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  1. On any forum there are those who like the sound of their own voices. Or really, filling a box with opinionated text which is very often TL:DR. (I learned about that here). After a while it gets wearing and some people have the need to eradicate the white noise, or to walk away, or both. Right now there's a lot of that going on.
  2. It sure does, and that's why I don't come here anywhere near as often as I used to. 🖖
  3. I need to look you in the eye, Horus.😎
  4. Good to see some old forumites coming up for air. Just saying.🖖
  5. Four sisters are now fully BoM'd. I managed three viewers on my laptop earlier so I could do a photoshoot with Cordelia, Ellie and Skye.
  6. If the item also comes with an applier hud, I open that and use it as a guide for the BoM layers. It works ok! @xBaeBeex
  7. I have an orb at home. It's not really for when I'm not there. Intruders don't matter when I'm not at home. But when I'm home and working outfits, I don't want intruders which is distracting. In two years I've maybe had a dozen. Some were attempting to grief. All got booted after ten seconds. Thats why I use an orb. Just on my parcel.
  8. See what Skell replied to me here about hairbase conflict... I've dealt with three avis now and BoM is a delight. Well worth the effort! @FairreLilette
  9. I've never wanted one in RL, and I've never had one in SL. Just how I am.
  10. I came to this thread late, but Rezology Pixie6 is the only short style which suits me.....................
  11. Hi Ashley. The best avatar possible is in the eye of the beholder! But anything is possible in SL. I'm happy to talk to through this either on the forum mail or in world. The most usual approach is to do the body first, and theres a big choice. Then the head. Then skin, and eyes, hair and any other features such as freckles, tattoos and so on. Have a look at my flickr, the link is in my signature line, and you'll see some of what can be done.
  12. I only know love as I've experienced it myself. As a child I loved my mother without understanding the concept, but it must have been love because I ignored her many flaws. As a young adult I chased the concept of what I believed to be love without understanding. But it was young adult love which found me. This brand of love changes over time, and what was once hot and all consuming, like the big bang, now is more like glowing embers. Warm and comforting. In the middle of all that, a child arrives, and presents the most powerful manifestation of love. One might say the tru
  13. If you are all a construct of my mind, and none of you really exist, then I'm in total awe of how complex and random, and intensely irritating some of you, who I constructed, actually are. I need time to think this through. And invent more irritants.
  14. Wondering why I'm standing so still Wondering why I dont walk, but slide along stiff legged. Wondering if there's a bug Wondering what the hell is going on. Finding a button on my head hud which fixes it. OFFS! Morons are us.........
  15. I'm beginning to warm to this discussion, but I need more time, which I'll get tomorrow in bed.
  16. The Now thread was put up by Sara because of the drift, spamming and chat on the today thread. That just migrated across to the Now thread, and it's driving people away. The Vanity thread was always low volume. Now we just get multiple posts, and the spam continues. While that lasts, I won't bother much with the forums.
  17. Exactly this ^^^^. Head shaping takes time, and never really stops. Because perfection lies after the next slider session.
  18. Hi Xariah1 @Xariah1 Start here: https://elayn-sl.com/2020/02/27/bakes-on-mesh-in-5-minutes-and-10-easy-steps/ Ps. For my Genus head I used a BoM relay to activate BoM. I think this is included with the head now.
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