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  1. Welcome back! Computer trouble is the worst thing..........😊
  2. And he's so nice........I toyed with the idea of making a Malt.....just not sure if I can be bothered.......there's always tomorrow!
  3. Just yes.…….do it and reap all the fun they bring!
  4. I'm not MIA Sara.....just immersed in SL, and trying to get some sister shots, which takes a lot more effort!!!!
  5. Maybe I shouldn't admit this...….because minds will race down uncharted roads...…… I work with leather. Not every day, but I keep a stock of leather, sourced from e-Bay and from a factory which sells offcuts. I make....*coughs* ...pouches.....(yes I know!)......for things like mobile phones and other small items...…...for family and occasionally a commissioned item which I sell. I do the same thing using textiles. It's just a sideline, but I'm quite creative. I happened on a big offcut of blood red perforated leather, and it has made some striking "pouches"...…...all hand sewn!!! In
  6. I went to Franks yesterday. Not been for a while and wondered if my new gown was good enough. Anyway, new experience....chatted up by a guy and his wife. They invited me for drinks.....well, you know me. It was a skybox with a bed...... So we chatted a while and had a drink. Then I made my excuses and left. Maybe they didn't want a threesome. It was never mentioned anyway, but I got bored. Then a normal encounter on a beach with a naked guy. Initial chat was good. I think he was evaluating me...... He invited me to join him haha!.....they never say home these days. I usuall
  7. We got a bat in the bedroom once. It came in through the open window and I found it hanging on the wall. It was very spooky. Absolute black, without any reflections, and looked like a portal in the wall. It was my job to get it out. I got a bath towel and persuaded it off the wall. Not good. It then flew around the light fitting at amazing speed, in total silence. So standing on the bed, I held the towel up like a curtain and edged towards the window. Suddenly it sensed the window and was gone. We see them flying outside the house in summer at twilight. They are amazing cre
  8. Maybe alt is too vague a term. Thing is, I'm the "me" here and my sisters don't otherwise exist. So in that respect the first me with payment details will always be Queen B. What I do find hard is remembering which me intracted with which person here, although my sister alt thing is noted in our profiles, so I make sure people know that from the start.
  9. I don't blame you at all for that! I discovered that I enjoy making alts, and I enjoy being those alts more than I should. I don't use them for making mischief and they have their own friends, and share a few. My newest alt is really developing so much that there's a risk she could become my main. Not sure I can allow that!
  10. Classy as always Zeta! In the library with just the merest hint of a stocking top showing.... Mmm the smell of leather and old books! 😊 I need to work more on my poses...........
  11. I sometimes look at people in RL and think they need some slider work. When I'm far from home in RL and maybe stuck in traffic I wish I could just tp home......
  12. Not that I have much experience..*coughs* But guys often disappear mid conversation......or stay silent for long periods. I assumed it was something else.....
  13. Mass stupidity is humanities greatest threat. I guess we all play a part in that. By overusing plastic, by wanting a huge SUV, by flying somewhere warm to sit by a pool for a week, and so on. Our council has recently adopted better recycling. We now have a large wheeled bin for glass, foil, and plastic packaging. We can fill that in two weeks, just two of us. Oh and for the record, we don't fly!!!
  14. Until commercial flying and global trans-shipments by giant diesel container ships is curtailed, there's little hope. Way too much greed and vested interests.
  15. Yeah I agree with that. I've experienced enough weird incidents first hand over time to convince me that something is going on 'behind the scenes'......... Like in "Sub Space"......(Star Trek ref.)
  16. My Jury is out about reincarnation, but if it is a reality, I doubt it would be by choice. I sort of embrace the buddhist view (I think!), that what you do in this life leads to what you become in the next. The other aspect is why would you come back here? This place can be close to hell at times with global killing and suffering. Maybe there's somewhere better.
  17. Once I had a go at Morris dancing........... Although it looks and sounds rather odd, it was such good fun. Ok the alcohol probably helped.
  18. ^^^ This is probably the issue in a nutshell. I chatted to people almost from day 1. It's my nature to do that. This created connections which have lasted, ok, only just over one year in my case, but I look forward to chatting with, and hanging out with those people. So this is one thing (of several) which brings me back every day. On the opposite side of this coin, while visiting what turned out to be a melancholy sim for the first time, I briefly chatted with a solitary guy, who was clearly lonely, and actually said to me that SL was no fun alone. I felt so sorry for that guy, but SL is
  19. Oh boy! Now that would create some diverse interpretations of what a floozie looks like! In fact I might not have to buy anything new......./me looking in my wardrobe and blushing.......
  20. The selfish gene grows stronger, and although technology can bring support to those who are outside the binary "norm", it also rallies those who live by intolerance, bigotry and prejudice. I've always believed in "live and let live" and that should be how the world is, unless extremism of any sort has to be challenged, but that's not how the world is. It probably never will be if history is any guide.
  21. So can 99.9% of the guys on here...…./me grins
  22. My alts don't have payment info on file, because they don't need it. I give them the L$'s they need, or gift them stuff. I did come across one location with a "no payment details" boot warning as an alt, but strangely it didn't boot me and I've been back for more photos and the same thing happened. Whereas the newbie boot-out seemed to happen with no warning.
  23. Mad? Me? Yeah I think so, at times anyway. It helps preserve my sanity.
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