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  1. It's only human nature to seek "approval". I don't look at who likes my pics, but i do see who gets more likes and to some extent, less likes. It really shouldn't matter. I don't see myself as artistic or creative in terms of my images. In fact I've posted less lately because it's hard to do something different. My particular favourites are the group photos, when we meet up. But it takes a lot of effort to get people together, and that's why I get such a buzz when I stumble over a forumite by accident! But this forum has welcomed me like a warm blanket on a cold night, and has given
  2. Your image is striking...….. .it jumps off the screen!
  3. And my good friend Tati also treated me this week to a laced catsuit...………….so thankyou thankyou!!!!!!!!!
  4. This image is so striking in detail, and also so similar to my look, that I just had to take a pop...……..I didn't max the graphics, just my normal good setting, and a simple B&W filter and here's the result...…... I think we may be related
  5. Ughh! Managed to quote myself while dealing with spelling mistake. Move along please, nothing to see here
  6. The way to shop in MP, and this works well for hair, and better if you specify one seller, is to set the filter at high value...over 1k. That way you'll get just a few pages of fatpacks. If you find a hair you like, usually along the bottom of that fatpack style page are the individual colour groups. It saves a huge amount of time.
  7. Oh errrr Sky Diving 》》》》 Sky Rockets (Rag)》》》》 Rag Doll Ummmm...... Evil Doll
  8. I tend to go for white, black, red, pink and yellow/gold. Very occasionally green. Fatpacks always have blues, greens, greys, beiges that I would never use, so I tend to go single colours. Very occasionally I've bought 4 singles if the dress was awesome. Fatpacks seem to be getting more expensive, and these slot machine things are so annoying..........so annoying.
  9. I bought some today.... I go in from my dashboard. Ps. Another shedload of budgetary good intentions bit the dust.
  10. We bottomed it out last Christmas..... Speaking of which......🎅👉🔜🆘️🍾🥂🌲🖖
  11. I just don't see graffiti as art at all. I see it as urban vandalism, and although we don't get much hereabouts, along the railway/railroad we get awful amateurish drivel on any flat surfaces.
  12. Or me... very happy to help any newbie. Best advice....SL isn't a game by normal standards, its a life. So take your time, explore, go with the flow and suddenly who you are here and what your life is, becomes clear.
  13. The stripy bacon is perfectly OK, but I need that to be just crispy...…..my mouth is watering as I type this...……………. But the crème de la crème of bacon sandwiches has to be...…….Canadian bacon then...….. I've only had such a thing twice, and I won't say where because you'll think I'm a posh chick if I do...…………😛
  14. A bacon sandwich has to be top notch to be unforgettable. The breadbun/breadcake/bap must be plain white. The bacon must be just the succulent lean circle, cooked to perfection. Brown sauce is essential. Butter is optional. What an experience!
  15. ^^^^This is a big part of it for me. Learning more about the RL me. I was scared of everything at the beginning, and easily spooked. I was certainly taken advantage of at times, but every strange encounter made me stronger. I found special people in SL who are benevolent, generous and fun, even when sometimes their RL was bad. I found mentors and confidantes, and my strength and confidence here has grown beyond anything I could have imagined. Its a self indulgent world here and all the better for it! I can dress up, hang out in clubs and on beaches and have way more fun tham is
  16. Oh boy......the light comes on.....Mars and Venus, yeah "click" I know the symbols obviously, but never realised that until now. Me .....who laughed at the guy at work who said "what's this upper case thing you're all talking about?"
  17. And I just noticed my typo..... not "in the beach".......oh boy!
  18. All that aggravation when instead you could be having sex in the beach...... Which I think might be a cocktail......*coughs*
  19. Like I said a few days ago, each day on here shows me I know less than the day before. Eventually I'll realise I don't know anything. Oh, that will be when the unknown unknowns are all known unknowns. Coming soon on this channel....haha.
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