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  1. My house will be set up as the Texas Chainsaw Massacre farm and the candy will have needles and heroin in them :-)
  2. Oh that? It is a secret underground military base designed for UFO's. There is a secret trap door designed by the late, great, grandfather of Patch Linden (Patch Archibald Linden McMulligan the 3rd). Histories have whispered tales of yore for centuries.
  3. I stopped trying to drive my motorcycles and cars and fast moving boats since useless pathfinding was brought in! Years ago. Before that you had a somewhat smooth experience within reason but when pathfinding came in I found faster vehicles bouncing off bumps and sim crossings and out of control. I only tend to kayak and horseback ride now to cross sims smoother.
  4. I think the name I have is self explanatory lol
  5. I think I live near you πŸ˜‰
  6. The base and backplate of the stove is the one that came with the stove and I expanded and retextured them. The shelves came from "Meshpossible" if I remember and they are 1 prim each. This is the result of a few hours trying out each trailer with decor and came to the conclusion that the Williamsberg was best and most spacious. Thank you for the compliments. πŸ™‚ I came back to Balli because of the trailers and landscape around there which is way more of my style and I am holding out for the log cabins which will eventually come πŸ˜‰
  7. My Williamsburg model camper...
  8. I looked everywhere and found no answer to this question. If I own Mainland can I still get a Linden Home and pay the extra tier? I tried to get a camper and said I did not have enough land credits or something like that.. hmmmm
  9. Are all the Bella animals gone?
  10. Until it is a simple quick click and wear I don't give a hoot about this. If it is too complicated or takes more than a click or two it will go over peoples heads and be ignored. We all got frustrated enough trying to learn the Catwa heads and stuff. Still leaves my mind whirling. Also been patiently waiting for the sky to be fixed and those damn last names to return. I gave up months ago on the new Linden Homes.
  11. boy did this thread get derailed lol
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