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  1. I took a Sunday morning balloon tour and encountered 0 security orbs even at 60 m up.
  2. Ohhh I see my boathouse. You are right near me. Thought your name looked familiar from my radar 😉
  3. Bet there are more homes in a week.
  4. If your inside your home and someone reports you nothing is done. One of the Lindens already addressed this in one of the posts. They cam into your private space then it is their risk of seeing a huge, sexy cartoon wing ding 😉 lol From Abnor Mole:" I'm guessing you are referring to what happens if you have the parcel set so people can't see you from outside the parcel but also can't block anyone and everyone from entering. If you've made every reasonable effort to abide by the "behind closed doors" rule they can't really complain if they walk into your property and happen to see something "shocking" in the process can they? Well, they *can* complain, but ARs like that would probably end up in the circular file I'd imagine. "
  5. I have to laugh at the insecurity of being looked at in Second Life in our homes. I remember the days when there was no option to be invisible inside your sim. We spend small fortunes for hair and mesh bodies and Catwa heads so we can look fabulous yet when someone does look at us, we go insane and want to ban everybody. If someone needs to see us doing the nasty so bad, who cares! It is a pixel cartoon character playing dressup and house in a virtual world. People need to loosen their uptights! When we TP to a crowded place we are totally naked until we rezz so everyone seen it all and noone cares!
  6. No airports please! No retail. Second Norway was once a bustling community with quaint, little houses and a community and when they brought in that big airport it sure may have drawn in pilots etc but the lag was horrific and killed the quaint community. One marina would be cool with rezz zones but no airports please! Second Norway has since become a ghost town to it's former vibrant community.
  7. I agree 100%. Such a vibrant, bustling place right now like SL 2007. Hope it stays this way. I have already met and friended a few neighbours and a totally different mindset than secluded private sims or vacant, ghost town mainlands.
  8. It's all in fun it sounds like and hilarious. If it gets too out of hand and rude or mean, freeze, eject and ban, goodbye. I imagine we will soon see more of Esteban Winsmore, Britbong and Lavender Storydell or whatever their names are making visits and great funny videos!
  9. I can not get happier than having these fantastic new homes and no ban lines. Ban lines are my nemesis as a wanderer and explorer and wish they were banned everywhere besides private islands. Most people are just wandering, flying, sailing etc and don't give a rats bum bum about seeing you, your inside home or bedroom.There are more sensible tools available for privacy. Ban lines are like prison jail bars keeping people in and out like a hermit. When I lived on a mainland roadway or even on the Blake Sea I rarely had trespassers to the point of wondering why any security is ever needed besides the standard freeze and banning idiot individuals. People take stuff way too personally and seriously and need to lighten up and just have fun and relax and escape in Second Life and stop being so self entitled.
  10. Love this idea. I joined. Maybe I will have a big house party 😉
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