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  1. Stop right now! You're undermining my Who-ness.....
  2. We're looking at 30 plus C next week which is an excuse for staying indoors. No aircon, but hey........
  3. /me scrolls up..... Oh gawd, The Moment.......... Oh gawd and I'm a Who fan......... Oh gawd, all hope is lost.
  4. YOU...were at Blueberry???????? Oh....... *swoons*
  5. Great one today. Took a store LM from Marketplace. TP'd over. Fell about 1,000 feet and landed waist deep in water on a Gor RP sim....... WHAT??????? Breaking news...... you aint gonna sell much merchandise from there.......
  6. You and me both...plus a thousand other hopefuls......
  7. I do to turn aggressive peeps into peacelovers......
  8. Trouble is.... longer dresses and legs don't work so well. Maybe bakes on mesh with flexi whatevers will be the saviour. I would love, and go for a range of classy mid length dresses which wafted like pleated silk. It would be awesome..... but, and it's a BIG BUT........ Never seen anything close.
  9. That looks so good and so natural...……..
  10. If any of Lindal's arsenal really work...….then SL must have been so much fun back in the day when Maddie was a newbie......haha!
  11. In Barbarella (Jane Fonda), Duran Duran had an orgasmatron which he played like an organ *coughs*
  12. OH NO!....….I didn't know that. Or maybe I did once...……...
  13. I once got "Come over here" from a guy who up to that point had been quite reasonable. He had to be "recalibrated" ……… it's what I do sometimes!
  14. I Started with Nothin and I Still Got Most of It Left Seasick Steve.......... I was happy enough with nothing, and I'm happy enough with more than nothing now. This is just another group and if it's as much fun as breakfast club or the forum cartel, why not?
  15. It's an exclusive/inclusive clubroom here with a nice ambience, mostly. Reminds me of my sixth form common room. After two years in the sixth form you got access rights to an inner sanctum. Such privilege!!!!
  16. "Come closer" was the one that really got me yesterday..... What??????
  17. ^^^^^^^^ Wasted Bicycle Now...... Wasted Time
  18. I just read that in the old days you could actually set someone on fire...... It got me thinking about my theoretical weapon of choice. A disruptor raygun would be useful....with a timeout setting hud. Or how about a tp gun, sending the victim to a dungeon for 30 minutes...obviously licensed users only haha! Any other wishlist items??
  19. I'm a butterfly here. I don't seek either a 'relationship' or commitment. I just want to log on when I can, and do what I want, without having to accommodate anyone else. Despite that being my plan, I make friends from chance encounters, and I have a lot of fun doing that. Very occasionally that might involve pixel bumping, but that is rare. When I'm out hunting (for decent conversation), I will sometimes go along with the creeps who tp me home to show their fully equipped bedroom/BDSM lounge/porno art gallery blah blah blah. Obviously that never ends well for them, although it can
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