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  1. It's only the over bright face lights that stand out. Lots of people still wear face lights - so much so that I've taken to wearing one sometimes!
  2. Second Life is a much bigger community, with more events, more places to visit and more content. I do visit OpenSIm sometimes just for a change. I also have an OpenSim standalone island of 4 regions, which I use quite a lot. I still haven't managed to find decent walk and stand animations for an AO for use with OpenSim that can also be used for the standalone. I use the OS standalone, which is installed on your own PC, for things I can't do in SL. I learned all about owning a region and developing a whole region, or indeed 4 regions. I also use it for testing textures before
  3. I agree. Given that SL has survived 17 years of predictions of its downfall, I see no reason to believe it will happen any time soon. This thread is about a hypothetical situation but it's still quite interesting to discuss. Not VERY interesting though - only quite interesting!!!
  4. I can't see any evidence that Second Life is likely to shut down permanently in the foreseeable future but just suppose that did happen, it could be for several reasons. 1) SL ceases to be profitable for the owners of Linden Lab. 2) SL becomes illegal under some kind of new censorship laws introduced in the USA in particular. 3) Technical Armageddon hits the SL servers or the 'cloud', wiping out any meaningful virtual world. If any of these things happen, then we'd probably lose everything and that would be that. I suppose in the case of the first two scenarios, LL could de
  5. The system avatar works OK for a slim, average female shape like mine. If I ever decide to put on a lot of weight or morph into a mega-muscular male, then I'd probably go mesh because system avatars don't so cope well with supersizing!
  6. The water has a 'fog' to it, which is adjustable for density and colour. If you make a new water setting you can adjust its "Density Exponent" to zero and set the colour to white, then save the setting. You can apply that setting to your parcel of land or to yourself and you can give copies to friends. The water is still there but it appears completely clear.
  7. I've had something similar happen occasionally. There's a kind of default log-in screen that sometimes appears with a picture of a temple or lighthouse or something. If I get that I don't try to log in but wait a while and things are usually back to normal. Logging in the the default screen used to reset most of my settings to default so I avoided using it as much as possible.
  8. As I said in an earlier post, my avatar is still 'system'. I put together a montage from a recent photoshoot. The pictures are mildly processed. The jeans, the black leggings and the blue and purple leotard are also 'system', whereas the tops, shorts, shoes and hairstyles are mesh. The leotard dates back a long, long way ! And these evening sunlight images are from our OpenSim standalone island . . .
  9. I'm in Britain and I've had trouble logging in to SL and also to this website. I managed to get in-world only one time out of many attempts. I use the LL standard viewer. For comparison I tried logging in to OpenSim Grid with Firestorm and I managed to get in several times, although that was more difficult than normal too and failed several times. So I reckon in must be some sort of internet problem.
  10. I agree. People can look how they like in Second Life. We never really know whether someone's avatar looks odd intentionally or because the real life person behind it has no sense of scale or proportion! And they've also spent so much time in SL that they've forgotten what a real woman or man look like! In real life, dragons don't exist, so how come some dragons in SL are more realistic than others? 🤪
  11. I'm coming up to 14 years in SL and I still use a system avatar, although I have mostly mesh clothing and mesh hair. I've only been challenged once about my non-mesh appearance, by a lady with a full mesh avatar decked out in perfectly fitting mesh clothing and accessories. While she probably thought of herself as a SLupermodel, her shape actually looked ridiculous - huge hips, tiny waist, narrow shoulders and short arms with tiny hands - a combination you never see in RL! Me being me, I didn't retaliate, but I knew exactly what I would have said if I'd done so! A well proportioned sy
  12. I usually accept all friend requests except for compeletely random ones. Every now and then I go through my friends list and delete people who I can't remember anything about.
  13. I remember Keli's DJ sessions well - she was good. I just joined her fanclub group to see when she was last in-world, which was on 20th September 2019.
  14. I made a day cycle (24 hours) that corresponds roughly to a fine summer day in Britain. I have applied it to our land. If I Tp to other places I sometimes apply it to myself or maybe one of my individual time of day settings from it. I've also made some 'club interior settings' so if I'm at an indoor club I choose one of those.
  15. I always assumed the Shelter was owned by Linden Lab. You learn something every day! Anyway, sad to hear it's closing. Maybe LL could make the preserved Shelter into an open-stage location.
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