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  1. Me at home, taking a breather from upgrading outfits. A busy weekend so about to go until Monday!!!
  2. Obviously behind each & every RL screen is either a leggy model with perfect hair and breasts, or a tanned muscular hunk with a six pack...……….. Whereas the same group in RL would probably more resemble a pensioner travel club. So what? SL is a pretend world, and can be totally immersive and relaxing if you don't look beyond the pixels. That's how I chose to play SL...….(OK, play doesn't quite describe what I do here)..…….
  3. Well, I can't imagine the mindsets from the 1930s, other than making certain assumptions about how pin ups were viewed at that time. I hadn't considered that models may have always been used. Again, I assumed these images, especially during WW2 were generic without a model. Obviously if the artist was animating a model to provide pleasure to others, by today's standards, then I would certainly care, but back then??? I don't know. So although the outcome of the pin up image is the same, getting there with or without a model is different. Sorry for the thread drift.
  4. The second pic is Joyce B based on that link, but I doubt observers would care who the artist was. The first pic resembles WW2 warbird nose art, but I don't know the origin of that style. It may have been the norm in the '30s.
  5. I have a numpty question...……. Is this RL gender issue a big deal in other VR games, like World of Warcraft, or whatever else is out there???? Or is it just SL???
  6. "We"??? No wonder you hit the curb if you were both steering.....
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