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  1. Well In this competitive market, I chose to start giving piggy ride for a living ..anyone ?
  2. I post screenshots not because I love originality ..... but coz I don't know how to use filters
  3. The you that goes in one side of the meditation experience is not the same you that comes out the other.
  4. I really don't see much help from this long on going battle with anyone .... just people are getting hurt talking about their dark past.To all who feel "rape" , "forced" or any sim to be banned ... either report the matter to LL, or your any legal firm and get it closed if law say so make you way in SL to focus on things that you like more ... if you want adult fun just not violent once search for relevant sim or open one yourself with like minded residents Leave Sl all together ( not being rude but, that's better than remembering your suffering everytime you log in What you actually are doing is trying to convince people (most of them don't enjoy that either ) that sims should be banned, try to understand its a user to user forum and I don't know if it helpful to be expressing your anger or disgust here as no one here decides what should be banned and what should not be in SL. No one here hates or are not sympathized with victims just that we have to keep in mind Facts rather than just emotions. Lets try to be mature and do things that actually matters rather than doing baseless arguments in place meant for something else. MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Feel free to be my Santa and spoil me with gift .. I go my same name in-world .
  5. I am not In those kind of role-play either, but there are many people who enjoy it (both gender ) My experience in SL has taught me to not let things that I don't enjoy or feel disgusted about bother me, as they are being enjoyed by others which is completely understandable..... best way is to find what you like in SL. SL got something for everyone
  6. Also I loved the reflection with face and body light ....
  7. Sunset in SL turned much better when viewed in Ultra ... couldn't resist uploading a screenshot.
  8. well I think in RL you have a friend circle, colleagues you live around, you cannot teleport just by a click making it difficult to cheat. If one is caught cheating there is always a fear of ruining their social respect. All this constraints help us being loyal to our partner and think twice before cheating. In Sl basically there are no constraints .. I can have AM partner in some sim and a PM in other, and play loyalty game with both ...If accidentally all three of us are in same sim all I need is to log off and give a always green excuse of crashed. so basically in SL we are untammed bringing worst of what human can be. So, its better to keep our gaurds up rather than complaining. One thing I don't understand is people criticizing others who keep emotions out of game .... for some SL is for finding what they are missing in RL and are emotionally drown in Sl while for many others its a place to relax for an hour or two between their work time. none is wrong
  9. and I won't consider myself anywhere in PhP and SQL, never I gave much time to them so far. I will be looking into Animesh, seems something I should lay my hand on
  10. Sorry if its a wrong forum to ask this question but most forums are either for builders or for scripters I have spent around 10 months in SL and am amazed how most for things we see and use in-world are created by residence itself and not some particular team of developer like most other games. I wanted to start producing something myself. I was wondering which of Builder or Scripter option has better demand/supply ratio to dive in, as scripting in SL or building in SL will both be new to me and I want to start with one at the moment. I personally have felt there are a lots of builders compared to scripters, so scripting can be a better choice, but I can be wrong. About me:- I am a pre-final year university student doing graduation in computer science and engineering, I have no experience in 3-d modeling/building, I have a lot of experience in writing programs in C++ and python, but always eager to learn more Sorry again if its a wrong forum and please let me know where to post these kind of queries in future.
  11. I like to start conversation with a simple "hello" or "hi" . Most of the time other person replies and we end up having a nice conversation sometimes ......
  12. well I have received offline IM's and it showed email address if I remember with two different persons.
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