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  1. Absolutely. And it helps when I write it all down. I have a lot of 50s and zeros but occasionally I just have to slide one or two more........Grr!
  2. This happened a couple of days ago. I was basically going through my closet, and both refining and dumping certain outfits. I'd noticed previously that this particular woollen jumper had developed an "oily sheen", as if it had been dipped in an oil bath, but I'd thought no more about it. It's red, but was reflecting shiny black. So I eventually got to this outfit as part of my clearout, and found that I could no longer change outfits or remove this one. I tried to relog and Firestorm froze, as its been doing with the tp issue (which seems to be resolved now Hurrah!). So I tried
  3. I think this image makes you look much younger and more innocent...………….(nothing wrong with young and innocent!!)
  4. whilst analysing expert shape advice
  5. I try to keep mine ending zero or five but sometimes its not possible.😋
  6. I agree completely with Laika. Please don't be put off by the tech stuff. I was point and click until January this year. Then I found out about shadows and windlight. But apart from an occasional crop, and an even rarer adjusment of brightness and contrast, that's all I do. I don't have special software, nor the skills to use it. So welcome and please keep posting!
  7. Nothing that can't be fixed with ptfe tape and some putty.........
  8. I have a hairbrush you can borrow😋
  9. We had a revolving door at a place I worked. It was 'semi-secure'. Haha! It was powered and had pressure pads, but invariably when i walked into it. I got a 90 degree turn then stop. So now i'm in a glass cage. The only way to get it to work, me being featherlight, was to do a clown dance on the pressure pad...... Occasionally I had to be rescued.
  10. Game of Thrones? No. Lord of the Rings? No. I did watch the Hobbit, all three when it was on the TV, and it was ok, but not good enough for a rewatch. My basis for films is the rewatch index. Now the latest Star Trek films, for example I can rewatch several times. Few films meet that standard, including Star Wars. Salt meets the standard, as does Mission Impossible.
  11. Yes I do. Interfaced with my 3d ocular enhancer comparator.
  12. A couple of my hairs have had odd alpha interference at the hairline which I couldn't resolve but most are ok. I tend not to use a hairbase because I have trouble colour matching for some reason! But Genus is worth it!
  13. I run my visual bio-sub-routine to establish an optimum head size.
  14. Yes and multiple viewers do work well enough on one laptop as I recently discovered. An alt will give you whatever you desire and never answer back!
  15. Especially revolving doors. Don't you just love those with pressure pads to activate........
  16. the dog fanciers appreciation society,
  17. Home really is where the heart is, but nothing beats flopping into a warm bed after an exhausting day at the beauticians....... Only kidding about the beauticians........😛 More like hedge cutting.......up a tall ladder.........😮
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