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  1. I just don't care. It's just a logo. Ok, blue isn't my colour. I would prefer green, or pretty much anything over blue, apart from grey. To me, I see a hand more than an eye. Just another day in SL. Has there ever been a thread which hasn't gone down the pan into mud slinging? I cant think of one.
  2. For grandpa it would be tripe & vinegar, or a dripping sandwich. I kid you not. From the black pudding menu......
  3. Bed time now Gemma, but I can give you some ideas. I'll ping you in world soon. The teahouse is certainly one. Bear in mind there's a strong D/S flavour at many of the lesbian haunts. I'm UK.
  4. I may not be on tomorrow, as I will be preoccupied with my mother's funeral. To record the moment, I sent Cordelia over to Winter Moon. All I had to provide extra was her clutch bag and umbrella. I wanted to portray a sad and melancholy life moment. Now I look again, there is a little Mary Poppins going on here, well in Orwar's world maybe...………...
  5. BelindaN


    Fatpacks are great value, especially if you wear many of the colours. If you prefer limited colours, buying just those colours seperately is cheaper. Unless the one you want is only in the fatpack.
  6. Oh Oh Set Pieces......... = Pieces Selected = Selected Puzzle
  7. The thing is, posh Yorkshire doesn't really sound very Yorkshire at all. And those from the South always think I'm Lancashire, which is funny, and offensive at the same time. "Mate" is a blokey word which is used constantly around these parts. It goes along with not hugging....well nobody hugs now.....and that blokey nod they give to each other across a bar.
  8. My accent is posh Yorkshire. Don't laugh. Not exactly Joanna Lumley, but I can do that if you want me to.
  9. To be honest I enjoy sparring. I try to reason with them. I offer my advice. That rarely goes down well. Haha. I'm always polite. My parting shot when necessary is...."If that's what you want, I'm not the one" Usually only used on guys who demand sole rights as my top guy. /shrugs. Why would they ever think that would work? Although "Why haven't you got a right Master" was my favourite come on line.
  10. Be very careful about sharing any RL info. My simple rule is don't. With long standing friends I may share bits and pieces, but always be cautious. Finding a dominant match takes a long time. If you jump in fast it probably won't last. Take it slow and it can work well.
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