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  1. Just enjoy the tweaking. It never stops and its a big part of my SL. Mesh heads are intimidating at the start, but with time, you'll get the hang of most things. And the eyes and make up are there to be messed with. Just remember to write all your slider numbers down so you can get back if you mess up. That's saved me a few times. Slider play is very absorbing!!!!
  2. Whatever the tech issues are, for the past two days for me its been much laggier than normal. Even on quiet sims when I turn the graphics up for a photo, even camming for a shot has been almost impossible.
  3. Oh PLEASE don't get me thinking about wedding dresses again...........although the church does look, well, appealing.....(see what I did there?)..... Anyways, I think Tati is next on that list........... @TatianaNikolay 🥂
  4. I'm so ridiculously busy right now...…...having just joined a dance troupe....yeah really...….that I haven't been able to fit in any photos...…….. So I made time to go out with Salty. There's a new sim called "Yorkshire"...….. Well we had to go. For some reason it was super laggy, and we had to dodge a 4 day old numpty who got in the way. With Windlight and shadows set it was almost impossible to get a decent image but hey, that's SL...…. When we go home we relaxed and discussed how the session had gone...…..
  5. From today, after the usual preamble.....like where you from.....how old are you? Him: Want a tp? Me: No thankyou Him: Want some Lindens? Me: No thankyou Him: You don't want L$5,000? Me: No thankyou Him: Its not for sex Me: I don't accept money on principle Him: Stay poor then Me: I'm not poor "Crickets"
  6. But what if RL is a perfect virtual world? If it is, we'll get to know in the end.
  7. Maybe the forum would survive beyond SL. Or maybe some tech savvy person would put a post-SL forum out there so we could chat and reminisce. The only certainty is that nothing lasts forever. I'm only 14 months in, but I would miss everything about it.
  8. Blighters is more of a Jeeves and Wooster posh schooling group. Yorkshire is way more direct. It rhymes with truckers.
  9. Oh and I'm also from Yorkshire, where we call everyone Love......... And we laugh a lot, and we use swear words as daily language, but also with a tone change as an effective guided weapon. True Yorkshire, like true Scouse, is hard to understand, even by southerners. They always think I'm from Lancashire, which demonstrates the seriousness of the problem. "Tha's gotter lissen reightard, n'tek thy time if tha wents te gerrit"
  10. I got told off for saying bulls**t in a G rated sim early on.
  11. All the big names have free gifts although some do charge to join the group. Blueberry have lots on the group gift wall. I got a lovely bodycon/bandage dress from Erratic just recently. There are plenty more stores to raid.
  12. It is maths with an s..... It has pluses and minuses.
  13. I had one outfit for about three months when I started. The trouble is I love shopping, so I just accumulate outfits. It's a big part of my SL.
  14. My second oldest gf was system when I met her and she looked great. I finally persuaded her into a Lara, which she loves, but I doubt her face could be bettered or matched by a mesh head. The guy I've had most to do with here is system, and refuses to spend money. He looks ok but the lack of facial animations and whiter than white eyes is freaky. Most of the guys I talk to don't see mesh as a big deal. Those that do tend to overdo the bodybuilding. Mr mesh average guy next door is out there, but elusive.
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