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Found 21 results

  1. Hello does anyone know if there is a way with the moon at night to make it like a real life moon cycle we have in real life? I've only been able to find EEP that is of one or the other. It would be a cool idea for Linden lab to put into place. I usually put my daycycles at 24 hour periods.
  2. I have full landrights I can see the are 4 altitudes listed in EEP but I have no idea how to apply different EEPS to the different altitudes in my parcel. My ground is as mix of seaside/garden/ tropical , up at 3500K steampunk reggae club in space Is the a very simple Guide to setting 2 different Sky EEPs at different Altitudes on my parcel e.g. Ground x EEP & at 300K meters z EEP
  3. I have numerous scripts that used to turn on lights by 'sun in the sky location'. With the new EEP in place these don't seem to work anymore. Can someone suggest how to properly handle lights coming on based on sun position? Thanks!
  4. I'm on Linux, so I cannot use the LMR test viewer. I was visiting one of the editor's picks, Beira da Ribeira, using Firestorm and Singularity viewers. Singularity still uses the Windlight renderer, and I used the shared environment. The sunlight is a bit too bright, but wouldn't that be expected in a tropical jungle? I saved a few pictures and came back in Firestorm. Again, I used the shared environment. However, wanting to try to replicate that high contrast look I got in Singularity, I turned up the gamma a bit and lowered the ambient color with Personal Lighting. It struck me how poorly the water shadows on Firestorm compared to Singularity, even being completely absent in some situations. I'm not picking on Firestorm in particular. It just happens to be the EEP viewer I use the most. Also, this is not the first time that something seemed 'wrong' with the EEP water, but as you can see from the images below, it's quite a contrast in this case. No sky or water preset made in Firestorm made any difference. Using the shared environment without tweaks didn't make any difference. Firestorm at the edge of the jungle: Singularity at the edge of the jungle: Firestorm at the village: Singularity at the village:
  5. Is there a way to use the RLV command @setenv_asset to restore the local parcel or region EEP setting, the "Shared Environment"?
  6. Hi I have full rights on my parcel including windlight and Eep. How do I remove the new cotton puff ball clouds from my parcel, they interfere with all my trees. I would rather remove the clouds, than reduce the graphic quality of my garden
  7. I am looking for suggestions as to what environment would be best to get a 30 days of night style of mood. Basically the barely dusk lighting of the artic circle during the winter. If anyone has used this sort of environment and knows of one that looks good, I know I could go through the list but right now that isn't feasible. Thanks in advance for any help. Alyce
  8. Thank you @Penny Patton the issue was a conflicting hair/brow base. Changed it out and all is well now. To start, I have changed nothing in either viewers or my pc, no driver updates, etc. Everything was working fine last night but now there is a glitch with any alpha'd hair being worn and enabling ALM . LL EEP viewer: https://i.gyazo.com/16f5a977337eb424824268c7b9d7d0a5.mp4 and the FIrestorm EEP viewer: https://gyazo.com/f035e02881ff2fe7f4e89f20712932a8 So is this something going on server side or no? Added: It's happening to all alpha'd hair, not just the one being worn in the clips.
  9. Hi all, In the SL viewer, the new EEP settings are gorgeous and work as intended. However, I am not having the same results in Firestorm or Black Dragon and thought I'd come here to ask for some advice. Both non-SL viewers continue to spawn their own clouds (these can be temp derezzed in the advanced menu), and moon. The overall environment in these viewers is very bright and colors are washed out. I've attributed this to differences in the haze and density settings for atmosphere and lighting. Any tips on how to get EEP to look the same across these viewers? If not, what are some strategies deployed to let non SL viewer users know that the sim EEP settings may not be optimal for their viewers. Thank you. Edit: I tried using the P-Haze day track and that works fine in all viewers. I think my issue with my own person EEP is with the haze settings. While in Firestorm, I can modify these settings and the extreme highlights and washed out colors go away - but this is a manual process and doesn't impact the sim beyond my own personal settings.
  10. Heyy ♥ I have been testing the new EEP format for weeks, I have been able to talk privately with my followers with what they think of this new format, which has been implemented in the official viewer and in BD. I have to say that I don't see it fair that a whole community has to force itself to implement a windlight one by one. They have been adapted for more than 7 years to a format that disappears from one moment to the next, we should have both options, EEP and the classic format through folders, where everyone can have their list of windlights, sky and water cycles. It can't be that photographers, decorators, and people who use windlights on a daily basis are having these problems. A small idea if it is not possible to keep the classic format using folders is: We could have an option from the viewer that can read XLM format to upload it to your inventory, and I'm not saying it's free. Similar method to upload a mesh or upload a texture, but in XLM. I think it would save a lot of headaches for many, the community is very desperate and I think it would be something that would simplify the headaches they are having. I hope you can read this, since there are many of us who do not see EEP as a great companion, if not as almost an enemy. In this world what is needed is unity and that we can all help each other. Thanks. Jay.
  11. Тема: Environmental Enhancement Project (aka EEP!) или же - Проект по улучшению окружающей среды. Изначально проект присутствовал на тестовом клиенте. Где работает EEP: стандартный клиент, Kirstens Viewer. Список официальный клиентов. Любые вопросы по поводу Firestorm и любого другого вьювера задавайте самим разработчикам. Что даёт? Собственные настройки неба и воды с возможностью их дальнейшей продажи. Вбейте на маркете eep settings чтобы найти продающиеся еепшки. Многие пользователи привыкли к удобствам, удобствам с работой прозрачного .png изображения. Но создание неба в настройках EEP очень сильно отличается. Как создать настройку: New Sky/Water - создание ОДНОЙ настройки неба или воды. New Day Cycle - файл, в который добавляются настройки неба и воды. Использование готовой настройки: Больше скринов и детальной информации ТУТ.
  12. Hello there, Yesterday I exported and imported in the official viewer a windlight preset created by others. The preset was in the viewer folder, so I could easily find it. Now, I need to import a windlight preset created by me, that isn't the viewer folder. How can I do it? Thanks.
  13. The big day is here! The Environmental Enhancement Project has been released grid-wide. As of today the default viewer download and all regions on the grid fully support EEP! If you have not been following this exciting project, you can check out this wiki page and the community discussion. EEP offers: Environment objects that you can keep in your inventory and share with others Parcel-level control of environments Up to four different, independently controlled sky layers More options for customization New LSL functions rolling out as part of EEP allow scripts to interact with parcels’ environments: llGetSunDirection and llGetMoonDirection allow scripts to accurately track both the sun and the moon as they move through the sky. llGetEnvironment gives a script access to all the parameters that go into generating the parcel's environment. For example, flowers can change their color based on the ambient light color. An experience script can set up a distinct environment for each visitor to the experience, using llReplaceAgentEnvironment and llSetAgentEnvironment. Many thanks go to all the devoted Residents who have spent so much time and effort to help us test EEP and make it solid. Beta testing would not have been possible without those who participated in forums and at our inworld User Group Meetings. We’re excited to see the new environments you create, the experiences that feature dynamically changing environments, and the scripts that will read and react to the environment around them in real time. As ever, we welcome your comments and bug reports in Jira.
  14. Hiya. After the last update Second Life Release (64bit) when I try to zoom in using my mouse and the Option Alt key, the camera zooms rapidly far out and spins and will not zoom in at all as it always has done. Is this a bug in the the viewer or something I may have inadvertently done to change the key command? It is making camming in SL - especially for content creation - difficult at best. I've never experienced this issue in all my years in SL on PC's or the MacBook. Thank you! Edited to add the SL Viewer update is the EEP version: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes/Second_Life_Release/
  15. I see that EEP has come to the latest viewer update. I managed to figure out how to import the old CalWL windlight to EEP and noticed it doesn't look the same. It's as if my face is in permanent camera flash, regardless of the amount of number tinkering. This is how the CalWL windlight looks in Firestorm: And this is how the same windlight looks with the Linden viewer. The sliders in Atmosphere Lighting, Clouds, and Sun Moon tabs do nothing. I can't seem to make that harsh face lighting go away. 😭 Apparently I haz a major case of teh dum. I'm open to any suggestions.
  16. Hi everyone. every time I try to login to EEP viewer, it disconnects after loading. Anyone is experiencing this same problem? Thank you in advance.
  17. Hi! Since Tuesday I've had an issue on my sim/estate where the windlight does not render correctly. It shows fine in the environment editor, but it applies wrong to the estate as a whole. Trying to restore the SL default only yields an error message that says "The Windlight settings were empty or not well formed". The issue persists on this sim only, in Firestorm as well as the official SL viewer. I am told this is an EEP issue - my question is how do I fix it so that my sim can display correctly again? Sim name is Elbe, if that is relevant at all. Foggy picture (how the Windlight used to look like and how it displays if chosen locally or before applying) How it looks once applied : Error message when trying to use default :
  18. This is the video of the June 13, 2019 Content Creators' UG Meeting. This is mostly status up dates on projects and some discussion of features residents would like to see. It runs 60+/- minutes. I did not take time to edit or time compress the slow sections.
  19. I know that the ability to further define the day with Windlight(R) settings will be coming along in the future (EEP), but lately I have noted that my Windlight(R) settings that used to be fine at higher altitudes (1000-4000 meters) seem to have changed although "I" haven't made any changes in the region settings. Ground level seems stable and "as set" back in January. Wondering if this is all my imagination or if something has changed servers side for the upcoming project. This is on LEA6. Yes I am picky about my settings :D. Thanks for any techie info. Plan on changing as needed so that up in the air is reasonable again (it has turned much darker than originally intended and tested ) and still be OK down on the ground.
  20. Rider Linden updated us on when the Lab is in releasing EEP, Enhanced Environment Project. The official line is the Project will go to RC very soon™ . Rider is speaking in the first few minutes of the video. TM 01:50 BoM is headed to RC too. TM 01:00 The video is NOT fuzzy once it starts playing Switch it to 1080. Watch Full Screen to read chat. Animesh Customization TM 05:30 Getting triangle counts TM 07:30 Turn on-off Animesh TM 11:15 Reset Animesh Skeleton TM 12:00 - Problem resetting when Animesh is attached to avatar. Some Debug Setting needed to reset attached animesh. Animesh attached and texturing with BoM TM 18:00 Texture filtering TM 22:50 - Discussion on 2048px textures, bilinear resampling for better quality... ...and some more...
  21. There was some mention in the "meet the Lindens" talks about EEP and that there would be four levels --- ground, 1000 2000 and 3000. I of COURSE have an important full sim build over on LEA6 at 4000 meter (wouldn'tchaknow?) so moving will be in the future. Looking forward to the unveiling. MEANWHILE should anyone official an in the know be slumming (I know the dev commented before) --- should we assume that the "levels" are inclusive? So ground TO 1000 --- 1000 TO 2000? etc. It kind of seems logical. I just have a TON of stuff on full sim levels in the sky and don't want to move any more than I need to :D. So hints appreciated. I can see a new tutorial will be in the works down the road. Thanks!
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