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  1. I don't have a Just Me thing to click.......😥
  2. Mine is FaceApp, done by someone a lot smarter than I am!!!!!!!!
  3. Friendship starts with chat, whether that is here, or through IM's. I make friends in world just by chatting, without any expectation of it going anywhere. Last night I was at a club, and I opened a conversation with a girl avi, who's profile was a good read. We chatted about that, and coincidentally she was asking where all the guys go these days. I do happen to know that......they hang out at the Adult beaches...…... Sometimes I can go to a club dance venue, and never get hit on...………even though there may be several guys hanging around the edges......like RL, so don't be shy about cha
  4. I live on forums in another life, and one in partucular (my specialist subject), 😎, I nearly have the highest number of posts. There, I help people out a lot. So when I set up my SL account, it was inevitable, and I came here three days after I'd wandered around aimlessly in world. I came here for help, which I got plenty of. It would have been a lot harder to develop without the Forums. It was scary at the start, and gets scary occasionally even now, but SL would be way less involving without the Forums. In my travels, most people don't seem to know about this place, and don't seem
  5. Being serious........ Three alts. All active. I didn't know what an alt was for months. Then I had a bake fail. Oh and I needed a test bed for mesh and appliers. So Salty was born. And now I can work appliers. Even fancy stuff like Omega. I enjoyed making Salty so much that I decided to make another sister. And that was so much fun that recently I made another. I hope thats it. Its no secret. They don't have payment details on file. They don't need payment details on file. Their inventories are much smaller tban mine and well organised. Mine is way too big and not well orga
  6. Until The Peacemaker gets here.......... Always look on the bright side of life.....🎶🎶🎶
  7. What they just don't seem to understand is its about the chat. The neanderthals are obvious, and can be weeded out easily. Then it gets harder. The chat can be interesting, but then goes off in various directions. The "tp to my bed after a five minute chat" guys are doomed to fail. Some don't do that but soon make it obvious that they are experienced vets, and their attitude comes across loud and clear. Hard to give an example but I do depend on the vibes I get. The better few percent, don't give any sexual nuances, and seem happy to chat on....... I'm seeing one guy just now who is
  8. Welcome back! Computer trouble is the worst thing..........😊
  9. And he's so nice........I toyed with the idea of making a Malt.....just not sure if I can be bothered.......there's always tomorrow!
  10. Just yes.…….do it and reap all the fun they bring!
  11. I'm not MIA Sara.....just immersed in SL, and trying to get some sister shots, which takes a lot more effort!!!!
  12. Maybe I shouldn't admit this...….because minds will race down uncharted roads...…… I work with leather. Not every day, but I keep a stock of leather, sourced from e-Bay and from a factory which sells offcuts. I make....*coughs* ...pouches.....(yes I know!)......for things like mobile phones and other small items...…...for family and occasionally a commissioned item which I sell. I do the same thing using textiles. It's just a sideline, but I'm quite creative. I happened on a big offcut of blood red perforated leather, and it has made some striking "pouches"...…...all hand sewn!!! In
  13. I went to Franks yesterday. Not been for a while and wondered if my new gown was good enough. Anyway, new experience....chatted up by a guy and his wife. They invited me for drinks.....well, you know me. It was a skybox with a bed...... So we chatted a while and had a drink. Then I made my excuses and left. Maybe they didn't want a threesome. It was never mentioned anyway, but I got bored. Then a normal encounter on a beach with a naked guy. Initial chat was good. I think he was evaluating me...... He invited me to join him haha!.....they never say home these days. I usuall
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