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  1. Or me... very happy to help any newbie. Best advice....SL isn't a game by normal standards, its a life. So take your time, explore, go with the flow and suddenly who you are here and what your life is, becomes clear.
  2. The stripy bacon is perfectly OK, but I need that to be just crispy...…..my mouth is watering as I type this...……………. But the crème de la crème of bacon sandwiches has to be...…….Canadian bacon then...….. I've only had such a thing twice, and I won't say where because you'll think I'm a posh chick if I do...…………😛
  3. A bacon sandwich has to be top notch to be unforgettable. The breadbun/breadcake/bap must be plain white. The bacon must be just the succulent lean circle, cooked to perfection. Brown sauce is essential. Butter is optional. What an experience!
  4. ^^^^This is a big part of it for me. Learning more about the RL me. I was scared of everything at the beginning, and easily spooked. I was certainly taken advantage of at times, but every strange encounter made me stronger. I found special people in SL who are benevolent, generous and fun, even when sometimes their RL was bad. I found mentors and confidantes, and my strength and confidence here has grown beyond anything I could have imagined. Its a self indulgent world here and all the better for it! I can dress up, hang out in clubs and on beaches and have way more fun tham is possible to safely do in RL. Shopping trapped me here, as I've said before. It was that more than anything which pulled me in, and when I discovered in world shopping that was it. I could spend all my in world time in store, and I resist that to keep some sort of budget. And of course the Forums. Where would I be without my daily phone fix, wherever I am. Like now in the supermarket car park. Finally here comes the sweeping generalisation. Girls spend loads of money on mesh bodies and looking good. Guys spend as little as possible on a system avi and chase sex. (Obviously not Orwar, Skell, and the guys who post on the forum).
  5. Oh boy......the light comes on.....Mars and Venus, yeah "click" I know the symbols obviously, but never realised that until now. Me .....who laughed at the guy at work who said "what's this upper case thing you're all talking about?"
  6. And I just noticed my typo..... not "in the beach".......oh boy!
  7. All that aggravation when instead you could be having sex in the beach...... Which I think might be a cocktail......*coughs*
  8. Like I said a few days ago, each day on here shows me I know less than the day before. Eventually I'll realise I don't know anything. Oh, that will be when the unknown unknowns are all known unknowns. Coming soon on this channel....haha.
  9. White Rose(s) http://www.godsowncounty.co.uk/yorkshire-cities/white-rose-of-yorkshire/
  10. Shoes are like sweets. Better by the bagful.....
  11. Before all that messing about, I dropped off at Secret beach for a while, and just did a point and click. This is my latest Blueberry bikini...……..who ever said one bikini is enough?????
  12. This is my attempt at a Pirate costume for the party on 31st August. Most of the outfit is XO, but with my own boots, I'm very particular about my boots!. The cloak is amazing but only works with short hair, so I adopted my Agent Smith persona for this outfit. Amazingly short dark hair does seem to suit me...………. I'll get a photo of Skye later in her version of this...……..
  13. Now that's a coincidence. I've just booted me and Skye up for a Pirate Party on 31st August at the beach. Not enough time today to post my picture, and Skye hasn't been in front of the camera yet in hers. I'll post mine tomorrow. I'm pleased how it turned out with a bit of pick and mix!!
  14. Everything moves fast in world and people move on equally fast. My longest lasting friendships are those which remain very loose and informal. The thing is, my time in world is finite, and also unpredictable. So each time I add a friend, there's proportionally less time to give everywhere else. Some people struggle with that and it may cause drifting apart. *shrugs* That's SL.
  15. You people......YES...."You People" have too much time on your hands. You should be out there dancing, socialising, having errrr, blah blah blah........
  16. Would I? No. A thousand times no. But like someone said.....for the lazy system guys........a huge improvement!
  17. I've always kept my dashboard open to scope who's on, although it doesn't auto refresh. When I'm in world as one of my alts, it's also handy to see who's around.
  18. Sorry I missed the second BC in a row. Out of town again, so no access. *sad face.
  19. Growing up an only child means I can spend hours alone in RL without it bothering me at all. Here it's nice to chat and even nicer to hang out somewhere where everybody knows your name. The Forum is such a place. I've also had a long run of going to the beach, and this has led to me joining a beach dance troup, which is a lot of fun. So there are ways not to be lonely
  20. Just today at the beach. Guy with unpronouncable name tps in. Sends me a friend request. Waits....... fat chance of me responding to that anyway on two levels And......he's gone poooof!
  21. You should have then said, "No....not your face"
  22. A bit like charging L$400 to join a sim group.
  23. The RL fashion scene is all a bit Emperors New Clothes to me. Most of it is unwearable day to day. Lets face it, most of us slob around in ..... well for me it's often black jeans and trainers. Perhaps a brighter top, plain red or yellow, or orange! Here in SL, I do replicate that in some of my outfits, but always with heels. Only last week I bought my first patterned summer dress, which surprisingly looks good. But these RL fashion shows......I just don't get it.
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