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  1. I use the standard LL viewer and I've come to like the understated neutral look, which minimises distraction from the in-world view. It would be nice to make it to more customisable though, so that those who want something different from the neutral dark grey can have it. So if , for example, you want your viewer to be bright orange with lime green lettering, you could have it like that. As others say, it would also be nice to be able to use 2 screens, with the in-world view on one and all the pop-ups and controls are on the other. It would also be good if we could have the option of having the in-world view in a square window with the pop-ups displayed on grey panels on either side, or on one side. I wouldn't want to have it like that all the time, but sometimes it would be good.
  2. Hopefully there's knowledge gained from Sansar that can be applied to modernise and improve Second Life. If Sansar lives on, it should be as a low profile research project with the aim of pushing the boundaries of virtual world performance beyond what can be done with SL based test grids - but still mainly for the future benefit of SL.
  3. I know this is easier to suggest to someone else than to do for yourself, but here is my suggestion. Set a weekly limit to the number of hours you spend in SL or even a weekly timetable. If that includes one or two days when you don't log in to SL at all, so much the better. If you feel you need a longer break now, take one, before starting your new time-limited regime. While it's easy to relapse, keeping to your own self-imposed discipline feels rewarding in itself. If you really want to leave SL gracefully, after considering the above, then the best way to do it is just not log in. No need to delete your account, you might want it again one day!
  4. Brexit is unlikely to bring any benefits to Britain but it could well make a lot of things more difficult and I feel very sad that it's happening. However, I don't imagine it will have much of an effect on my SL! My subscription and tier might cost a bit more (if the pound falls) but compared to a few years ago, tier-free allowance and parcel prim allowance have been doubled by LL so premium membership is much better value than it used to be.
  5. Update the 'system' avatar. What would be good would be to improve its mesh but in such a way that existing skin and clothing textures still fit and a chosen shape stays the same but joint articulation and general smoothness would be better. The best thing of all would be if such an update could be introduced seamlessly, so one day you log in and your classic system avatar (if you still use one, like I do) looks better from close up. In addition to this an updated system avatar would benefit from being able to texture each arm or foot separately. Also more sliders would be useful, so that one could change the basic stance of one's avatar even before any animation over-ride is added. Being able to alter the length of the thighs in relation to lower legs would be good too.
  6. Top picture shows how I looked this morning . . . Bottom picture shows how I looked yesterday evening . . .
  7. I don't normally use a facelight but I sometimes use one when taking snapshots of myself to adjust lighting. What I do use in clubs, though, is an attachment with revolving coloured lights that circle around me to give a subtle changing light effect. The light sources themselves are invisible, as would be expected. The latest LL viewer seems to have messed up lighting effects so that projectors and some normal lights only work at or near ground level. I wonder if this has led to an increase in the use of facelights.
  8. I still use a classic 'system' avatar although I've tried mesh demos. I've also tried bakes on mesh on a good freebie mesh body and was surprised how well it worked. So I'll talk about my observations regarding other peoples' mesh avatars. If I go to a busy place, they take a long time to rez properly, even if I reduce my jellydoll threshold. I have a good computer and fast internet connection these days. But the biggest problem with other peoples' mesh avatars is the time it takes applied textures like tattoos to rez - sometimes they never rez properly. So I'd be interested to know if bakes on mesh rez any faster than 'appliers' textures.
  9. There was a maintenance update yesterday that affected projector lights. At first they didn't work at all but playing around with draw distance got them working - at least at at ground level. Up on my sky platform I happened to have a portable stage and the lights were not working at all on that. When I rezzed an identical stage at ground level they worked fine. So the problem with projector lights seems to be affected by two things - draw distance and altitude. I didn't alter any settings and the lights were fine before the update. Has anyone else had this strange problem?
  10. Very sorry for double posting - see the post below !!!
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