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  1. Questions Upset Intelligent Educated Technical STAFF
  2. From the outside, to a newbie, this place sometimes resembles a tag wrestling ring....... All I would say is to bear in mind who's lurking and whether what is said will encourage or discourage them to post here. I always try to post as if you're all in the same room as me in RL...... And handing out black pudding with brown sauce.....😋
  3. We got together earlier for a Forum Angels shoot at Burrows Coffee House, and spent a long time there just hanging out. Portraits of Tati, Eva, Sara, ...…………...
  4. I'm a forum addict and I'm here every day. I like the people and this community. I'm mostly on my phone, because due to family commitments I can't always use my laptop to be in world. I learn a lot here and I have since I first found it. In my other world I'm also a forum addict and have a big post count on that RL forum. I don't like to see conflict, but I've seen plenty on various forums over time, and it seems to be inevitable. But this is a big part of how I relax in RL.
  5. Y'know, tomato relish/chutney is nicer than ketchup. Our favourite lunch/snack is fish finger sandwiches on brown bread with tomato chutney. Mmmm.
  6. The watery pre-anything that shoots out all over your...........on the first squeeze. Oh never mind..
  7. One day, I'll download BD and see if my brain explodes.
  8. I have a lazy tongue and a lazy brain so I use words which annoy pedants all the time. I find that my level of annoyance is greatest when I don't intend it.😛 (Two glasses of wine speaking)😜😜
  9. Mesh rules. Just like brown sauce at breakfast.
  10. The taste is extraordinary. Forget what's in it, but only the best. Maybe I'm a vampire.
  11. The absolute king of black pudding is from Stornoway. All other black puddings bow in shame to this absolute supreme delicacy, best eaten at breakfast with smoked bacon, poached eggs, tomato, mushroom, hash browns, brown sauce..........and sometimes haggis.
  12. Yorkshire Curd Tart though......is lovely 😊🥧
  13. Yeah, pronounced Hayslet here....yummy. I give you....Polony 😊 @Marigold Devin
  14. Two Words.......... Savoury Duck. Clue: no duck is involved.
  15. So were the herring...…….hooked, and also something which rhymes with that...…….
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