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  1. Staying with the Red Dress thing, this outfit came up during my wardrobe review. The change of dress from PVC, and Genus Classic, and brunette hair shifts how I look way up the respectability spectrum...….. Almost snooty
  2. So there's me taking a break from doing photos, just chillin, and working on my Inventory, and doing well with it by the way...…. And then Scylla posts that Red Dress poem......so I had to respond, and dig out my PVC hooker dress. I tried Soho and I tried Amsterdam, but I couldn't get the right atmosphere. I knew Lutz would deliver, so there I went. I stayed in the bar because it's got such style...………...and then I tried some filter work, which I don't usually do. So the following images each have a simple filter applied, no cropping, and with just a whiff of windlight, because they
  3. I like this look a lot. A double like!!
  4. I guess LL work like me with my inventory. I want it perfect. I want to order it properly. I want to delete all the stuff I never wear. I want a properly listed record of saved outfits. And I work towards that every time I'm here, but I get distracted. Friends IM me. Want to meet up. Want to hang out and go shopping. And I distract myself by hanging about on beaches chatting to anybody. So it would be nice to think that LL have a big list of stuff to do, just like me, and maybe one day they'll get around to the bottom of it!
  5. This one has a '60s Christine Keeler feel to it. Or better still, Jean Shrimpton!
  6. A busy day in many ways but I'm trying out another goddess outfit at the Lost Gardens...….not enough time but I did use windlight and a single projector !!! So progress! PS.....it clipped the bottom of the photo!! Grrr! PPS...Now cropped!!!!
  7. It would be fantastic to be bug free but you sort of get used to it. Yesterday I had all sorts of frustrations....slow rezzing was one. I hate sitting there looking at swirling smoke. Then I got incomplete rezzing, with stuff missing, and eventually ended up wearing two outfits at the same time, and not able to delete either. Then my head went missing, and so it went on, and it happened with both my alts over the session. It took a few relogs to resolve but it did become OK, But on the bright side, MP is better now and the gift function is back to how it was, and the TP log out
  8. I wish I could help but there are people here way more knowledgeable than me. Start by looking at Mesh Body Addicts and demo what you can, take your time with body and head, and you should find an answer. Many people want to keep their look, and sometimes it can be a challenge!! My forum avi picture is my first paid for avi, which I don't use but still adore.
  9. I will say one thing...... some of the newbie standard avis I've come across over my first year have been utterly charming. Although I've enjoyed initial chatting with these people, I don't push to friend, because they are finding their way and need a clear run!!!!! Although I offer advice if they want any .... such as I can offer! I can't say the same for some of the perfect looking experienced vets, who often lack the charm which makes some of the newbies such good company. I'm mostly talking about guy avis here.
  10. Can I just ask what the Advanced Lighting Model does? Example: I have a dark red shiny dress. With ALM on, while in a club, it lost most of the red and almost looked gold, being very reflective of the surroundings. Is it that simple?
  11. IM conversation is where friendship begins and it will either work or it won't. I've found friends from group chat without knowing what they look like. It doesn't bother me what the Forum people look like here either. The time when I do scope profiles and how the avi looks is when I get hit on out of the blue. Profile content matters more than looks in this case and I might be put off by what I read.
  12. I'm just too much of a traditionalist when it comes to books, and I love secondhand bookshops...………...
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