just want in your mind.
  9. there is already a mobile app that can be used by anyone and has a presence in world... lumiya, and any kid can get on the grid since ll does not age verify. and then they could have mommy or daddy by them the gift cards to load lindens and then buy what they want..
  10. You just triggered me by mentioning triggers are triggers!!! How dare you!!! You didn't put a 'stinger' warning on your post.. you are just so insensitive to others...
  11. because of the feelings it generates, its a pleasure to some people. the goosebump feeling can be exciting for some people when not triggered by fear or well for some people even when triggered by fear such as with bdsm. for some its a release and relaxing. it a refocusing on other things then what is currently bothering you. kind of like pulling the plug on a bathtub of dirty water and watching it go down knowing that all that dirt is now off of you. it releases different pleasure drugs into the system and helps deal with stress for some people.
  12. we have inborn biases about a lot of things, color, gender and a hole host of other things that would probably take a page to list. humans are still pretty much a primal and instinctual creature that works on a lot of hard and soft wired programming before birth. some of that programming is genetic, some is taught before birth while still in the womb and hearing what is being said by the parents.
  13. because its not a living thing where as the doll is a representation of living things. but you still have a very valid point.
  14. police nowadays are more para-military groups then social servants anymore. of course this is in part because of the increased firepower that criminals could get a hold of as well. so police became more like enforcers/bullies then what they were originally meant to be, protectors of society. 'i am the law' -judge dredd where they think they can use intimidation and bullying and coercion to get people to obey the laws or force confessions out of people. its less about innocent until proven guilty nowadays and more about guilty until proven innocent.. now if people new more about
  15. a lot of information but a really small playerbase so not really a good representation of gamers in general. 3000 out of millions = not very accurate statistics. plus you cant really trust most studies for they are biased in what they are searching about to begin with.
  16. simple how you phrased it made it sound like you were acting as if you knew what they needed the relationship for. though I can see in how you tried to point out that it might be a want and not a need. but to some people some wants are needs and its not for anyone else to tell them different. If I was to say "I need a newer computer" and you tried to say I want one. You would be wrong, i might actually need the computer to be able to do the things I want on it or with it. so yes it a need and not just a want at that point in time. without the new computer I cant do those other things
  17. there is only one race.. the human race. does not matter color or creed or nationality or ethic background all people are just humans and part of the human race. we are of the race humans, of the species homo sapiens. two different classifications.
  18. reality check... to some they do take sl serious as if its just an extension of their normal daily life like facebook or any other social media platform.
  19. search inworld, you might have better chances then here on the forums. use the search function of what ever viewer you are using and search for groups that meet your liking and then talk to people and see if anyone is interested. Plus it might help to describe yourself a little and more what you are looking for and why and what times you are available in sl for anyone that might be interested.
  20. Not sure this is in the right place. i believe it belongs in the lands section for advertising and such.
  21. asmr yep that is right. its basically just getting the 'chills' when someone says or does something that causes the back of your neck to tingle. like how the hyena's in the lion king reacted when one of them said mufasa.
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