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  1. Well thank you for making me aware lol some people are just so rude when I ask questions lol
  2. For the multi poster do I just have to just use that or can I have sex anywhere like on the couch with using the animations that’s the couch comes with or do I have to rezz the poseballs out and do it
  3. I didn’t know there was an adult category well excuse me
  4. Hey guys me again nay with more questions 😂 how long is the menstruated period???? Can I stop it when I want or do I have to let it run it’s time
  5. Well excuse me for being curious and wanna ask questions so I don’t mess up
  6. will we be able to have sex using the couch adult animations and conceive that way or we can only need to use the hud that the Mama-Allpa hud provides? Since we both have our Allpas on?
  7. Well I know that but my friend told me when I get pregnant I should get “womb baby” or something like that so it can be interactive and I figured out the pregnancy hud lol
  8. Do I have to buy the things like the pills and condoms? Or will it be in the hud? Also can I pause the cycle when I’m not online so it doesn’t keep going without me? And can I make it for my time in real life instead of second life time when I’m offline?????
  9. Thank you guys I got back in I was just getting scared cuz I didn’t know how long it was gonna be
  10. Do anyone live on Lino (AMEstate) and got kicked out of their land because of land lag? If so please let me know so I’m not the only one.. and how long will we be kicked out for and for us to have our home back and the land that we pay for? the picture it what it said
  11. NayNayFaith


    Is it possible to buy more prims/space on a land you bought?
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