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  1. Moving away from a landing point sometimes results in pushing or walking over someone! If a house is open to walk round, I have no problem with going in and taking a look.
  2. a leg dropped off my bunnyphant when it got to the next sim crossing
  3. A long time ago I found one of those disused sims with build left open to anyone. I did have land of my own at the time but here I made a bigger place, up in the sky. It was there for some time but eventually the owner (or maybe Governor Linden) cleared everything away. I also used to put stalls selling my stuff on other people's (disused) land and I probably made a few extra L$ from that. But I don't do that now, not least because it's more difficult to find disused land with build left on.
  4. I belong to OpenSim and I also have an OpenSim standalone of 4 regions. My avatar now looks the same across SL, OS and OS standalone, since I created my own skin, shape and some of my hairstyles. This one of the reasons I still use a system avatar. OpenSim is indeed rather empty and reminds a bit of the SL Beta Grid. My standalone is good for creating an environment and testing things but it's not a social experience. If SL disappeared overnight I might use OpenSim more, but it depends what happens there. I guess quite a lot of ex-SL people would go there, so it wouldn't be so empty. I would probably spend a lot less time in virtual worlds because anything else would be second best to SL at most, unless someone brings out a super new virtual world that is better than SL, that is. But nobody's managed that yet. Sansar has great graphics but it's still really a test platform that's interesting to look at but not a place to live your 'second life'.
  5. I think to some extent SL avatar shapes have evolved separately from RL because people tend to choose or create shapes that are 'improvements' of their previous SL shape, without reference to reality!
  6. Thousands of gardens not tended to, houses not cleaned, books not read, projects not finished . . .
  7. When virtual worlds are as realistic as the real one, then a trip to a virtual beach or a walk in a virtual forest could replace doing those things in real life, saving on energy. Of course, you wouldn't want to do that every time - you wouldn't get the exercise or fresh air, for example. But if you did 8 trips to real beaches and spent 4 days on virtual ones that would save energy over 12 trips to a real beach - unless you already live at the seaside, of course!!
  8. If Linden Lab were to shut down, it would probably be for financial reasons, like they'd run out of money, so there wouldn't be any for them to give back to you anyway! But they're not short of money as far as I know, and so there's not much likelihood of them closing down.
  9. I went to look at Sansar about a year ago . The graphics etc. were impressive but really it seemed like a showcase for what's being trialled - so I haven't been back again but maybe in a couple of years if it really gets going and there's things to do there I might rejoin.
  10. mixed with leaking refrigeration fluid
  11. One thing this change might do is flush out long-dormant accounts of people who drifted away from SL years ago but continue to pay their subscriptions and tier because they forgot to stop them. Sorry DancesWithRobots, I wasn't prompted to write this by your post above! I meant the people who really have forgotten all about SL but are still paying.😧
  12. That could well be what the owner of this bungalow was / is. But it's also spooky and a bit weird because it includes several RL photos of the same person on the wall. We'll never know who that person is or why their photos are displayed in a little prim bungalow surrounded by abandoned land in SL!
  13. I like profiles as they are but that doesn't mean they can't be improved. How about a few more characters in the biog sections and make profile pictures a little larger, so we don't need to click on them to enlarge, which doesn't always work. Group profiles could also be improved, with maybe a feed similar to what individual profiles have, where members could post comments and photos. That would need to be an optional feature controlled by the owners or other designated officials
  14. From time to time I go mainland wandering. Mostly on Jeogeot, where my home is. It's interesting to see how some places change out of all recognition, while others have been untouched for years. In the region where I live there's a little bungalow made of prims that has been unchanged for many years, has zero traffic and it seems the owner left SL a long time ago.
  15. I thought it was good and it had a lot of parallels with SL as well as other games that I know a lot less about! The story was far-fetched, but then it's meant to be set in a future beset by urban decay and also in a future virtual world. It takes what we have now and what's on the tech horizon and pushes it to one particular logical conclusion. An alternative logical conclusion might be a world where the internet and computer games have done so much damage to society that they've been banned! That would make a very different film.
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