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  1. A balance between looks and chat. Simple enough. The better the chat, the less relevant the looks. Dumbass chat just crashes and burns, no matter how good the looks are.
  2. They made me get wet hair. They made me get a wetsuit. They made me get flip flops...........................................and a surfboard. But boy it was fun!
  3. So the four of us kicked this off, and it was chaotic, managing the surfboards and where we stood................... Eventually we got the right alignment and became five.................. @Scylla Rhiadra, @TatianaNikolay me @Saskia Rieko @Eva Knoller Just to say, we are not an Elite group. If anyone would like to join us and you're in world when we are doing this, and have the right outfit, you are welcome to drop by. Timing tends to be 0700 SLT up to maybe 0900 SLT. Three are USA an two Europe, so this timing works for us.
  4. One Quickie, no edit, just a raw shot..................my silhouette style. Before Scylla arrived............. @TatianaNikolay @Eva Knoller @Saskia Rieko
  5. I'm so impressed by this Matti, because it just highlights more of my unknown unknowns............................😝
  6. Help will be along soon. Is this skin applier or BoM? Are the eyebrows applier or BoM? It makes a difference.
  7. Just Dreamin' Waiting for my boat to come in....................................
  8. "Taps the mic" Just wanted to say @Tara Linden Thank you so much for choosing my dance picture in your dance post. I feel very honoured! Oh, there are two cats in these images but one is in stealth mode. And....these images are neither cropped nor edited in any way. I had to spam this post because I like how they all came out. At least one Forumite will know where this is taken. 😍
  9. There surely must be a way to legally force disclosure? Or is this law really a crock of skunk poo?
  10. Even Assholes Take Extra Nibbles STARE
  11. So, I don't do wet hair. I don't do wetsuits. I don't do flip flops. However, we have a photoshoot planned which means I had to dumb down from my usual smart casual, to dumb casual. Even edgy maybe, I sure feel edgy like this. I feel Edgy McEdgelady in fact. And I'll tell you this. If I were to do a Malt, which is extremely unlikely for all sorts of reasons, I would name him Edgy McEdgelord. No I haven't been drinking. So there. I carry a wetsuit quite well I think. In fact I was complimented on it only yesterday. haha.
  12. Now I have my Houseboat, I can moor a speedboat there. I found that not only can I walk to my sisters house in a couple of minutes, but I can also sail there in five minutes, because she lives right next to the canal. The Union Flag is a useful landmark.
  13. All I've noticed is losing attachments during tp, and tp crashes occasionally. Nothing unusual so far.
  14. I got five in half an hour a couple of days ago. Might I claim this as a record? The second one did agree that the first one, (naked guy) was a jerk.
  15. Guy stood naked in the road outside my house in Belli. M rated sim. He says "take your top off" I say "why would I do that?" He says "because next it's your skirt" So anyway, what were we discussing?
  16. That wasn't the intention. Sara started this thread off as an alternative to the original thread which was becoming bogged down in quotes and comments. Some of us have abandoned the original thread and just post here.
  17. If anyone rezzed on my boat, I would take/derez, and TP home. I use an orb at home.
  18. And once more in the studio.................
  19. Angel's Beach Studio....just testing. There's a less dressed version on my flickr page..... 😜
  20. Who you callin' old and faded? Huh?
  21. Such determined disruption does make me wonder if the perpetrator was once in close orbit to the creator. I know we shouldn't speculate, but I try to put myself in the mindset of who would want to do this and why. Obviously the bottom line is to undermine the business, but the why is harder to understand. If that was me, I would take it all the way through the courts, and end it there in public.
  22. My houseboat............................. 1 and 2 the outside; 3 the lounge/diner; 4 the galley; 5 and 6 the bedroom and bathroom
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