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  1. It's not you it's SL. I used to be an avid motorcycle rider on mainland and sure there were hiccups but since they introduced pathfinding a few years ago it became so bad it was an exercise in temper and patience and I have just given up on motorbike riding/car/helicopter/plane driving or anything involving some speed. All I manage now is slower kayak or slow motorboat sailing and horseback riding. I even tried no scripts/noob avatar and no huds with same results. I remember it all happened the first day of pathfinding.
  2. I think the Home Expo in Feb will be when they release the last names but not a new home theme yet.
  3. Nope I am Canadian but I agree the flag is nuts. The other stuff is no big whoop including the horse thingy. How can that possible bother anybody? Anyone next door to me would be welcome to have their trees cross over into my yard as it would add to the nature and niceness of the area. A tree is not a threat.
  4. Oh don't be so hard on yourself my dear 😉
  5. Some people have way too much time on their hands and worry about other people's business.
  6. Just find a table you like and color it purple 😉
  7. I found a secret sneak peek of one of the new styles of Linden Homes...
  8. Tonight I met and chatted with Bill Stirling the original builder and creator of the legendary, Second Life SS Galaxy. He was very surprised by the renewed interest in his creation since it has been moved to the Linden Homes region of Bellisseria.
  9. Log out, think for a week of a whole, new reinvention of yourself. I have gone back and forth from humans to furry and switch whenever. Move to a new place, new home, redecorate, explore.
  10. On The SS Galaxy... the rats better run....
  11. My houseboat is right at the tip of Agathy and unless I put my DD at 600 I do not see the boat. I love the fact that it has been moved here. I would also like to see Ahabs Haunt island moved to belli also. I used to be a huge Blake Sea resident and sailor but to me the Blake seems dead and lonely now with many of my fav places gone. Bellisseria IS the NEW Blake Sea as far as I am concerned. No banlines is fantastic.
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