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  1. Its been more than a year in SL, I made a lot of friends some now even are part pf RL. Even today hardest part to approach someone new and unknown is how to start the conversation? I have read ladies many time complaining under pet peeves when guys approach them with a 'hi'. Well guy might genuinely wanted to say hello and both might have got together very well, had he just knew how to start the conversation. Once its started its relatively easier to let conversation flow. I will like to know from people of forum what might be a subtle way to start that conversation with someone completely new you have found in some mutual group or sim you both visited at same time. Also how much does age, profile or maybe RL section of guy matters while choosing whether to response back or let his message un-responded.
  2. Hello everyone, I hope its not wrong place to ask this question. I made a group just to learn how to create, put a cost to join the group. I made my ALT join it by paying the Lindens but I didn't get any. I was wondering where does the money we put in joining a group goes ? thank you in advance.
  3. Well it has happened twice now, someone asked for Lindens in exchange for something (not escorting or anything like that) and later they were no where to be found not answering messages nothing. All conversation are in IMs with me showing they did promised (not contract just in chats in IM ). Is there something I can do, apart from being more careful from next time ? Sorry for errors if any, English is not my first language and I often make mistakes.
  4. I don't really care about RL gender or particulars till it's just to friendship in SL. But, I won't be comfortable in dating someone in SL of same gender in RL. I personally will never ask someone for verification and will wait till we know each other better before forming partner. One reason why its so for me is cause when I am loving someone my feeling are from OOC me, not that I expect to be together in RL but I do care about RL person as well and not just her persona. But again I don't really care about his/her RL gender if we just want to be friends in SL or just RP-mates.
  5. I Once wanted to learn to build myself, Installed blender and was overwhelmed by the options and buttons. I had no prior knowledge of building or graphics but wanted to give it a try and see how it turns out to be. It was around a year back when I was still just few months old and IDK why I didn't took help from any builder back then resulting in getting bored, frustrated and ultimately giving up. I wish I had asked for guidance from some experienced builder back then. Now I will again like to give it a try but my time is limited and can spare 1 to 2 hours per days only. if I do start again I will make sure I take proper guidance and help. I myself like to start from basics and build strong fundamental and build slowly on that.
  6. Its hard not to have good friends if you are good and interesting in chats. And its hard not to have girlfriend if you want one and you have lot of good friends. ( that's what I think ) Have a good sense of humor ( your confused emoji on Lindal kidd's comment indicated otherwise ), be respectful, understand her, and give her time .. this is the key according to me. Am I right girls ?
  7. That's exactly what I thought when I watched it ... also in "white Christmas" ep of "black mirror" people getting block reminded me of Sl as well which was scary
  8. Hello everyone, Recently I came to know there used to be a stock market in SL where people use to buy stock of SL businesses .. I was wondering if there still exist such thing in SL where investors can meet business ideas and buy shares of their business. Thank you
  9. Well In this competitive market, I chose to start giving piggy ride for a living ..anyone ?
  10. I post screenshots not because I love originality ..... but coz I don't know how to use filters
  11. The you that goes in one side of the meditation experience is not the same you that comes out the other.
  12. I really don't see much help from this long on going battle with anyone .... just people are getting hurt talking about their dark past.To all who feel "rape" , "forced" or any sim to be banned ... either report the matter to LL, or your any legal firm and get it closed if law say so make you way in SL to focus on things that you like more ... if you want adult fun just not violent once search for relevant sim or open one yourself with like minded residents Leave Sl all together ( not being rude but, that's better than remembering your suffering everytime you log in What you actually are doing is trying to convince people (most of them don't enjoy that either ) that sims should be banned, try to understand its a user to user forum and I don't know if it helpful to be expressing your anger or disgust here as no one here decides what should be banned and what should not be in SL. No one here hates or are not sympathized with victims just that we have to keep in mind Facts rather than just emotions. Lets try to be mature and do things that actually matters rather than doing baseless arguments in place meant for something else. MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Feel free to be my Santa and spoil me with gift .. I go my same name in-world .
  13. I am not In those kind of role-play either, but there are many people who enjoy it (both gender ) My experience in SL has taught me to not let things that I don't enjoy or feel disgusted about bother me, as they are being enjoyed by others which is completely understandable..... best way is to find what you like in SL. SL got something for everyone
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