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  1. Once a place seems unwelcoming they are dead to me. It's Second Life, a world of dreams and imagination and if an owner wants to discriminate then no second chances once they start to spiral downward in popularity and then beg for traffic.
  2. When I switch to furry I noticed the gay themed regions that cater mostly to the big, muscle, avatar types eject furrys and elves etc on the spot before you can switch avatars to obey their rules. I am just itching to name names lol.
  3. First off, any cop in a car sitting on the side of a Mainland road will be sitting there for so long they will give up after an hour or two of no one actually driving by and secondly, the lag and sim crossings make driving a car so unpredictable that you are never really in control of your car lol. Ride a horse or walk like I do, safer, less laggy and you can take the time to stop and smell the roses and great builds and homes that people have created.
  4. Just I.M. him back and confide to him that you are man just experimenting with a female avatar. He will no longer be a problem 🙂
  5. I could use some fresh cream! I know just the place to steal it from....
  6. It's spring in Bellisseria and we all know what that means! 😉
  7. If I told you, I'd have to kill you! Some have guessed correctly before yet remained unscathed 😉
  8. Just out of curiostity what brand of trees were these? I am wondering if this is my same problem?
  9. Another nicer looking area, mostly farms and farm homes is on Northern Spur Road, in the Jeogeot Northern Peninsula.
  10. Breaking news. The next theme Linden home has been leaked....
  11. Living alot on mainland I have also encountered this situation with a tree in the center of my land. First time it got returned I asked neighbour directly and friendly what it was sticking out and he stood there and helped my roatate the tree until the branches cleared the boundry. It was easy, co=operative and we ended up allowing each others trees to overlap to look good overall for both our lands. Sometimes that is all it takes, instead of stewing and trying to get revenge!
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