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  1. I just wanted to comment on the lack of some organs in SL.. I hope if they know that buying and selling organs is illegal😉
  2. Idk if there are any other ways tbh😡😞
  3. Then submit a ticket if you haven't yet it may take a few hours to solve your issue https://lindenlab.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new
  4. I assume that you can't access some places, so try to check your viewer preferences https://gyazo.com/10b3be2c60b1220ef17025c5258cda2e
  5. There are a lot of free stores inworld and on the marketplace... On MP, just choose your category and set the price to 0L$... If you need to borrow some Lindens for a start, I don't mind at all... Feel free to contact me, But I WARN you.. This character doesn't talk to people too much inworld as well as it's so boring... LOL
  6. Everything is meant to be changed every now and then... Maybe some things have changed since I came to SL, And so since the beginning. That's how the things go... Maybe the change for the best, who knows!!! There are other open world simulators, and have a lot of people there, maybe more than SL residents right now,,, But it depends on what appeals to one's satisfaction... Last but not least, Everything has pros and cons.. And nothing is perfect at all...
  7. We're all addicts.. But for sure, every investment & hard work pays off at the end.. Maybe, because we are good at it, we keep going.. At the ups and downs, keep going...
  8. It's all right.. Building stuff inworld was the best thing for me before I discover the difference between what's built inworld and the other built in a 3D platform like blender.. Also, that's another reason why I haven't upgraded to premium yet. I see no mutual benefit from it at least because I'm not a designer or a creator yet.. What I already can do is just for fun.. And I believe that anyone can do it and create their own stuff only if SL policies were less restrictive, but on the other hand, it's better that way.. It's something controversial anyway...
  9. Good and bad exist everywhere, that's why it is better to leave those bad ones as soon as possible or there will be a lot of consequences...
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