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  1. I think Scylla's SL generations are spot-on. I've been around since 2006 so I must count as a SLoldbie, although by some miracle I haven't aged a single day in the intervening 13 years! But I can think of some additional generations or sub-generations, for example: Gamblers - For my first year or two there a lot of gambling in SL and the grid was full of gambling houses full of avatars sitting at virtual gambling machines for hours on end. A change in the gambling laws in the USA quickly put an end to this. Ad Farmers - I'm almost nostalgic about ad farms. At one time they were everywhere. Someone would buy some land, divide it into 16 sq metre plots and advertsisers would pay ridiculous amounts to buy these tiny plots to put floating boxes with full-bright adverts on.
  2. I once got chatting with a famous person without realising who they were.
  3. A lot of the issues raised by the article are things that are complained about on these forums over and over again! However the one about not being able to swim is obviously untrue and furries these days seem to be a minority in SL, at least in places where all types of residents mix freely. I think the biggest problem SL has in relation to retaining residents is performance. After 16 years, shouldn't we expect almost instant loading of scenes and avatars and hardly any lag or screen freezing? I never forget how grateful we should all be for how Linden Lab made all this possible in the first place and how they've improved it a lot over the years. Many of the performance problems in SL can be blamed on residents, including creators. But LL have given us free rein. Maybe my suggestion that landowners can set a maximum avatar complexity for visitors to their land would help.
  4. My render cost is always pretty low so I hardly ever think about it in relation to myself (I don't go in for bento shoelaces or scripted lingerie!) but I do have some custom graphics settings that turn about 33% of people into jellydolls
  5. I don't think SL is in any immediate danger. I've been going to this year's Burn2 and I'm amazed by the creativity expressed in some of the builds. Virtual clubs and festivals are one of the things SL does best. One thing I do find though is that it's more difficult to find new places to go when your regular haunts close down, which happens all to frequently. A useful idea for making clubs less laggy would be for LL to give landowners the ability to limit the complexity of avatars in the same way as individuals can with their viewer. Then an over complex visitor would find themselves rendered as a jelly doll on arrival and perhaps get a polite message suggesting they reduce their complexity.
  6. After 13 years in SL I think I know my way around the LL viewer . . . . .or do I ?? I sort of know what I know, but there are probably lots of other things that I don't even know that I don't know !!
  7. For Halloween I will not be doing anything special. No doubt I'll turn up at some of my regular haunts (no pun intended) to find skeletons, zombies, bats and rotting corpses dotted around. If it's too gruesome then I usually go somewhere else. Surely realistic rotting corpses should only be in Adult sims or even totally against LL TOS.
  8. I log off at night, switch off the computer and also the router. During the day I sometimes stay logged on and AFK, mainly for the music, but normally I 'sleep' my PC if it's for an hour or two or switch it right off if it's for longer or if I'm going out.
  9. I still have a system avatar and I'm happy that way. If you have a fairly slim female shape and a good skin, then unless you want to keep pointing your fingers and sticking your tongue out, 'system' is OK . When it comes to clothes and hair, not so good though. For me I find . . . . Tight-fitting clothes - system generally OK Loose clothes - mesh best. Hair - mesh best. Shoes - mesh best.
  10. I have to say I was a bit disappointed when I read the article because I misunderstood what the Blogger Network meant. I thought LL was going to set up a user-friendly blogging system for all residents, where we could write blogs and post pictures. That would be nice. But this looks like its just a directory of approved blogs. Nothing wrong with that, I'm not criticising LL. But an actual blogging site for SL would also be nice - although second thoughts it would probably end up with lots of people writing about their RL and RL politics and posting pictures of their RL cars / motorbikes / pets / meals / clothes / injuries / body parts.
  11. The system av in the original post looks pretty good. I still use a system AV and only once has someone advised me to get a mesh one, the irony being that the person involved had a very unrealistic mesh av! Highly detailed, yes, but terrible proportions. I'm happy with my system av. I know that joints aren't as smooth but with a realistic shape and a good skin nobody knows you're 'system' until they zoom in close. When 'bakes on mesh' becomes more established I might consider going mesh. Hopefully LL will either update the system avatar or provide decent some free full-perm bodies in the starter library. Once I was quite flattered to be asked which mesh body I had - and I enjoyed saying it's just system.
  12. Moving away from a landing point sometimes results in pushing or walking over someone! If a house is open to walk round, I have no problem with going in and taking a look.
  13. a leg dropped off my bunnyphant when it got to the next sim crossing
  14. A long time ago I found one of those disused sims with build left open to anyone. I did have land of my own at the time but here I made a bigger place, up in the sky. It was there for some time but eventually the owner (or maybe Governor Linden) cleared everything away. I also used to put stalls selling my stuff on other people's (disused) land and I probably made a few extra L$ from that. But I don't do that now, not least because it's more difficult to find disused land with build left on.
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