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  1. /me feels a strong sense of attraction.....πŸ˜›
  2. Good question. Height is an odd thing here. In some company I'm amazonian @Alyona Su !!, in other company I'm just tall @Angelina String. Elsewhere I'm short. In RL I'm around 5'7" The rest of me is me. Skinny, blonde, freckles, olive skin, green/grey eyes, no tats. But my Avi is the perfect me....... obviously I'm not perfect..... And my Avi is the glam me, and maybe how I might dress in a perfect safe world, rather than my usual black Jean's and trainers standard in RL. But I play with my alts, to get that fantasy experience, still governed by my moral compass and ethics though.
  3. Thing is....would you dare mention it to her? Haha And thanks for the compliment about my sisters. Truth is, it seems to come naturally, which is astonishing, especially to me!!! Skye fell into place in two days. That was because I didn't have a Genus strong head, so that was a given, and the hair was part of the initial system Avi I bought, and just looks so right on Skye. I never realised brunettes had so much fun Free tuition is available.....😊
  4. Four lots of super-thanks to Lindal from the Newells!!
  5. YES to this ^^^ but I need a shopping list for hair and guitar...I'm ok for LBDs.... We need to interview for the Palmer role. *evil laugh*
  6. Who gets time for other games???? Apologies for using the G word....
  7. And before that gathering, a nice clean image of Skye with me relaxing on the sofa...…… Phew!
  8. I took the girls out earlier, which is always a massive effort. This time I ran three viewers on one laptop, but eventually one crashed. It's a lot of fun doing this but the sim has to be quiet, because when I crank up the graphics…..the lag is dire! So here we are: Three different Windlight settings. I took about ten images over an hour or so, well, maybe two.....
  9. Arrows. Right hand. I'm not a gamer........ Oddly enough though, the A and S keys on my old laptop have worn smooth. And the left shift key on my current laptop....the t has gone, and the f has lost its curly head. So it clearly says..........shi*...... I blame long fingernails, unless there's a message there.
  10. I wasn't on FB very long. But I'm proud to say that my account was frozen, when I refused to supply more personal information. It remains frozen.....πŸ–• Nobody tells the Warrior Princess what to do. Only a couple of days ago, after one short IM a guy asked to friend me on FB..... HaHaHa. Now that's a peeve.
  11. Once...….………….I bought something in MP...…….AND...….THERE IT WAS...…..WHAT PEOPLE ARE BUYING NOW!!!!!!!! WooHoo!!!
  12. I reached another milestone yesterday. Up to now, on the rare occasion I've run four viewers, I had Firestorm and the SL viewer on each of my laptops. Yesterday, I ran two viewers on each laptop, and it improved performance, although my old laptop does struggle. But certainly, two Firestorms on my recent laptop is manageable easily.
  13. Same here. It's not my thing at all but I love the look and composition.
  14. Right now the return of the tp crash peeves me.
  15. Jogging bottoms is the answer. *runs for cover* πŸ˜›
  16. I must resolve to visit the mainland. I don't recall ever doing that. I need to surf the world map more often and actually do something useful with it. Right now for me, the mainland might as well be Antarctica.
  17. SL is never plain sailing.πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»β›΅πŸ––
  18. I have to say that recently, the tp crash issue has returned for me. Probably four times in the last couple of days. Plus the matter raised recently of Huds not working on some sims.
  19. Sunday = chicken dinner with roasties, stuffing, and two veg. And wine. And today....drum roll....Christmas pudding with ice cream. Ok it had been in the freezer for two years, but you would never know......
  20. If I can figure out how to work mesh.....anybody can! Stay with it!!
  21. I once got a faulty KitKat. It was solid chocolate. Did I complain? NO. They should sell faulty KitKats........ Tonight......prawn starter - with white wine......home made pizza with red wine. Mmmmmmmmmm! Wine makes me more chatty than normal. 😌
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