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  1. I had big plans today and I'm home alone, so no backseat drivers................. /me sighs
  2. Sock pairing isn't so bad but there's always a single sock. That means a torch deployment in the airing cupboard
  3. Let your friends take the heat............................ Watching my dashboard list. No friends in world means it's not fixed.......they are obsessives....................not like me.
  4. It's always a temptation, for the shopping money. Obviously whoever gets through will tell the others haha. I've dabbled twice on a date board, but that's been it so far........................
  5. What Ceka @Ceka Ciancisaid above Plus intelligent marketing. It was Ceka's look which drew me in to the beta Classic. Early adopters were then given Baby Face at no extra cost. Genus gives me the look I want which is all that matters. My whole family of alts use Genus. For me, so far, no other head gets close in my look. The rest of Genus, ... hud and anims I can live with. They are plenty good enough for me.
  6. It's all about timing. They do come up and I dropped on a houseboat yesterday, which was a huge stroke of luck!
  7. I guess I've been lucky. First I used my alt ... First time search, and got a traditional house in a nice location within an hour. So then I abandoned my old LH, the only one I've had, and got a trailer almost straight away. I did intend to keep that, and fitted it out, but got itchy feet. I abandoned that, and immediately found a log cabin. But the location was a bit land locked, so this morning I abandoned that and a houseboat was on when I looked. Timing matters, and I'm SLT+8, so searching very early. I suspect I might be picking up late night USA abandons.
  8. I only have four sister alts in addition to myself so I'm not really qualified to answer. Maybe I should put them to work?😜
  9. Ok RL peeve. Older people who lipsynch what I am saying. Almost like predictive text. I just can't help throwing in random words, to upset their synching. I'm that evil.
  10. I just want to say this, because since Scylla kicked this thread off, there have been a few ripples in the pond. The friends group we have is the result of collaborating for pictures. Anyone can join us, for group shots, or just to hang out and chat. My objective in the forums has always been collaborations, and from this, common ground emerges, and friendships grow. For sure, timezones sometimes get in the way, but friendships grow by just hanging out and chatting, mostly about shopping and events. So anyone who would like to join us, just shout up in world. I would love to do more collaborations.
  11. For me, Genus is simply me. I've tried some of the others. None give me the shape I need. Lelutka was closest. LAQ not so bad. I really tried with Catwa, but I just can't get the overall look, even though the Catwa hud is amazing. So I am delighted Genus are back.
  12. If I demo a hair which looks amazing I buy it. If there's only a fatpack I buy it. It's the amazing bit which is hard to get, although Truth and Stealthic are right up there now.
  13. To have fun every day To avoid drama To explore my darker side To share SL experiences To build my photography skills At the start I wanted to blog, but I just don't have enough time
  14. A guy who doesn't tell you he has a partner. A guy who starts off OK then starts saying "come here", "shush" and various other irritations. A guy who can't understand why you defriended him, and wants to continue deceiving his partner. Actually more than a peeve.
  15. Somehow, just hanging out and chatting has become the thing............simple pleasures.....and musical chairs @Saskia Rieko @Eva Knoller @Scylla Rhiadra @TatianaNikolay
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