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  1. The RL fashion scene is all a bit Emperors New Clothes to me. Most of it is unwearable day to day. Lets face it, most of us slob around in ..... well for me it's often black jeans and trainers. Perhaps a brighter top, plain red or yellow, or orange! Here in SL, I do replicate that in some of my outfits, but always with heels. Only last week I bought my first patterned summer dress, which surprisingly looks good. But these RL fashion shows......I just don't get it.
  2. At the same location, but with a different warmer windlight setting for the first one, and a simple filter for the second. Go to Mimmo…..it's a lovely sim!
  3. Nice to see even more new faces here!!! Earlier I went back to Mimmo to take a few more pics. For this outfit I change from Genus BF to Genius Classic, which alters my look just a bit! Hair is Sintiklia Bree. This is with everything cranked up to max and after playing with Windlight, plus a spotlamp in front of me.
  4. I had to look up the Goethe thing!! But this is an interesting discussion on how we see ourselves here in SL. I'm totally immersed in me here, and my avi is an extension of who I am, and like Scylla, I feel discomfort and anxious when my avi goes wrong. Oh and when I knowingly put myself in places (and positions) which I shouldn't be in......but sometimes I like to push the boundaries here which I would run a mile from in RL. But my alt experience is different. These girls are my creations. They don't exist beyond SL. They carry my moral compass, but when I take them out, I'm like, one step removed, and its a different dynamic to when I'm me. I don't exploit their innocence, and although my intention was to RP vastly different personalities, my own reserved views, have limited how far I could go. The whole thing has really opened my eyes to what makes me who I am.
  5. I don't look beyond SL, and really don't care who is behind the keyboard of each of my friends. I don't seek a relationship here which simplifies things a lot. The one time a guy I friended insisted I saw his RL photo......... it broke the mirror. The illusion was shattered because from that point I saw the RL person. I'd rather not know, it's better for me to stay immersed in this pixel world.
  6. Each day in the forums shows me that I know less about most things than I did the day before.
  7. Old enough to have whiskers? If it has whiskers it can't be a game. Can it? It doesn't feel like a game. It feels like a strange life.......... Ah! A rebrand. "Strange Life" Ok ok, back in the dark corner....
  8. Recreationally creative ladies of leisure (when not at work) is how I see it.
  9. Just enjoy the tweaking. It never stops and its a big part of my SL. Mesh heads are intimidating at the start, but with time, you'll get the hang of most things. And the eyes and make up are there to be messed with. Just remember to write all your slider numbers down so you can get back if you mess up. That's saved me a few times. Slider play is very absorbing!!!!
  10. Whatever the tech issues are, for the past two days for me its been much laggier than normal. Even on quiet sims when I turn the graphics up for a photo, even camming for a shot has been almost impossible.
  11. Oh PLEASE don't get me thinking about wedding dresses again...........although the church does look, well, appealing.....(see what I did there?)..... Anyways, I think Tati is next on that list........... @TatianaNikolay 🥂
  12. I'm so ridiculously busy right now...…...having just joined a dance troupe....yeah really...….that I haven't been able to fit in any photos...…….. So I made time to go out with Salty. There's a new sim called "Yorkshire"...….. Well we had to go. For some reason it was super laggy, and we had to dodge a 4 day old numpty who got in the way. With Windlight and shadows set it was almost impossible to get a decent image but hey, that's SL...…. When we go home we relaxed and discussed how the session had gone...…..
  13. From today, after the usual preamble.....like where you from.....how old are you? Him: Want a tp? Me: No thankyou Him: Want some Lindens? Me: No thankyou Him: You don't want L$5,000? Me: No thankyou Him: Its not for sex Me: I don't accept money on principle Him: Stay poor then Me: I'm not poor "Crickets"
  14. But what if RL is a perfect virtual world? If it is, we'll get to know in the end.
  15. Maybe the forum would survive beyond SL. Or maybe some tech savvy person would put a post-SL forum out there so we could chat and reminisce. The only certainty is that nothing lasts forever. I'm only 14 months in, but I would miss everything about it.
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