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  1. Err, sorry to be pedantic but it says "pupcop".....
  2. Respect for getting four in world!!!! Three is challenging enough
  3. Thing is, Google is p*ssing me off wanting passwords and stuff which I don't remember before I can download faceapp. Is there a way to just get a clean download for windows? Because I'm sick of how invasive Google is getting.
  4. OK, OK, OK, I'm going to have to download this stuff and set aside my fear of IT trickery...…….. I'll let you all know how it goes.....maybe
  5. This is impressive thread drift. I've read through it all, but all I can surmise is that I won't be visiting Gor. And although I did have one brush with BDSM here in my early days... (unexpectedly), I'm way off understanding what it's about, and don't feel a compelling need to read up on it. I really have lived a sheltered life....... I suppose I could summon the Peacemaker before the thread gets locked........👩‍💻
  6. I had a patch of ending up wearing two saved outfits at the same time, which seems to have cleared now. I also had a period when I lost things during tp, seemingly at random. This now seems ok. I did lose a ring yesterday, but that might have just been me. But at Secret Beach the other day, there was a guy on a lounger with only his head showing, and he stayed like that. I mentioned it and eventually he appeared. I just sort of shrug it off now, as part if SL. If everything works smoothly it's a bonus. 😊 Oh yeah, and detaching that second outfit under the first has bee
  7. MP went through a bad patch of randon disconnects and failing to deliver gifts, but my confidence has been restored. In the last few weeks it has worked as it should. Which is good for an addict like me........
  8. I've replied to you in world Sandra. I'm SL+8, so 11.00SLT is often the latest I'm on. Very occasionally I stay until 12.00SLT But I get on early sometimes, so sometimes 02.00SLT onwards. Today was 05.00SLT!
  9. It's certainly creativity for me. While its true that the products here are created by others, building an avatar does take further creativity. And taking that object into being the subject of photography is another step in the creative process. It's this creativity which I love so much, and starting from the premise of making the perfect me in SL, I've progressed into creating my ideal virtual sisters. I never had a plan. I just find that each day I evolve here, with a certain amount of this world spilling into how I think in RL. It's not vanity, but it's pride in my creations
  10. I went over to Bumrose Beach again today in my Bakaboo Falbala fantasy Outfit. I like it there, the marina is exceptional.
  11. Not much here gets me going but this Equal 10 shopping thing...…….the sim is full, I could get to the cam sim, but what a complete waste of time, I couldn't get that to work properly at all. Maybe I'm a numpty, but that was a complete waste of my time. I don't like crowded 'something for nothing' sales anyway, but oh boy, how do they expect to optimise sales when you just can't get in..... it's ridiculous 😡 I'm not pleased.
  12. Haven't been able to find the Doux Pink so far. I need a tied back plait for Ellie's Lara Croft outfit. I'm away with family just now so limited to my phone. However, it's allowed me to grab some MP time and I have some new superhero outfits..... so consider that a warning.......when I get back to a modem I'll be dressing all the Newells for some pics.......
  13. So then....... Patina...... Is it Pateeeeena? Or is it Pat-in-a
  14. I think there's also another distinction. Some people first come into SL as a (perfect) version of themselves. Others come in world as a primary alt of their RL self. So in the first case (which is what I did) it's RL me/SL me plus two alts. So my alts can never truly take over. But in the second case it's RL person plus three SL alts. In this case it seems that each alt has equal status, so any could become the main. That's me thinking aloud!
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