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  1. I'm not so sure having a tattoo on one arm would need a different UV map. Couldn't an option be included on the system avatar layer stage to 'apply to left arm only' or 'apply to right arm only' so that although the texture used has one arm, which is mirrored on both sides, the avatar customisation would block its application to the unwanted side. I don't have any tattoos myself, but that would be useful for those who do, and still like having a system avatar.
  2. "There's still time to hit those tipjars wth some last minute Linden lovin!" "If you want me to play a request just jump in my naughty box" I still cringe when people say these SL phrases, even after 12 years of clubbing in SL!
  3. If Linden Lab is thinking of updating the standard 'system' avatar mesh, then being able to texture each arm (and foot) separately would be a great idea. This could be done without changing the layout of the templates, by having the option on tattoo layers to 'apply to left arm only' or 'apply to right arm only'. It would also be good if LL could tweak the system mesh to iron out some of its imperfections and also add a few more sliders so you can adjust things like an avatar's basic stance before an AO is added. Then fat avatars needn't put their hands into inbuilt 'pockets' in their hips!!
  4. I've now gone back to the standard viewer and can confirm that artificial lighting is so much better than on the EEP one. I found the settings folder is still in my inventory and my settings are still there but with orange question marks instead of the blue rectangular symbols! Not surprisingly, they don't work. As I said, the EEP viewer came to me as routine update when I opened my viewer. I'm glad I had it to play around with and I'm sure it will be great when it's finalised but for now I'm back with the standard viewer.
  5. I've looked more closely at the problem with artificial lighting with the EEP viewer. In artificial light avatars are 1) too pale compared to their normal tone, 2) too little contrast and 3) not enough colour saturation. Artificial lights seem much brighter than before. When they are dimmed down the surrounding environment reverts to being OK but avatars still look odd. Another thing I've noticed is that shininess is more now more shiny, so "low" looks more like "medium" or "high" used to.
  6. As I posted on another thread, EEP came to me unexpectedly, as a routine viewer update. Importing my own custom Windlight settings from my PC looked complicated so I decided to make new settings. I've done these and I'm very happy with the result as far as natural lighting goes. The only downside is that artificial lighting, both projectors or old-type, messes up the look of avatars. It's fine for surroundings but my avatar looks like it's bleached or over-exposed - paler with less contrast. I turned down the brightness of lights which improved things a bit. It's like I'm wearing a something like a 75% transparent white tattoo layer over my skin, which I'm definitely not! To re-iterate, my avatar looks fine in natural light, the problem is only with artificial lighting.
  7. I couldn't do that either. Checking the beacon box, the beacon showed the moon was on the opposite side of the Earth, directly underneath me. I couldn't get it to come up to the horizon. I kept fiddling with the control and then, suddenly there it was, up in the night sky. I've no idea how I did it, but it's worth persevering. One thing I did do was to make sure the stars were visible. By the way, the moonlight effect, when you manage to set it up, is great, with shadows.
  8. Yesterday I got a viewer update message when I logged into SL. It was the EEP viewer, which I installed. The new environment stuff was a bit confusing and I found my old custom settings were gone. Anyway I decided it would be easier to make new ones than to try and recover the old ones from my PC. This was quite easy and the results were good as far as natural lighting is concerned. What isn't so good is that artificial light sources are messed up, so I look like I'm wearing several ultra brilliant facelights when I'm not wearing any lights at all. It's as though my textures are all over-exposed. Playing with the settings of individual lights in my home doesn't seem to make much difference unless I make them so dim the're almost non-existent.
  9. I joined in 2006 and still have a system avatar and am happy that way. Although mesh does offer better detailing, with a good skin and sensible shape system avatars can still look good. System clothing is still good for tight-fitting items though obviously mesh is better for loose or baggy items. A week or two ago two things occurred on the same day that play nicely against each-other. I was exploring clubs and I landed at a club that had a sign saying 'mesh avatars only'. I went on to another venue where someone said I looked very realistic (I wasn't wearing much at the time!) and wanted to know what mesh I was using. My first thought was she was being sarcastic but she wasn't.
  10. My own subjective view is that there's been a sharp decline in the number of people in SL very recently, which seems to coincide with the teleport crash problem. Even I find myself not bothering to relog after a couple of crashes. Maybe we'd become complacent over the last couple of years when SL hardly ever crashed.
  11. Just had a viewer update that has includes teleport problem in bug fixes list but teleport crashes are just as bad as beforehand. My first TP of the session crashed, and that was from one quiet mainland sim to another nearby quiet mainland sim. What's worse is that these TP crashes take ages to log out, which is a bit of a sting in the tail!
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