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  1. Conifer Dada

    To what degree do you feel "immersed" in Second Life?

    It varies, depending on what sort of SL environment I'm in, how well SL is performing at the time and what my RL mood is. Sometimes I feel very immersed, others I can't get beyond 'moving pictures on a screen'.
  2. Conifer Dada

    Strange login glitch

    I logged in today to find myself dressed in a plain, untextured white leotard with long legs and sleeves. At first I thought it was a rezzing problem but then I checked my outfit and I turned out to be wearing 'new pants' and 'new shirt' over the shorts and vest I was wearing when I last logged out. I hadn't created any new layers or worn any that I already had in my inventory. Has anyone else had this?
  3. Conifer Dada

    Furries in SL--why all the hatred towards furries?

    Back when I joined SL in 2006, a lot of newbies chose one of the LL default furry avatars. So a leftover from that time could be the association of furries with 'noobs', even if it's no longer true.
  4. Conifer Dada

    Does Facebook want our avatar?

    Facebook is for real people using their real names to post pictures of their breakfast.
  5. Conifer Dada

    Rate My Avatars

    No.1 is the most unusual. So that's my choice.
  6. Conifer Dada

    What makes you block someone?

    I'm another person who rarely blocks anyone. The only things on my block list at the moment are 3 or 4 senders of spam. Also the ban list for our land is empty.
  7. Conifer Dada

    If there was an "offline" version of Second Life....

    I imagine Linden Lab has their own offline version for testing thing before going to beta. Someone could confirm of deny that for me !!
  8. Conifer Dada

    If there was an "offline" version of Second Life....

    I haven't had much experience of physics on OpenSim but ordinary animations work OK - it's just that it's difficult to find things like a simple walk or run to download. If you want an animation for eating a pizza while doing Scottish dancing, it would probably be easier to find one than a simple, realistic walk 😁
  9. Conifer Dada

    If there was an "offline" version of Second Life....

    Following from my post above about OpenSim standalones, I recall that Linden Lab did introduce their own version of standalones some years ago. I think it involved renting a server of the type they used at the time, which would be located in your home or business. I also recall that it was far from cheap and the idea was dropped after not very long. One problem with OpenSim standalones is that it's difficult to find decent walk animations. I've found animation overrides but I haven't been able to find any decent walks or runs to go in them that are better than the basic 'duck walk'. Animations work fine in OpenSim, it's just the problem of finding files to download.
  10. Conifer Dada

    If there was an "offline" version of Second Life....

    An OpenSim standalone region is indeed very much what the original poster is imagining. It's an open source spin-off from Second Life so it works exactly the same way and you can even create your avatar to look exactly as in SL as long as it's all full perms. It's completely free and I believe OpenSim is not 'frowned upon' by Linden Lab. It's useful in many ways - for building and testing textures, for learning about managing a region and not least for having a large area of land of your very own to play with. You download it from OpenSim and then set it up and create your 'account'. Then you download a viewer - I use Singularity but others are available. You will need to read the instructions carefully to set it up. You can add regions - my own standalone is an island comprising 4 regions. When you start all you get is a small round hump of grass in the middle of the sea but you can terraform the land into a full region. It's not a replacement for Second Life, particularly because it's not online and nobody else can visit it without a great deal of technical know-how (beyond my capability), nonetheless it's a good extension of your virtual existence. Here are recent pictures of me in OpenSim and Second Life . . .
  11. Conifer Dada

    Whats the best sl viewer?

    I use the standard SL viewer and have done for ages. Now I have a good computer and internet connection it works well and hardly ever crashes. I have Singularity to log in to my OpenSim standalone or to OSGrid occasionally but I don't normally use it for SL. I've had Firestorm in the past and it was useful for when the LL viewer was going through a bad patch. But Firestorm had its 'bad patches' too and now that the LL viewer works OK for me I don't see any reason to change.
  12. Conifer Dada

    Five word Story Game

    a lesson you'll never forget.
  13. Conifer Dada

    What are some of your pet peeves?

    People who have obviously spent a lot of time and money on a mesh body, head and clothing for their out-of scale, unrealistically proportioned, high-complexity monstrosity of an avatar that keeps sticking its tongue out and flicking its fingers uncontrollably!
  14. Conifer Dada

    Take a word leave a word (game)

    Unexpected treat
  15. Just trying to jog my own memory . . . Didn't people's profiles used to display their last log-in date? I'm talking about several years ago. Not that it's any help to the original poster now, I'm just curious.