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  1. I just noticed the pictures of myself from 9 years ago. I'd completely forgotten about posting those and now I'm a bit embarrassed.😃 My update (2020) is that I only use mesh skirts or dresses now but my avatar is still 'system' and not changed all that much from the old pictures. I do have mesh hair and a rather better skin, but still recognisable I think. I still wear the same red, green and yellow plastic bracelets which are my lucky charm.
  2. I'm OK with the new logo. The old one was fine but the new one is bolder and neater.
  3. The old never-ending thread was titled "Just ignore and let this one die" if I remember right. That thread got a huge number of replies. I can't see this one beating it. 🤣
  4. It would be useful if we could have some details of the circumstances that led up to your accidental post.
  5. Oh well, it still prompted me to explain why the old picture was jagged, saving many, many people from wondering if SL graphics really were that bad in 2006😁
  6. I have refined the system shape a bit since 2006 so it's not quite the same. The first picture was taken when I'd just finished playing about with the sliders for the first time. It's a bit jagged because I had to enlarge it somewhat - SL screen resolution wasn't quite that bad, even in 2006!
  7. There seems to be a repeating pattern in SL. You upgrade your computer or get a better internet connection and SL performance improves dramatically. Then as time passes it deteriorates again. Same with LL's improvements to Second Life - first you notice the improvement in performance then it reverts to how it was. Again, when LL introduces new features like mesh, it improves the experience for a while but by the time everybody is wearing billion polygon mesh socks, performance is about as bad as it's ever been if you're in a busy place. 😃
  8. My home is my club so I'm happy for people come into it. There's a sky platform way up above it where I've never encountered anyone. I wouldn't be that bothered if someone did drop in on me there.
  9. A lot of new users seem to be choosing that avatar, judging by the number I see around.
  10. Mind you, when your jeans are floating around your head, your hair is hovering 3 feet above your brain, your body is completely invisible and your gigantic disembodied hands are slapping the face of someone on the other side of the dancefloor, overly bouncy breasts are the least of your worries.
  11. The first picture was taken in 2006 very soon after I joined SL. I'd just finished customising my avatar from one of the starter ones. It was taken before I'd even discovered skins so I just had the very basic system skin colouring. The second picture was taken today, dressed in a loosely equivalent style. As you'll see, I still use a 'system' avatar today!
  12. I can't imagine why most people would pay for a shape when they're not difficult to make for yourself. That doesn't mean, of course, that creators shouldn't sell shapes, even at extortionate prices! Maybe if a shape is very cheap and you like it, then buying it might be preferable than spending an hour or two making your own. Also things like facelights - not that I'm a great fan of them - but the do have their uses. It's so easy to make your own rather than spend L$ on a prim or perhaps two, made transparent and set to emit light!
  13. I still use a classic system avatar as it works well for a slim female shape. I'm aware that mesh has smoother contours but I tried mesh demos and I couldn't re-create my shape with them. Another reason I stayed 'system' is that I created a new skin a couple of years ago, which I also use on my OpenSim standalone and I didn't want all that effort to go to waste. With bakes-on-mesh I might take another look at a mesh body one day but I'm in no hurry. I do use mesh clothing and hair though, although 'system' is still fine for tight fitting items like socks and leggings - after all, people do use appliers on mesh bodies. And I have to say it's not difficult to find mesh avatars with totally unrealistic proportions or skin that looks like hard plastic. It's all down to the owner and how they choose to customise. It's not possible yet to have perfect avatars in SL or any other virtual environment. All SL avatars, whether classic or mesh, are a compromise, especially when it comes to movement, with hands sometimes disappearing into body or hair sticking to back. What would be really good would be for LL to upgrade the system avatar in a way that is still compatible with existing textures.
  14. I've now installed the EEP viewer and made some sky settings and even attempted a day sequence. On the whole it seems pretty good. Avatar lighting seems fine, unlike with the old EEP test viewer! The only slight downside seems that the frame-rate anywhere that's slightly busy seems a bit slower than the standard LL viewer on the same graphics setting.
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