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  1. Ziggy Starsmith

    Mesh disappearing/deforming when teleporting

    I find sometimes if I cam way way out and back in the stuff is still there and materializes. I have a problem with my eyes and hair not showing up after a TP.
  2. Ziggy Starsmith

    Does Facebook want our avatar?

    Every time I try to sign up to this Wibly site I get this "Profile Address Profile addresses must be alphanumeric"
  3. Ziggy Starsmith

    Is SL's Player Base Declining?

    In the people I know they are all hanging around on their private sims, tweaking their avatars, especially with Catwa etc. It is all more based on vanity now and how you look rather than looking for fun, exploration and play time etc.
  4. Ziggy Starsmith

    Who is Governor Linden?

    Gov Linden is most often Patch Linden from his own admission.
  5. Ziggy Starsmith

    Second Life Exploration

    Here is a very clutter free, beautiful spot to explore on Mainland with some great, cliff-side, cozy log houses for rent overlooking Linden Ocean. Follow the dirt trail which is actually an old, dirt Linden Road, horse trail. I often start here and then wander down the road in any direction for a great exploring area. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Clinker/172/117/67
  6. Ziggy Starsmith

    Second Life Exploration

    I have walked every roadway of every mainland continent over the coarse of 10 years or so and it is great fun. I now started venturing off roads but the ban lines and orbs get me every time. There are fantastic gems to be discovered on mainlands and I could never go back to living on a private sim without feeling boxed in.
  7. Ziggy Starsmith

    Five word Story Game

    Over hills and far away
  8. Ziggy Starsmith

    Inventory catastrophe with Firestorm

    Also check your filter settings in inventory.
  9. Ziggy Starsmith

    Mainland community building

    I have tried for years with no luck. People just don't care anymore. It used to be a great community in Second Norway but that died right off to ghost town status. I am lucky enough to have found a wonderful spot on Mainland with nothing ugly for miles around but again, noone around and a ghost town.
  10. Ziggy Starsmith

    How do you get furniture to move up the stairs?

    Lower the house until the bed is in position then terraform the ground away and put in a moat with a drawbridge! I did this to a whole sim with hilarious results from the other residents! ;-)
  11. Ziggy Starsmith

    joining 1024 sq m plots & teirs for Premium members

    Yes but best do it as a group and then you can even buy a few extra small plots for extra prims if it is on the same sim. When you buy the land buy it for group.
  12. Ziggy Starsmith


    I bet the new Linden homes become available on Halloween so we can access and trick or treat ;-)
  13. Ziggy Starsmith


    If the picture of sexy Patch is teasing a sneak of the new Linden Homes than I am too excited. I can't wait....Patch needs to help me move my furniture in of coarse ;-)
  14. Ziggy Starsmith

    Second Life Psychiatrists?

    Tell me how it started. Think back, think waaaaaayy baaaaack.....
  15. Ziggy Starsmith


    Oh God no, just a droplet almost undetectable yet somewhat satisfying.