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  1. Trusting someone completely is never easy even in rl we really do not know how vulnerable someone is on the other side! Would we be 100% certain to trust everyone in sl not really just like in rl too but perhaps it is easier, because knowing someone in sl is not necessarily knowing them in person. Might get an idea of who they are but not all just like a ripped up book. This is where they might not even discuss what they go through, there is that stigma where some would just say that individual is crazy, who is to say that person is dealing with e.g. bipolar we can't be sur
  2. Saw this link and after listening to the conversation, made me wonder could this be why some of us find it trickier to build relationships/friendships? https://screening.mhanational.org/content/i-dont-feel-i-belong-anywhere We all are weird and special 🤓
  3. Crazy robot punks.... good defense the moonbase is safe for now!!!
  4. Doesn't give the excuse to ignore someone but its sad they shun away because as Bagnu mentioned it could be their ego and the insecurities perhaps. It could be an idea of intimacy in someone's mind that is missing in their rl Could be a way for someone to lose themselves in that moment as if they just had an encounter. Even asked some and they didn't want relationships because it was disappointment after disappointment one individual i know well mentioned at least 2 wanted more of a mutual sexual relationship because it felt something more than just disappointment, drama and pa
  5. Personally using the classic avatar it is just simple there is no added hud or extra scripts in the body. Would of been good if sl had a mesh editor built in the sl like the prim editor imagine that! Have seen some individual's combining mesh hair with classic avatar etc and going for more hybrid looks think that is interesting. Do not think i am going to go full mesh just yet it is not even at its peak maybe in the future maybe not.
  6. Another sim has a sewer is Axis of evil http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Moonlight Heaven/56/246/4026
  7. Ever notice how sl is portrayed with realistic mesh avatar and most are seen as a super model. Is it a right representation of sl as a whole nope!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On the sl website the slide scroll section (All mesh humans no system avatar or anything non-human) Earn money - Mesh people Become a creator - A mesh lady designing a dress on a computer Have an adventure - A mesh guy with headphones Is snobbery going to continue probably even some sim owners do not care its their sim they can boot you for just not liking you! Some places offer a valid reason as to why some are not a
  8. Delete -------------- - when your not friends with them anymore! - when they have specifically told you they don't play sl anymore - Drama fest/complete jerk delete them simple - If they don't want to spend time with you anymore some people just move on Don't delete just yet -------------------------------- - Find out if possible why they are not there, give them a benefit of a doubt could be rl or other commitments - Even after a year + some return as i have found out In the end of the day you decide who you keep on your list and who you don't. If they reply
  9. If you need a drop-ship pilot i am good, but your probably going for realistic stuff hmm
  10. I was talking to a friend and we wondered what would make a good experience in a sim. We know there are limitations in what can be done in sl, though there must be some ways to improve the sim too as well as what we can do for ourselves. What would you do to make the sim a great experience for all??
  11. My experience has been interesting I don't disclose that information if it was someone i knew maybe for years and years possibly. Its easy to use image scanners to link people to their social media sometimes, some even go to great lengths to befriend someone you know and gather even more information such as location etc. Everyone should be safe in virtual world and real life, i know someone that was stalked before so its not a good experience.
  12. You'd be surprised some females are just as bad :D Not all i know one who is into archery and another who is a musician and they don't necessarily like going shopping unless its something they need to get for themselves or their loved one's.
  13. Could depend on the store some may be more interested in the gadget section and toys! The hump buddies some have a brain but some just think with their genitalia, and forget the person ever existed because of humping pixel after pixel. Enlightened by all the humps could, probably start up their own adult entertainment business. With lots of pixels in one house they all can lag together and have dysfunctional wrists and walk like penguins.
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