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  1. Salty's new party dress, from Blueberry today......... She's pleased with it!
  2. Today I've been chasing the items in my MP shopping basket in store........... I wish I could tp from the MP entry right in store next to that item.................it would save loads of time.........
  3. Hey Presto, and you're not the first to bag one of these........two others (no names) have also done so. I have this dress and I love it.....and it has a massive colour hud........ https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Absolut-Vendetta-Alina-Dress-LATEXMAITREYA/8482603
  4. So anyway, I had a full basket for Salty but it won't check out. So we went shopping in store instead, which was much more fun.
  5. Yee Ha! The Chickmob Group go dancing en masse. Now I'm visualising a gang of ladybots crashing a sim. That would be sooooo funny...........
  6. I love the pink girlie robot.............love it!!
  7. These are my best three images....point and click...... The rear view especially is real girl band stuff........haha....but no audience, although a guy called Bruno cammed us and posted an image on flickr................. The group shot is L to R me, Salty, Laika, Taya, and Cara...................
  8. Way more complicated.... I was shopping at Stars and chatting to Taya. She tp'd in to the store. We shopped for ages. Before she went I tp'd Salty in to meet her. Then Taya tp'd Cara. Then.Laika came on line and tp'd in. So we were all at Stars and it was too good an opportunity not to do some photos, so we did the obvious. As ever it was chaotic fun!!!
  9. It's clear that the name thing is very important to some users. I just can't understand why a second name/ surname is so important, even after reading all this. I also find some of the odd characters ( in fonts haha!) sometimes impossible to read. That's not good in conversation when I would ordinarily use someones name. In the end it doesn't bother me either way. I might add my surname to my display name, but unless that name was available to buy I wouldn't want another name.
  10. It was great fun, and as usual not planned!!!!!
  11. I haven't tried to get rezz rights but the 'owner' is on the flickr page and responded to my compliments of his sim. It's worth asking. I would buy a trike for photos if I could rezz it there. Maybe I'll ask when I get back in world.
  12. ^^^^ When a guy asked me if I use RL social media and I said no.......(I don't), he said "I think you're lying". Obviously I gave him some blunt advice about accusing strangers of lying, before poofing away.
  13. I'm way off from being an expert here.but the change to a Lara body for me was a very easy step. The body comes with an alpha layer. You wear that and your system body vanishes, just leaving your head. Then add the Lara body and it appears. Add the HUD and then you can play with loads of stuff. Lara comes with a number of default shapes and skin tones, which will help to match your head colour, but then others skins are available if you get adventurous. It really is that simple. But Lara is expensive, but then again it's very easy to mess with. Adding a mesh head is a different level of challenge!!! This was my first day with Lara and my system head. I was absolutely delighted with it.........and still am!
  14. Yes you should haha! Generally I'm that predictable........
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