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  1. I'm not religious myself but I've often thought that SL has many similarities to a religion. Most residents buy into the basic idea of 'your world, your imagination' which requires a temporary belief that what's on your screen is real.
  2. In the real world there's actual reality and then there's each person's own interpretation of reality that varies by different degrees from actual reality. But if I drop a brick on my toe in the real world, it's definitely going to hurt, even if I'm wearing shoes. If I drop a brick on my toe in SL it doesn't hurt and it doesn't do any damage and the brick might even bounce several times.
  3. Portmeirion, Wales. A village designed by a famous architect and intended to look Italian . There was a nice replica of it in SL a long time ago. I've never been there in RL and also I've never been to Lincoln although I've been to places nearby to it.
  4. Well . . . it's not York, it's not Canterbury and it's not Peterborough . . . so it must be Lincoln !!
  5. LL must have been thinking outside the box when they created Second Life and during its early years.
  6. I think Second Life is a relic of the past that's waiting to become a key to the future. For all its flawed brilliance, there are several key roles that SL is nearly, but not quite good enough for. These include: A platform for architects and industrial designers to create visualisations to demonstrate and showcase their creations. That can be done now, but perhaps not as well as in more specialised platforms. The possibility of holding gatherings of avatars without lag. Using SL to create a graphic novel. That is possible now, I've even had a go myself, but one needs to do a l
  7. I use the standard SL viewer and generally I'm very happy with it. However editing appearance is very slow and laggy. It seems that the delay is caused by the small images in the appearance window taking ages to load. This happens the same whatever my graphics settings. If I remember right, this didn't used to be a problem. I use Firestorm for OpenSim and on that it's possible to disable the appearance window images. I can't find a way to do that on the LL viewer. Is there a way?
  8. The few times I've been anywhere with voice turned on, it's always been the same. One unhinged and barely coherent angry individual picking on someone else, a few others half-heartedly trying to defend the victim and another person making random comments about something completely different or just making silly noises. I only 'voiced' once, just to try it out when it was a new feature..
  9. I watched the video and my first thought was 'Sansar without sunshine". I wonder if some people will get trapped in the miserable apartment game, addicted to the hope that interesting new features will come along one day!
  10. Update to my post above. I happened to be going through my groups list and as I'm still in Keli's fanclub I looked her up and saw she's been in-world recently - within the last few days.
  11. If LL added a 'scale' slider all that would mean is that people with oversize avatars would make them even bigger!! 😀
  12. I'm British but in SL I don't particularly seek out British venues.
  13. My favourite types of music are alternative/indie rock, psy-trance, house and techno. In these genres voices are often just incidental to the music so I can't say I have a preference for female or male voices.
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