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  1. My own subjective view is that there's been a sharp decline in the number of people in SL very recently, which seems to coincide with the teleport crash problem. Even I find myself not bothering to relog after a couple of crashes. Maybe we'd become complacent over the last couple of years when SL hardly ever crashed.
  2. Just had a viewer update that has includes teleport problem in bug fixes list but teleport crashes are just as bad as beforehand. My first TP of the session crashed, and that was from one quiet mainland sim to another nearby quiet mainland sim. What's worse is that these TP crashes take ages to log out, which is a bit of a sting in the tail!
  3. behind the leading social influencers
  4. and upward! . . towards greater heights.
  5. I joined in September 2006 but my chosen early memory was from about a year later. I remember the great land crash, when land prices plummeted by something like 90% over a week or two. Land had become very expensive in SL because lots of people were joining but no new land was being created. Then LL decided to open up new mainland continents so there was loads of brand new land available. The land market was largely in the hands of the big 'land barons' who bought up big parcels of the new land and divided it up into 512 plots for resale. Suddenly one or more of the land barons decided to pull out of the market, dumping their stocks of land at knockdown prices. My own theory is that several of the big land barons, who appeared to be fiercely competitive, were actually alts of the same RL person. Anyway, on one particular day I was in-world and followed the land prices as they halved in that one day. That was much easier to do in those days, and the figure to watch was the cheapest going rate for a 512. It was all quite dramatic, or at least it felt that way.
  6. I've read the book and seen the film. I thought both were excellent. Even if Ready Player One wasn't inspired by Second Life, to me it seemed like it was. The plot in the film is a bit shorter than in the book, but the book does get a little bogged down in challenge after challenge in the middle.
  7. I'm only comparing a tiny portion of SL to 19th century lunatic asylums!
  8. A lot of trolls or griefers are not very good at their 'art' and end up bringing ridicule on themselves, which I suppose is a source of mild entertainment to others. On another SL forum I recently mentioned how I visited a busy welcome area and decided to turn 'voice' on, for a change, to listen to the conversation (I nearly always have it turned off). What I heard was mainly an incoherent abusive argument, with other people making random comments and noises. While this was disturbing (the abusive chat was overtly racist) I will admit it was entertaining in the same way as people in the 19th century used to pay to visit lunatic asylums for entertainment.
  9. I did tell a few people life about SL and a small number of them even knew my SL name. All this was years ago and I don't say anything to anyone now because the topic never arises in RL conversation like it did 10 years ago.
  10. While I don't think Second Life will last for ever and ever, I do think it will still be around in 10 years. I think it will carry on as it has up to now, with gradual improvements and new features, which, together with improvements in computers, will make it better than it is today. I agree that the average age of users will go up as fewer new people join but I think it will still have a healthy level of use. A lot depends on whether a better direct competitor comes along and whether LL's own Sansar and Hi Fidelity (in which LL is a partner) attract people away.
  11. I got a new computer about a year ago and I have a fast broadband connection. This made a great improvement to SL but there's something I've noticed. When LL does a viewer update, there's usually a marked improvement in performance, but it gradually declines (I do clear cache regularly) until the next update. Performance is generally good, even with advanced lighting, the exception being mesh avatars, which can take ages to rez, and particularly applier textures, that sometimes never rez properly. I normally have my jellydoll threshold set to exclude the most laggy avatars. These days more people seem to have grasped the idea that if their complexity is to high, it's wasted effort because most other people see them a s a jellydoll.
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