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  1. I agree Firestorm has the best tools I want to use, but a lot of people I've talked to in SL are using FS with "ONLY FRIENDS" turned on when they go somewhere with other people (me too) . So is this what we really want ? I think it's time for the FS team to focus more on performance going forward, even to mitigate the negative impact of the damn EEP....*sighs*
  2. Today I realized that we are demanding a lot from third party viewer developers, but we forget a simple question: "Why the hell doesn't LINDEN LAB make a decent viewer for us?" It's sad to see the absolute lack of some basic tools, like a resize of commands to move, or a simple built in AO.I bet with half dozen of useful tools many people would like to play with the official viewer again, at least sometimes.OK, you can say "what tools you would pick to put in without make a little monster like Firestorm is?" kkk....But it's a valid question, think about it...
  3. Jackson Redstar has a strong computer and has problems with Firestorm...and the same with others on powerful machines.This proves that the FS EEP versions were not well built.If guys with strong computers are suffering, imagine most with average PCs.It's a shame, I guess the Firestorm team should focus most in performance from now on.Or lots of people will simple change their viewers, I don't want to sound ungrateful, but nobody is forced to play with FS.
  4. ( I get micro-stutters regularly. ) : same with me, very annoying /firestorm 6.4.21 .....................( So what am I doing wrong? ) IMAO: If you drive the same car ( ur PC ) in the same road (SL ) every day and you change the place you buy gasoline ( viewer), and now your car performance gets worse and the engine coughs, it's obvious what is the culprit : the gasoline ( your viewer).I feel there's a competition among the most popular viewers to be more sophisticated and show more features than the others...this might be good for those who have a strong and brand new PC, but for most users it is a waste.
  5. I'm back to this topic because Firestorm blocked its non-EEP version and forced me to update : now it's really bad to play. In places with more than 10 people the PC starts to freeze,even using a very modest setup.I don't blame EEP because I have Linden and Kokua viewers with EEP and they run fine on my machine.So these days I'm playing with KOKUA VIEWER, it runs much better and faster than Firestorm.I saw some comments of people that was almost leaving SL because the FS viewer updates...wow...I need to say: Don't leave SL, leave Firestorm !
  6. The hints suggested by Beq Janus worked well, and I felt no big changes in the textures.Thank you.
  7. I will keep an eye on this topic . I bet only now (with the recent updates of Firestorm) many of experienced players running FS are having to deal with EEP .Firestorm community is a force that must be respected.I think Linden Lab was underestimating the impact of EEP despite its implementation has some years, because FS users were simply ignoring EEP. "Don't you want EEP? So keep using FS".But now FS team is almost blocking the last version without EEP (6.3.9) forcing the "rebel ones" to deal with it. But the annoying EEP can has a side effect too: as it's so challenging and we need "go back to school", maybe it can be an attraction for we geeks that love to suffer solving problems.Make you feel dumb might be the secret of success of SL ..... LOL
  8. I bet most of SL users can't buy new PCs every update they release ( and we really shouldn't, that sounds like consumer slavery ) or spend all day long testing and trying everything. SL should be just fun , not " a work". As I said before comparing the viewer with an aircraft and the SL with the travel and landscape, if you spend too much time just trying to control it to avoid a crash, there's something wrong with the viewer.And maybe Linden Lab gone too far with EEP , I bet they wanted to please the photographers and at the end of day they harmed the majority of ordinary users. "The forefront of technical development is like an elastic that if pulled too far can break".
  9. I'm not a noob ( since 2013 in SL ) and I've tried to mitigate the usage of Ram in many ways, I have saved some very poor set-ups for crowded places, but I agree with most of tech comments.Although we can notice that the EEP version of FS is not running smoothly like LL viewer or even Kokua for ex. ( Yes, I'm trying Kokua viewer WITHOUT RLV and it seems to be lighter than FS ).Maybe there's something wrong with the Firestorm EEP versions, otherwise we wouldn't see so many people complaining.
  10. Thx for the answers, folks.I'm just a regular user, not so clever,so it's hard for me to take much measures of what the viewer is doing...but I know FPS can be very variable depending on many factors,in messy places it drops to 15 fps,in calm places 45 fps or better,but what drives me crazy it's the excess of RAM that Firestorm takes : other day I was jumping around in some sims,when I noticed FS was taking 5 Gb of my RAM.I had to restart etc.The regular Linden viewer never takes this huge amount of RAM.So what "we" need ( I guess many others think like me) is a kind of intermediate viewer,not primitive as SL official,but not so heavy as Firestorm . (PS , I returned to FS 6.3.9, but they ll kill it next update...so..). I'll give you the example of an airplane: if the plane is too difficult to control we will not enjoy the travel and landscape,we'll be more worried with not falling down, the controls take more attention than the travel. Maybe a good soul can make this kind of "intermediate viewer" some day, because there's a difference between nice geek fun and sad headache.
  11. Hi, please,what viewer is a good alternative to the recent Firestorm 6.4.12/13? I mean better FPS and similar layout, but a bit lighter.I don't care with RLV and photos,I need more performance for general purpose (try to avoid saying "depends of each case...etc"..LOL).My PC is just fine and not so old, Acer gx783br11, i5-7400 3.0ghz,8gb ram, gforce gtx1050ti.Windows 10.Thank you.
  12. Back to normal. Praying to some obscures Gods maybe can solve more Internet problems than technical knowledge.🛐
  13. Problem detected : I have TWO Internet providers at home, NET VIRTUA and VIVO FIBRA ( Brazil,SP) so I can test the connection properly.The problem is in the VIVO internet service, the strange thing is this service connects to ALL other sites, but not to SL viewer.You can see me writing right here...with VIVO provider : forum site here is OK but viewer doesn't ..makes no sense.
  14. Well, SL is being nasty these days, and I can't login again.Time 14 july 16:37 SLT...anybody else ?
  15. Sorry...I can't resist : Can you prove you are really faking your gender and you are a woman in RL ? Maybe you are faking to be a woman but you are a man faking to be man...
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