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  1. And I thought it was just me having to google the meanings of txt spk. I always text in full in the real world, so I'm quite uneducated in some of the acronyms and symbol use...... My add on peeve is those who ask for help then seemingly never return.
  2. If I could be bothered to count up the avis I see in world in one of my sessions, even when sim hopping, it wouldn't exceed maybe fifty. Unless I go to stores with sales, when it might be more. So numbers in world don't really bother me. Maybe we should all recruit one new resident a month......... Easier said than done. I don't know anybody in RL who admits to being a resident. Neither do I.
  3. Before I summon The Peacemaker...... I'd like details of how to join this group which draws money out of SL. Because right now all I seem to do is put money in. So who's getting my money? Huh? 😎
  4. I don't photoshop my images but I do mess about a lot with sliders. My main avi is my own doing. My two alts started off as shapes from Elle et Lui, both are Genus. But then I had to tweak the sliders slightly. Try a demo shape and if it still doesn't look right, maybe post your slider numbers for your head? Always add the default shape which comes with the head first.
  5. On the subject of voice.....it's 2019.....sure I never phone friends in RL, its all text. I phone family, but in the case of my mother it can be hard going, but she doesn't text! So I phone when I have something to say worth saying. Here it would spoil the experience for me, and others have covered the rest.
  6. Got to ask Sylvia, what's that blonde hair?????
  7. Just play around with the settings until you find something which suits your style. We all approach it from different angles so there's no right way. Whatever you do you're welcome here.
  8. I do pretty much the same. I don't usually go for very high quality resolution either, and then after setting windlight, and shadows, I keep refreshing until I get what I like, and send it to my e-mail. There I can pick the best few. A lot never get here or flickr. Only maybe one in ten of those which get as far as e-mail.
  9. It was the cocktail dresses and stilettos that took me hostage here. I still don't have enough and maybe never will. "To The Marketplace!" Is my daily mantra....👩‍💻
  10. There's something about the biker girl look, and hot throbbing machinery.....😛
  11. Ellie will be along in a minute in her biker gear! 🙂
  12. I don't mean all getting the stipend! And only one home.... Just the ability to tp into busy sims and premium sim access. I have simple needs here so the land and building stuff is of no interest to me. Maybe unused premium perks should be transferable........
  13. This is such a complex and well aired subject. Quotas try to address one issue, by often creating another. Where I worked, there was equal pay, so a big tick. But there were lots of other issues which drove dissent in the ranks. It was the typical large office environment, where there was an inner circle of favourites, who generally speaking could do no wrong. The day to day business was intensive ...being audit and investigation....so people found ways to avoid this by doing project work, or managing staff. It was much easier to progress up the grades by not doing the core business,
  14. SL has taught me how to relax, and build my creative side. So I'm more chilled in RL and I have a better understanding of who I am.
  15. Forgiveness is a more important lesson.........just saying
  16. So are we any nearer a concensus? What started out as an SL matter (as I read it), has crossed over into RL. Obviously interesting topic but there isn't a fix. I've seen far worse interactions in RL than in SL. I have been bullied, and sexually harrassed at work, but they never have an easy fight, because my childhood taught me to confront such people and take the fight to them. Sexual harrassment and innuendo was endemic where I worked, so to challenge it meant being labelled a troublemaker, so it was often shrugged off. This was in a business suit environment, so attire was pr
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