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  1. I did the test, but answered as my pretend self confident extrovert self, and got Commander....... pfffft!! Didn't expect that but maybe I should have. Back to the drawing board.👩‍💻
  2. It is better to cuddle and spend time with a likeable and trusted friend for no payment, than to endure an ordeal of spending time with a stranger who has paid money......is my experience.
  3. Ever flashed thinners off wet cellulose paint to get a shine in damp weather Maddy??? Just asking.....🙄 If yes......ever grabbed the extinguisher when a puff of breath didn't put the flames out.? Just asking....😛
  4. Here's a thing. There's a school reunion on Saturday night. I said I'd go. We haven't met for about 15 years. My ideal Saturday night is staying in.....now I'm having second thoughts...... I hated school most of the time. I didn't have many friends and didn't keep in touch with anybody. Maybe I can avoid the oncoming ordeal by not going.
  5. I'm still waiting for the line which leaves me stunned and speechless....... There must be one out there. Other than "why don't you two have a right master"....... /me pukes
  6. ^^^Me too. I grew up shy and awkward. Work forced me to adapt, and over time gave me the confidence to present to groups, and for a while I was a trainer. From that, there was no way back, but I still avoid crowds whenever possible, and holiday in places which are quiet. In SL some of this holds true, but I probably come across as more confident than I feel inside.
  7. I would like a full length mirror in RL with sliders............ Think of the potential.😛
  8. I do have a bloodstained meat cleaver, which was given to me by an anarchic friend........
  9. That looks really close. Being a spot the difference nerd, I see a difference in your eye shape. The right hand one looks better. 😋 For now I see no reason to mess with BOM. In the words of Dire Straights............Why Worry???
  10. Loner Ranger Ps Jakemans throat and chest.......mmmmm!
  11. I don't think there's a hard and fast rule to this. Once I broke the ice I was ok in local but my preference has always been IM. I avoid crowds mostly in RL, and most of my chats there are one to one. Retention here is more than this. What makes individuals happy here is just so varied, that there can never be a one size fits all. I found myself and my niche here, but those who don't, wont stay.
  12. In the beginning..... once I'd got the confidence to say anything, I operated in local, at newbie sims. On the odd occasion I wanted to ask something of a particular Avi I would use IM. Most of my IMs were incoming at that stage. Now, I don't look at local as much as I should. I really don't like clubs with spammy gesture ridden local which speeds along without meaningful content. Most beaches I visit are silent in local, so 99% of incoming IMs are from guys, and surprisingly some are just wanting a chat. A few are smartasses but it soon shows. I especially don't like the ones who try to analyse me. At my regular beach haunt, where everyone knows your name, it's mostly in local. Clubs are rubbish for both local and IMs.......is what I've discovered. Two guys I've kept in touch with over a long period both IMd me in deserted wilderness sims. Wilderness sims seem to attract a different type of person, although I've met my share of oddballs there as well. The forum has been a great place to get to know people and it's always a thrill for me when I stumble over a Forumite by accident. Even better is meeting up by arrangement for photos or just to hang out a while.
  13. Mug of tea (no sugar), with one square of dark choc, at least 80% coco. On a bad day, two squares. Repeat tea throughout the day until maybe six o'clock. I only drink coffee in the city. Cappuccino with sourdough toast.
  14. Well..........one guy did offer five grand. He's the only one though. Still not enough......😛 Not sure if any amount is enough......it's just not my thing. 😊
  15. Todays news After a short preamble....."Do you have sex?" Me...."Sometimes" Him "Oh I might bid" Me "bid??, I don't take Lindens for that" Him "Oh".......crickets.......
  16. *coughs* while you were............???????🤔🤔😋
  17. Funnily enough I can't log in from my phone using duckduckgo. But the usual Google page logs me in ok. No problem with my laptop. It started yesterday.
  18. Thank you so much Clover! I fell back into the black background at the studio, and found a softer look close up, which just now is my favourite set up!!
  19. Now some attitude......I've never smoked, ever but this came with one of my animations, so...………..
  20. Another old outfit, remastered, and still with a black background, and this time, red light...……… :)
  21. Night Owl to Global Warming? WHAT????? Heart Warming 😛
  22. No secret that I like pink...…….quite a lot really. I also like knitted tops, which look like crochet...……...so this older outfit, which I've just revisited fits the bill, matched with leather Tali pants, also in pink. And it catches me in a melancholy mood...…….. Maybe because I loaded up my account last week and can't find much to buy...………..
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