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  1. For me it would be quite simple. Premier status for me plus two alts Stipend for my main Access to Premium sims, and priority access for me and my two alts. No home, no concierge, no increase in groups etc etc. If that was available now for a bit less than current cost I would join.
  2. Taking pics: Choose an outfit Choose a location Tp Engage windlight Mess around with shadow and sky settings Point and click Maybe crop and/or mess with generic settings......... Job done. Use poses as a last resort. Prefer to shoot while fidgeting.
  3. Try being offline for nine/ten days. It's way worse....... 😳
  4. I once worked with a guy who had mouses ears. At meetings I would zone out by watching the light shine pink through his ears. I zone out very easily.......
  5. I would probably go for that deal. Right now I don't need a home....... And if it included my alts, well now then........
  6. Whatever happens goung forward, please don't drive me out of here! I have such a good time with my two alts, and although I couldn't contemplate three premium accounts, I do keep contemplating a premium for my main. In the meantime, I'm buying for three, and spending way more than I should, so I do feel that I'm paying my way here. The group thing goes over my head. I'm in a few groups but its never been a big thing for me.
  7. I got properly shafted by Photobucket, as I'd used it a long time and probably had over 1000 images there, linked to a forum in RL I'm very active on. Had they drawn a line in the sand and said "from now it's this price", I might have had some sympathy. But they wanted a fortune so I left. I had all my images on a hard drive at home, so I reposted them all elsewhere, and then spent forever reposting all my old posts with the images. Then I wiped every image from Photobucket and closed my account. It's not often I get hopping mad, but that episode of an utterly ridiculous business plan rea
  8. Well, Photobucket went on a similar policy of self destruct, thinking that introducing a high charge would be accepted by its users, and that didn't end well.
  9. If I could hope for that level of improvement over, well, even six years, I would be shrieking with anticipation.......and delight. Because even from 2013, your style and presentation has morphed beyond belief. Yeah really!
  10. ^^This Testing mesh and appliers Then going in world together, shopping, beaching, dancing, photos Addictive stuff
  11. Brilliant composition Scylla.......!!!!!!!🥂
  12. Surely every Friday is a good Friday? 😛
  13. I landed at Sal*****er Beach, and there was a photo...…..just point and click, nothing more...……. OK let's call it Salt Water Beach haha!
  14. And this is a lovely shot, looking real, like we're in conversation round the table...…..
  15. I narrowed our Paris trip down to five, so my apologies for posting this many...……..it was very hard getting the light and poses to match up, but these were my best. I junked a lot. As usual it was fun...…. And the coffee shop was actually a better location that on the street...….. see what you think!
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