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  1. Welcome to SL!!!! It's a great place to hang out! @AddisonMH also consider joining these groups: The Forum Cartel Breakfast Club Forum Angels
  2. How about "You may go" Had that yesterday...
  3. Advice is always available on the forums! Without it I would have struggled......
  4. I need one of those wormholes. Sounds like such fun!
  5. Get the electrodes out and resuscitate. We need to see Richard.
  6. If you think ageing fruit cake is a gift from hell, you haven't tried savoury duck. A Yorkshire delicacy. http://www.halinaking.co.uk/Location/Yorkshire/Frames/Recipes/Recipes/Savoury Duck.htm Form an orderly queue......😖
  7. See! Easy peasy......now make another alt and join the Clone Army.....hehe!
  8. Two words will suffice here.............../me grins..........🖖 ANGELS ASSEMBLE!!
  9. I'm really a plain colours type of person, but recently I've experimented more with bolder patterns. I was so happy with Skye's yellow summer dress that I went shopping for myself, there's a thing......and bought a couple of items. This one is Kona low back summer dress (L$200 with 15 texture hud), paired with Mosquito's Way Callie shoes (L$299 with a huge texture hud). I'm a really picky shopper, and I know what I like. I went through pages of stuff in MP to get just a few items. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Kona-Low-Back-Mini-Dress-wHud/13307719 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/MW-Callie/15083717
  10. Three of my avis have Skinnery, which I love. The fourth is currently using Amara. OMG I sound like I know what I'm talking about...……...
  11. Greeters who misspell my name....... Ok only minor and we can all make typos.
  12. ^^^^^all of this (Anniepany). I see a guy now who is the first to truly understand my untameable nature. Sure, I'll share some of my RL world with the right people and I've done that with some people on the forum. But the fact remains I'm a butterfly, and that's my take it or leave it position. I will be a loyal and unshakeable friend who never judges, but my freedom here overrides anything else.
  13. ^^^^^Worth a thread of its own...………………………...I'll just say this.....anyone who has commuted by public transport will know that shoes are not made for walking on. When I was doing six miles a day, they didn't last, and the best ones needed repeat resoling and heeling...…………... But what really gets me going is commercial flying. This should be on a year on year reduction, and yet here in the UK, the pompous politicians who are claiming zero emissions by such a date, are also enlarging Heathrow...….so that there can be hundreds of extra flights...……….That to me is the ultimate hypocrasy.
  14. Welcome to tbe forum @turningpages Please consider joining the Breakfast Club group. We meet every Sunday at 0800slt. If your timezone is convenient, drop in. You can just watch local chat if you're on the shy side, or you can join in, or just IM any of the assembled crew. They are a good bunch of people to hang out with.
  15. Guys who are content to keep it inside SL seem to be rare. Inevitably they start asking about RL, which is the kiss of death. Girls are much less inclined to ask anything, which makes for good long term friendships. And there's much more to talk about, like shopping, fashion, photos, guys blah blah blah. All I seek here is good friendships, sometimes with benefits if we click. For me, any more than that would suffocate my independance. I come here for absolute freedom and an escape from RL, where I have plenty of responsibilities. 😌
  16. I've just discovered Dire Straits........ and Why Worry..... mmmmm!
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