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  1. Thank you Rolig, for some good advice. After ignoring one or two buzz-flies, I already feel better, and the forums are much better.
  2. The duck might have been as a result of either being hard of hearing, or not paying enough attention to orders..........................................
  3. What secret sex room? Which mountain? Asking for a friend
  4. "I started out with nothing, and I've still got most of it left". Seasick Steve.
  5. I know one guy who fits those parameters. Very good company, and about my height. But he is unusual in SL. He gets on well with the ladies, maybe because he isn't a He Man clone.
  6. I can spend hours alone, and find it invigorating and refreshing. I enjoy the company of small groups of like minded people. Large groups with relentless chat exhaust me quickly. This is a situation I try to avoid. I'm not shy, but I do fit the introvert description. Just the same in RL. Why would it be any different.
  7. Two years ago I came looking for help. It was a good place to hang out. I owe a huge amount to the old school here, who helped me master mesh and appliers. Now I grow tired and frustrated of how it has evolved. Regulars have walked away. It's no longer a fun place to hang out.
  8. I don't have the benefit of knowing what the forums were like beyond a couple of years back, but I do know that the ambience here is on a downward spiral, and has been like that for a while. It should be a fun place to hang out, but when confrontations erode that appeal, people walk away, and that's happening right now.
  9. Hair for sure has to be demo'd and I'm very picky. Otherwise from good makers I hardly demo at all. The rest I should demo more and occasionally get caught out with rubbish.
  10. I would love to experience an SL dream but so far, nothing.
  11. It's a simple as this ^^^^^^^^^. There's no point in going out there looking for friends, that's the least effective way of doing it. Just go exploring. Hang out at a few places like clubs or whatever you enjoy. Take part in local chat. If somebody IM's you don't expect a new friend at the end of the chat. It takes time. And then there are different categories of friends. Some I hang out with to chat. Some I hang out with to go dancing. Some I hang our with for photos. Some I hardly ever hang out with but we chat in world. Some I hardly ever see in world. Each one matters, and I rarely unfriend anyone, with just the occasional clear out.
  12. As an accredited Genus whore, Bagnu, yeah I knew that! I just can't get on with Catwa. I tried again with one of my alts, but its not for me. I used LAQ on my first alt for a while but Genus was so much better. For myself way back I tried so hard to find my look, and the only one which came close was Lelutka Simone. See first pic. It gave me a look of cockiness I think, but I stuck with Simone for a while. Genus was only just creeping in as a worthy rival. When I tried Genus Classic (the only one at that time) I was blown away after an hour on the sliders. The second pic shows my first throw of the dice. Ignore the neck seam, this was real early on. Same outfit, same hair. Which looks best?
  13. Let me know if the spamming ever stops. I'll be outside.
  14. Ty Bagnu! Only Genus gives me the look I want. Just demo a few heads and work the sliders. It takes time.
  15. Odd things are going on. Yesterday I rezzed without hands and feet. And my Lara hud stops working occasionally which fixes with a relog. And some appliers had un-applied...
  16. Group joining costs generally. One beach which prevents using most things without pay to join group. Also insists on bikini, topless or nude.
  17. Text speak is truly irritating, but is how some people txt. I don't like k. Either for OK. I world big events just get me down because of the lag, and there might only be one thing I like after wasting time camming round. Just now my love affair with forums is on the rocks. Since I first came here it has altered for the worst, with flying egos and opinions, and mud slinging. And multiple threads which just take too much time to bother reading. Most of it now, especially the quotes, are TL:DR, and some of the characters I really liked have vanished. I would love to take a break from the forums, but I fear my addiction prevents this. So I'll continue, but with less involvement than before. I realise that nothing will change, because people are people.
  18. First time I visited Belli, the lag was awful. It put me off. But then some influencers twisted my arm to abandon my old LH, and try for Belli. My old LH was on a deserted sim with no lag, but because I'm wifi I rarely see more than 30fps. I can live with that. So my alt got a nice Belli home near the water, and theres no lag. Even with friends round it's ok. I first had a trailer, which was too small so I got a houseboat, and there's no lag there either. I use a speedboat and it's fine. I never looked at the fps there but it hasnt been a problem. It has been a pleasant surprise. So it must depend on location and surroundings.
  19. It's all very wearisome.
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