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  1. I thought I was losing my mojo...…….I've hardly taken any pictures lately and when I have, I've struggled with lag and atmosphere...……….. Then today's been a bad day for internet...…….. And an acquaintance on here has had her account blocked, I don't know why...…... So I went out feeling melancholy, and found my mojo!!!!!!!
  2. Not too bad again now...….but this cache thing? I wouldn't know where to look!!!!! Seriously!!! 😜
  3. Yeah it may have been the modem, the online diagnostic showed a poor connection....now seems OK!!!!! Still not right..…..just booted me out and now can't connect to a simulator...……….
  4. Ahhhhhh……….after much switching on and off, and contacting the line provider, it seems we may have resolved the issue...……... Firestorm has loaded and I just have to test it now before I can relax...…………...
  5. Home alone, SL plans afoot...... get comfy. Firestorm doesn't fully load and freezes. Ok....relog, and noe I get error message 105, something about name not recognised. So rashly I uninstall, and so far it won't reinstall. Tried the SL viewer.....crashed me out. Tried my old laptop.......super super laggy and crashed me out. Just sitting here sobbing uncontrollably......when will it all end????????? 😥😥😥😥😥😥
  6. This ^^^ is normal PS......in fact I reckon there's some biological rewiring going on somehow......maybe it's familiarity. I dunno, but on my alts, I work very hard to get the ultimate look.....in my own eyes obviously. Then after a few days...…...I find it just doesn't give me that initial buzz, so I rework things very gently, and so it repeats. I wonder if this is why super attractive people in RL never seem to appreciate what they have, and some still go under the knife to "improve"...….
  7. Oh that does take me back to my first few weeks, and the pushy arrogant bullying messages I got almost every day.....including the RL photos........ Its like a rite of passage and I guess it still goes on.
  8. As Sara said ^^^ the viewers do work differently. When I'm out with my alt using FS and SL viewer, sometimes in one viewer we both look OK sitting, and in the other, one of us is chest deep in the lounger, or seat. Even with the AO off. I never worked out why.
  9. Just another typical chat today. Starts off well, very good flow.....then sends me a tp.. I turn him down and make the mistake again, of trying to explain to a moron why this approach is doomed. He gets snarky so "goodbye"........and crickets. I do get sick of this ego driven entitlement. Rant over.
  10. Growing up is tough and I never appreciated how simple the lack of any responsibility made it. Then suddenly its about responsibilities and others being dependant.......and it gets tougher! Maturity though can be avoided.....I do that quite well.
  11. A pic would give us an idea of where you are, plus credits for head, skin, body and hair. And also some idea if what you want your avi to look like, although it seems even you don't know. My starting position was my own RL skin and hair, then perfected with sliders. For my alts I started from a bought in shape which I liked and worked from that.
  12. I had no idea that you could buy backdrops. Another new known unknown for me.
  13. Or when the builder misses his footing and comes through the ceiling. A glass topped oval coffee table makes a perfect landing strip........
  14. It's only human nature to seek "approval". I don't look at who likes my pics, but i do see who gets more likes and to some extent, less likes. It really shouldn't matter. I don't see myself as artistic or creative in terms of my images. In fact I've posted less lately because it's hard to do something different. My particular favourites are the group photos, when we meet up. But it takes a lot of effort to get people together, and that's why I get such a buzz when I stumble over a forumite by accident! But this forum has welcomed me like a warm blanket on a cold night, and has given me so many friends, and I value their friendships so much. I may not post here quite so much but I will always be around. I don't give up easily on anything. I'm a Warrior Princess after all............
  15. Your image is striking...….. .it jumps off the screen!
  16. And my good friend Tati also treated me this week to a laced catsuit...………….so thankyou thankyou!!!!!!!!!
  17. This image is so striking in detail, and also so similar to my look, that I just had to take a pop...……..I didn't max the graphics, just my normal good setting, and a simple B&W filter and here's the result...…... I think we may be related
  18. Ughh! Managed to quote myself while dealing with spelling mistake. Move along please, nothing to see here
  19. The way to shop in MP, and this works well for hair, and better if you specify one seller, is to set the filter at high value...over 1k. That way you'll get just a few pages of fatpacks. If you find a hair you like, usually along the bottom of that fatpack style page are the individual colour groups. It saves a huge amount of time.
  20. Oh errrr Sky Diving 》》》》 Sky Rockets (Rag)》》》》 Rag Doll Ummmm...... Evil Doll
  21. I tend to go for white, black, red, pink and yellow/gold. Very occasionally green. Fatpacks always have blues, greens, greys, beiges that I would never use, so I tend to go single colours. Very occasionally I've bought 4 singles if the dress was awesome. Fatpacks seem to be getting more expensive, and these slot machine things are so annoying..........so annoying.
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