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  1. Night Owl to Global Warming? WHAT????? Heart Warming 😛
  2. No secret that I like pink...…….quite a lot really. I also like knitted tops, which look like crochet...……...so this older outfit, which I've just revisited fits the bill, matched with leather Tali pants, also in pink. And it catches me in a melancholy mood...…….. Maybe because I loaded up my account last week and can't find much to buy...………..
  3. I never ask anything about RL. That way, it avoids complications. I take everybody as I find them here. The one time a guy insisted I looked at his RL mugshot, it destroyed immersion instantly........think sinister Danny Devito. My rule here is to always make it clear that I don't seek an RL type relationship here, I'm a butterfly, a free spirit, and I won't commit. Even saying that, some guys live in the hope that I'll reconsider......but it's not my SL life. So far this has worked well enough!!
  4. And your kicks for free.........🎷🎼🎵🎶
  5. Flickr is intertwined with SL in a way I never expected. In a good way. In fact I get shopping ideas from Flickr.......
  6. I'm working through my outfits list, updating and ruthlessly deleting as I go. Out of 160 saved outfits I've deleted two and upgrader about fifteen. I score each one out of five and won't be happy until all are fives,,,,,so far about 95% are fives. This is number 27. I love lace anyway, and have updated this with applied lingerie and stockings....just listen to me......haha.....using appliers now as if they are nothing at all! So I went over to Little Paris for an audition and they kept me waiting.....it's a nice place to wait...….haha...... (Only joking about the audition...…)
  7. Does Gor have an "e"? Now I'm confused. Do you mean Al?
  8. After a hard day in RL.....I settle back on the sofa with dark chocolate and a mug of tea. I then enter a world where I can be anything and do anything I please. A world where I can also chat to friends, meet up to dance or take photos. Go shopping, play dress up, get my sisters round and dress them up. It's a big antidote to RL. Right now I can't log in every day, but I would be on a lot more if I had the time. SL is addictive on so many levels, but in a pleasant way.
  9. I always log off when RL pokes me. My laptop is only on when I'm active. Overnight, everything is off including my router.
  10. Well, my practice on other forums was to use my first name and the first letter of my second name. I came here knowing nothing about gaming protocols, so did the same thing. My name was available. Simple. I just never though most people would use aliases. That was a surprise. When I discovered that you could have an alt, I made BelindaSalt as my test bed. She was never intended to go out. She became Salty,(what else!!).
  11. Me too but UK so 4 hours ahead of you and SLT+8. Not on after 12noon SLT, but spend lots of time taking pictures.
  12. Well Benson. It's all part of the SL experience, providing not only enjoyment, but also frustration and exasperation in equal measures sometimes!
  13. I tried loads of demos and the only one that was me....was Genus Classic, although I later switched to babyface..... Before that, the only head which got close was Lelutka Simone. I used LAQ Mia on my first alt but now she's babyface. Catwa just doesn't do it for me at all.
  14. I found a perfect place to do a shoot, and after setting up, got one shot, before the place shook…...for a reboot...…...I'm disappointed...…. Who ever takes one shot and posts it?????? *sighs
  15. Ah! Right......errr...... https://www.flickr.com/photos/161597663@N04/ 😊 @norajulian @AlexandriaBrangwin
  16. Almost......I'm a morning Cinderella, always gone by twelve noon SLT. 🙄
  17. At Romance in the Clouds on a date with a special someone...………...One of the great pleasures in SL. My sisters had to stay home and do chores.
  18. On the matter of size, FS shows me at 6'2". Not sure if that's with feet set to high. I never met a guy who didn't tower above me. Some girls are chest height but others are way taller than me. So I'm happy enough being that tall even though in some company I'm the shortest.
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