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  1. Once I had a go at Morris dancing........... Although it looks and sounds rather odd, it was such good fun. Ok the alcohol probably helped.
  2. ^^^ This is probably the issue in a nutshell. I chatted to people almost from day 1. It's my nature to do that. This created connections which have lasted, ok, only just over one year in my case, but I look forward to chatting with, and hanging out with those people. So this is one thing (of several) which brings me back every day. On the opposite side of this coin, while visiting what turned out to be a melancholy sim for the first time, I briefly chatted with a solitary guy, who was clearly lonely, and actually said to me that SL was no fun alone. I felt so sorry for that guy, but SL is
  3. Oh boy! Now that would create some diverse interpretations of what a floozie looks like! In fact I might not have to buy anything new......./me looking in my wardrobe and blushing.......
  4. The selfish gene grows stronger, and although technology can bring support to those who are outside the binary "norm", it also rallies those who live by intolerance, bigotry and prejudice. I've always believed in "live and let live" and that should be how the world is, unless extremism of any sort has to be challenged, but that's not how the world is. It probably never will be if history is any guide.
  5. So can 99.9% of the guys on here...…./me grins
  6. My alts don't have payment info on file, because they don't need it. I give them the L$'s they need, or gift them stuff. I did come across one location with a "no payment details" boot warning as an alt, but strangely it didn't boot me and I've been back for more photos and the same thing happened. Whereas the newbie boot-out seemed to happen with no warning.
  7. Mad? Me? Yeah I think so, at times anyway. It helps preserve my sanity.
  8. Mermaid shoot anybody...? /me facepalms.... oh no what did I just do......🤨
  9. I hope it was decent cereal *shivers* Speaking as a granola guru......😊
  10. Milk - in - cup - first...…….. ☕✔️
  11. Apparently they have discovered that orange doesn't attract bugs like dayglow yellow...…...I made the mistake recently of going to a weekend outdoor event, in a bright yellow top...….and I was bombarded by bugs all day, which everybody except me thought hugely funny.
  12. Catwa do a few flexi hairs. @Sandra8675
  13. XO (Extra Ordinary) has a good choice! @Sandra8675
  14. I love orange. Nothing beats a vibrant orange.......I have loads of orange stuff here, and an orange top and hat in RL.......
  15. What keeps people here and spending money is the million dollar question, which has a million answers. Is there "a type" I wonder? I guess not. Before SL, I spent lots of time messing about on computers and spreadsheets. And I have OCD tendencies, all of which fits nicely into Inventory management! But newbies are basically ignored on arrival. Yes there are big signs and arrows to follow and way too much to read, but it isn't welcoming. I don't have an answer to this because obviously to mentor every new arrival is impossible. I'm just thankful I made it past the
  16. The timezone thing for Europe means that most things kick off in the evening, when I just can't be in world. Breakfast Club is 4pm here so I can do that, but I otherwise struggle to hook up in world with forum people. I missed the Alt party and other recent gatherings for this reason. Just how it is...... 6:07
  17. Oh I think it transcends even that. One sim I visit says "no newbie looks".........You know what? The number of guys I encounter in that golden six to eight year period who are still not mesh. Yeah I know, it probably makes me a mesh snob, but to counter that, I engage with them, and try to understand why they love their ankle tide marks and blocks of feet, and lack of any sort of realistic shape. Some are nice enough but others fall into what I call "experienced vets". They've seen it all, done it all, blah blah blah. The most charming encounters I've had with any avis hav
  18. Although it took me a long time to understand mesh, I meshed my alts quickly, and its only when you explore as a newbie that you run into the age limit thing. Yeah its annoying, but 30 days is nothing really. I was hardly moving from the spot in my first 30 days...... Rather than prevent meshing for newbies, I would prefer to see a mesh consultant who would help newbies find the right mesh bodies and heads.
  19. Hey I'm no expert but don't you wear a skin so it removes the previous one? And... I love Skinnery skins and have a selection!
  20. Yes, just yes..... I haven't been around long enough to want a break from this, but I have such a good time here, even when I'm just home alone dressing up.
  21. The title got me, but it's a sand box. People kick sand about. I can live with it.
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