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  1. If people were just people, and shared values, and got along, the world would be a better place. Maybe its instinctive to be wary of different cultures. If our skins were all the same colour, and we all spoke the same language, the issues would still be around of privilege, poverty, and discrimination but based on something else. Look at Victorian England to see abject poverty and excessive riches. You only have to look at the "ruling class" in the UK now to see how that works.
  2. Just to say....I find the use of the term "white people" as a generic term to be unhelpful. In todays troubled world, these people are spread across the world with a huge range of genetics and an even greater range of cultural similarities and differences. Even across Europe, there are huge differences between "white people". And there is huge poverty and disengagement in this group. I fear that attempting to sanitize history will not help educate future generations. History is brimming with cruel exploitation of weaker communities going way back in time. Mankind is incapable of adopting "Live and let live". Neighbours argue. Nations argue. It will never change. While skin colour plays a huge part, mankind has always, and will always find differences to exploit. This world is not a good place, and never has been.
  3. Pony Salty on her first day out. A proper avatar!
  4. Ok I'm a numpty when it comes to computers. My present Dell is i7. It works well, but I might upgrade at the end of this year. I know that other specs matter. So in very simple terms, what matters for optimising SL? Does the i7/i9 thing matter? I'm clueless. People talk about CPU and memory and my brain doesn't compute. Oh and RAM....... is that still a thing? Laptop by the way.
  5. Ah now that makes sense of the comment I got about being middle aged Barbie......maybe that's what was going on.......... Reality check................this is not real life.
  6. Six viewers demands respect. Five maxes my IT!!! And takes forever to set up........like what to wear x5.... Nice job.
  7. Met up with @Saskia Rieko and @Eva Knoller earlier................ always good fun messing about with poses and windlight........
  8. Kinks are OK here...right?? And yeah, if the proposer comes on "nice", with enough of an offer, I would take it. Assuming I liked the look of their avi. It's not happened in two years though. As the L$5k nob said....."stay poor then".
  9. Buffy the vampire slayer has just showed up on ch4 I-player in the UK. I watched episode 1 again......"just to see" if it still looked worth watching. Yes it does. It looks like I'll be binging all seven series. Again.
  10. But, but, dudes do hang around in world stores looking for action......
  11. I was offered L$5k by a guy once. It was real tempting. I was just at a beach. 5k is a lot of shopping. But he was arrogant and full of crap so I turned him down. I've done a couple of paid for dates, (no sex), but it's hard work. Skye got L$1400, the best I could manage was L$800. That's alt envy.
  12. We've tried to keep the avi pic threads on topic ever since I've been on it. I'm just as guilty as most for quoting/commenting, but when this goes into multiples, it gets irritating. I don't have time for long exchanges, so I just don't get involved. For me, forums are my casual telephone time. In world is when I have time to get my laptop out, and right now I have more time in world than before lockdown. Now I'll stop rambling on.
  13. AND.........I visited Backdrop City after a long time and it seems much better than it was. This dress and the shoes are by C.Chantal.
  14. Working through my outfits with some new Truth hairs, and other bits and pieces. Loving being me for a change. Alts are fun but I forget what fun it is just being me.................
  15. @Emma Krokus Hi Emma, the cupboard is RE Country Linen Cupboard - One Prim - Closet, Wardrobe Decor/Decoration....only L$30, and copyable!!! https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/RE-Country-Linen-Cupboard-One-Prim-Closet-Wardrobe-DecorDecoration/5395822 Thank you for complementing Salty. It took a while to get her looking like that.
  16. The smell of newly wet earth, like today when the parched earth got wet for the first time in nearly a month. Strawberry jam. Clotted cream........ Raindrops on Roses and whiskers on kittens Bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens...........
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