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  1. Hi looking for a 20k non gf sim please include cost and a landmark if possible so i can come veiw it thanks
  2. Hi renting my full region 30k prim sim for 15,500 a week Message me or via inworld Candykittyxox Region landmark is- http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gummybear island/33/102/23 If u would like to rent please let me know and i will set it as a full region rent as currently set to 4X 1/4 plots Many thanks
  3. ♥ At Dreamers Estates we have multiple private regions/estates available for rent ♥ Mention this ad for a special introductory price! ♥ Competitive Rates: ~L$4,489 / wk for 1/4 sim with 5,000 prims OR ~L$6,489 / wk for 1/4 sim with 7,500 prims ~L$8,489 / wk for 1/2 sim with 10,000 prims OR ~L$12,489 / wk for 1/2 sim with 15,000 prims ~L$16,489 / wk for Full Sim with 20,000 prims OR ~L$24,489 / wk for Full Sim with 30,000 prims ♥ 20K and 30K available ♥ We have multiple options depending on what type of space you'd like ~ Full, Half, Quarter, or we can go smaller if that's what you'd prefer; We're super flexible ♥ No restrictions on how you'd like to use your land ♥ Someone is almost always available for questions or if you ever have trouble with your land ♥ We already have some long term tenants and would love to welcome more ** Want more info? Either message Vampyre Atheria or Amalthea Fae, or message us here ** Pictures below are of one of our landscaped properties also for rent, but we also have fresh canvas where you can express your own creativity!
  4. Looking to buy a 30k prim, Grandfathered sim. Will cover transfer fee + sale price.
  5. Hi... looking to buy a Grandfathered full sim, 65536 sq m and 30K prim. Please contact me inworld @ aphroditecunning1 or my partner cunning1 . We are looking to furfil our dream sim. Thank you so much for considering us. ~Brandi Aphrodite Cunning
  6. Tier date is the 13th, bidding runs until midnight SLT/PST on the 10th. If there's a last minute rush I'll keep processing bids until only one bidder remains, so there's no benefit to waiting until the last moment to start bidding. The region must be moved and renamed as part of the transfer. Bids should be in L$ and include approx L$ 74K for the transfer fee (assuming Grandfathered status is to be retained). Starting bid: L$ 375K including transfer fee. Send bids inworld to Chorazin Allen by notecard. Any questions by IM or notecard inworld too. Check the Extremis pick in my profile for the latest bid status. I'm also advertising it for rental; if I get a new full region renter before the 11th the auction will be cancelled. --Chorazin
  7. !!! WANTED !!! In need of at least 1 whole region as fast as possible! 20k / 30k / GrandFather or non... Send message HERE or IN SL to -> Estates Mercury
  8. As the title, I am looking to purchase a grandfathered 30k SIM (or one that can become 30k). Please message me in-world (not notecard, as those don't push to my e-mail), or better yet, e-mail me directly with your price. Thank you. Stay safe out there. -Vampyre Atheria, Crystal_Bearer@hotmail.com
  9. As the title, I am looking to purchase a grandfathered 30k SIM (or one that can become 30k). Please message me in-world (not notecard, as those don't push to my e-mail), or better yet, e-mail me directly with your price. Thank you. Stay safe out there. -Vampyre Atheria, Crystal_Bearer@hotmail.com
  10. I'm looking to buy a Full Region 30K Sim
  11. Grandfathered 30k prim sim for sale! $209 tier is due on September 13th (can cover until October 13th should bids take longer). Bids must be within Second Life only. Bids must be in increments of 5,000 L$, and bids will be placed in priority of earliest delivery should bids match. Bidding ends after September 13th at 0200 PDT or 24 hours from last received bid, which ever is later. Send notecards and IM to Flame Swenholt (again, prices must be in L$). Sim has been cleared and is ready for its next owner. Buyer pays for transfer fees, which is $300 for Grandfathered sims. Bid value does not include transfer fees. Bid starts at 330,000 L$. Current bid will be updated over time.
  12. As the title, I am looking to purchase a grandfathered 30k SIM (or one that can become 30k). Please message me in-world (not notecard, as those don't push to my e-mail), or better yet, e-mail me directly with your price. Thank you. Stay safe out there. -Vampyre Atheria, Crystal_Bearer@hotmail.com
  13. 20-30k prim sim wanted/needed, please inquire to Aytekin Destiny or via my e-mail aytekindestiny@gmail.com Thank you.
  14. (3) T H R E E ( F U L L REGIONS FOR SALE) - NON GRANDFATHERED / / 2(two) - 30k REGIONS // 1(one) 20k REGION EVERYTHING MUST GO!!! YOU PAY THE TRANSFER FEE Sim Name: Cape Newport Prims: 30k Tier: 12th of month (this month) SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cape Newport/145/123/26 $225.00 including transfer fee Sim Name: Westford Prims: 30k Tier: 13th of month (this month) SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Westford/152/86/32 $225.00 Including Transfer Fee Sim Name: Harvard Prims: 20k Tier: 31st of (this month) SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Harvard/116/83/29 225.00 Including Transfer Fee ALL Sims were purchased in November - 2019 , Directly from LindenLabs. Please message me in world or defendi91320@gmail.com for inquiries.
  15. 5000 PRIMS 16384 sqm 3950 LINDEN A WEEK You can rent all or some, rent with friends or manager agreement and get sim Estate Manager rights with rental Ask me how you can get a week of free rent!
  16. The name of the sim is Klimact and that has to be changed as the name is going to be attached to an existing sim. Move it wherever you want. It's empty now so you can start building on it while waiting for transfer if you like. Tier date is the first of every month. Contact Lindsay Dover inworld or email me at hello@klimact.com
  17. Hello! I'm looking to buy a private full sim, if you have available one for transfer contact me by mail... of 20 or 30k prims. I listen to offers! Communicate by email, with the dates, price and level of request. Thank you. Email: mysecondlife03@gmail.com
  18. Hello. I have a sim for sale 30k, Grandfathered, Price including transfer fee 1800$USD Tier is due on the 19th Contact Raydonblackheart91@gmail.com
  19. I am in the process of consolidating my region for mainstores only. This leaves me with an extra sim at the moment I am not sure i want to fully sell yet. If you are a mainstore looking for a region please contact me in world - Kehl Razor. I would consider renting to someone who would like to use the sim for residential or clubs but they would need to be up in the air somewhere. Currently the region is 30k prims but can be downsized if you would like. Cost is 30USD to downsize the prim count to 20k. Sims name can be changed at your cost. Payment must be made by the month - no split payments. cost is 250USD per month for 30k Prims. 220USD a month for 20k prims. No long term Commitment required, we can just see how it goes by the month. If you have questions or would like to explore different options or situations please msg me. Thanks, Kehl Razor
  20. Looking to Rent or sell a 30k Land Impact Sim. I will split the 600 USD transfer fee with you. So total price is 1000USD (not including any name change fees). Tire is due the 26th of the month. Sim must be renamed and moved off of my region. Please contact me in world if you are interested there is a few more details I would need to talk about before the final sale. If you are interested in renting see my post in the Full Region Rental Forum for details. Thanks, Kehl Razor
  21. rent 1/4 sim 4096 sqm 7500 prims 1L a prim wk , residential and light commercial welcome private region. NO BARRON LAND. Private owner. been on sl 10 years. half sim available. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MaidenMotherCrone/194/60/21
  22. Currently attempting to sell sim. $700 USD or best offer by January 10th. Sim is 30K prims ,full private estate and grandfathered. All features fully transferable. Contact in world @ 'Phiona.Mercy'~ to organize transfer. [[[[[[Sim is currently in the process of being traded. No additional entries accepted.]]]]
  23. Hello, I am looking to get rid of my Grandfathered Island, it is 30k, Grandfathered but can be reduced down to 20k for $30.00USD Price: $1700.00USD - I pay $600.00 Transfer FEE. Region Name: Relic Region Type: Grandfathered Prim Allowance: 30,000 Prims Tier Date: 16th of the Month NOTE: I WILL PAY the TIER on : November 16, 2017 = Next Tier Date December 16, 2017 = One Month FREE TIER Please Contact Me Via E-mail: raphaelmoskalev17@gmail.com SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY. Thank you.
  24. Private island full sim, grandfathered, with 30k upgrade, for sale: $900 + $600 transfer fee + $100 for half month sim tier = $1600.00 USD Sim tier due 9/23 Note, grandfathered sims have a tier of only $195 USD/month, giving you a $100/month savings on sim tier! It is no longer possible to purchase grandfathering from LL; the only way is to buy a region that is already grandfathered! This sim has the 30k upgrade; that is, you get 30,000 prims on the sim for an extra $30 USD/month. This upgrade may be removed by paying LL a one-time fee of $30 USD. Please contact Elysa Swansong inworld.
  25. Hello, Please review the following Islands that I have, Currently, I have 4 Grandfathered Full Prim Islands for sale. You can reach me via IM/PM on : Raphael Moskalev in Second Life. Thank you! I am asking $1600.00USD | I PAY the $600.00USD TRANSFER FEE | SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY - Thank you ! | Summary of Islands: Lenore : Independent Island No Attached Sims 30k Prims (Has Tenants which can be removed) moxy: Independent Island No Attached Sims 20k Prims (Has Tenants which can be removed) Consortium: Full Sim, Attached to 1 Sim(Consortium 2) 30k Prims Consortium 2: Full Sim Attatched to 1 Sim (Consortium) 30k Prims (Same Tenant as Consortium 2 but can be removed) (Has Tenants, which are a great source of Income $L but can be removed) Islands For Sale: Region #1 Region Name: Lenore Type: Grandfathered, Full Island Prims: 30,000 Tier: $225/mo Tier Date: 25th of each Month Region #2 Region Name: moxy Type: Grandfathered, Full Island Prims: 20,000 Tier: $195/mo Tier Date: 6th of each Month Region #3 Region Name: Consortium Type: Grandfathered, Full Island Prims: 30,000 Tier: $225/mo Tier Date: 15th of each Month Region #4 Region Name: Consortium 2 Type: Grandfathered, Full Island Prims: 30,000 Tier: $225/mo Tier Date: 8th of each Month
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