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  1. I wish I could help but there are people here way more knowledgeable than me. Start by looking at Mesh Body Addicts and demo what you can, take your time with body and head, and you should find an answer. Many people want to keep their look, and sometimes it can be a challenge!! My forum avi picture is my first paid for avi, which I don't use but still adore.
  2. I will say one thing...... some of the newbie standard avis I've come across over my first year have been utterly charming. Although I've enjoyed initial chatting with these people, I don't push to friend, because they are finding their way and need a clear run!!!!! Although I offer advice if they want any .... such as I can offer! I can't say the same for some of the perfect looking experienced vets, who often lack the charm which makes some of the newbies such good company. I'm mostly talking about guy avis here.
  3. Can I just ask what the Advanced Lighting Model does? Example: I have a dark red shiny dress. With ALM on, while in a club, it lost most of the red and almost looked gold, being very reflective of the surroundings. Is it that simple?
  4. IM conversation is where friendship begins and it will either work or it won't. I've found friends from group chat without knowing what they look like. It doesn't bother me what the Forum people look like here either. The time when I do scope profiles and how the avi looks is when I get hit on out of the blue. Profile content matters more than looks in this case and I might be put off by what I read.
  5. I'm just too much of a traditionalist when it comes to books, and I love secondhand bookshops...………...
  6. I know what you're saying, we only have a TV antenna, nothing more. We don't watch sport so we don't need much choice and tbh we usually watch catch up rather than live TV. I prefer listening to Spotify anyway most of the time...…. And I love my books...……….I would never have a Kindle......books smell better!
  7. Anyway I managed to get on line today and go with Ellie back to La Isla Tropical, and take more photos. I took about ten, and deleted seven. Of the three remaining, one went on Flickr, and here are the others. When the sea looks amazing, the avi light isn't good enough. I need to practice more with spotlights!!!!
  8. You'd probably have to manage without SL...…...or the internet...…...well, they have cable, but it's dire.
  9. The clans are friendly enough nowadays!!! And the Skye bridge makes for an easy retreat. We get a lot of TV documentaries on the Clans. They were all bloodthirsty. You need something to keep yourself occupied with weather like that!!!!! But the scenery and remoteness is truly breathtaking. If anyone goes up there, also take in Applecross and the pass of the cattle. On the mainland overlooking Skye, and breathtakingly beautiful.
  10. Early days I was sent an RL pick titled "not a *****". Trouble was...... he was dog sick ugly. Really ugly.......... why???? Just why??? I don't want to see your RL mugshot. It spoils the illusion here.
  11. Dunno the answer to that one. I get more of "what are you wearing now?"...... Very very occasionally I get asked to voice or Skype, but it got way less when I went mesh for some reason.
  12. Less than ten and most were in my first few months. All except one were sexually explicit. One from here who just disgusted me with his mysoginistic drivel.
  13. Just go with the flow. Don't try to plan too hard. Go to clubs like Ceka suggested. Go to beaches. Go to scenic sims. Engage with people. Every so often you'll make a friend. Let those friendships grow. Give it time. It will grow organically.
  14. And boy was I in bother last night when I managed to throw two small glasses of red wine across the room...... The tray was slippy, and I could see them going in slo-mo.......... One glass broke at the stem, the other survived with some surviving wine which I obviously finished off........ The pattern across the carpet is like a three pointed star, about four feet across. Well....the good news is that the carpet is dark red with a pattern. And the wine was Pino Noir, so not an intense colour. The conversation was interesting for a while. I think I got away with it. I u
  15. I dropped into this world without knowing what went before, like a child of the twenty-first century I guess...…. So I'm happy with SL as it is, but if I may ask a "non IT nerd" question...……... If Linden Labs wanted Sansar to be the next step, why didn't they make it so your SL avi could move across? To me...knowing nothing of such things......this seems so obvious, and yet they didn't do it...…. Huh?
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