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  1. I am in no clique and I have had and released countless boathouses, trads and campers until I found my perfect one. If you seriously put an effort in you can get something. my best advice is try in the wee hours and off times.
  2. Clothes look futuristic to me almost like sexy Star Trek.
  3. Very nice but my heart is still with the houseboats until I see some log cabins lol.
  4. What I love about mainland is no rules, the wild wild west. Private sims are for rules!!!
  5. I love to smoke a fat one and decorate and landscape!
  6. At the corner turn right then right again...
  7. Oh this is the Public Pirate Area where unaware sailors get pillaged of all their doubloons! 😉
  8. Those circles are public gallows for naughty residents. 😉
  9. This is all we need! More paranoia about who is looking at me as I dress to the nines in mesh to be seen!!! ;-) I don't need this extra crap, sorry!
  10. I got my original avatar back after 3 year of deletion and they asked some questions and got it back for me but inventory was wiped out.
  11. Ok fairgame so here is my desire and prediction lol. Log cabins on 1024m terraced, mountain side roads. lol
  12. Be careful people, your all getting outrageously, carried away and setting yourselves up for total disappointment if nothing meets some of these insane predictions lol.
  13. I just released a camper and have reclaimed it 3 times lol.
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