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  1. Where does the horse schmeckle fit into the size banding? Because that's all I ever see.....
  2. I'm in a Little Paris phase right now, and keeping up with Salty and Ellie. The first two images are in an erotic gallery, and are backdrops. The third image is a waiting shot in Moulin Rouge. This is my take on the Tetra Phoenix Dress....in nude......sometimes you just gotta go for it! Now I'm going out of world for a week. If I can get a signal, I'll look at the forums!!! See Y'all!! XXXXX
  3. I keep the count in my outfit names. Most are under 60k. One or two, like fur jackets, push me up to around 110. I do like flexi hair and two of my Catwa hairs are my favourites, but they are OK on count. You dont need huge numbers to look good!
  4. It brings another perspective to "wind in the hair"......
  5. Being new is such a hollow experience, unless and until someone takes you under their wing...........was how I found it.
  6. This is mine...….I don't have a clue what that means, except I give out too many likes, and laugh too much, and thank too much, and get sad too easily, and am always confused...….. All that in under sixteen months. Addicted? Me???
  7. This old decrepit bone should have been left buried in the yard. It cost me five minutes of my life.
  8. U really is such a red line. I know it makes no sense, but there seems to be some growth in txt spk in SL and on the forums. So I don't generally read beyond the first hit.
  9. My head is in the sand about BOM until there's no way to avoid it.
  10. @marniegate Catch me in world and I'm happy to talk things through. I'm SLT plus 8 hours.
  11. Most are way too big, and more like you'd see on a horse. Not that I've seen many horse appendiges, but my first sighting was traumatic.
  12. I'll tell you in world😎 We don't want to overload the paymasters do we! Skye did well at L$1800 (got 1400 after comission) but there was a bid yesterday (not me) for L$2,300......... if only!!
  13. Funnily enough, Skye put herself on the date board at "a beach" and got a bid of L$1,400 for one date............it was a bit of an ordeal..... So I thought.....hmm.....not such a bad way to make money, so I gave in and put myself up there.....the best I got was L$800...... Now I'm jealous...😥
  14. @Ryuni Helstein I do a bit of this in world, really because I want to pay forward all the help I had early on both in world from strangers and here in the forums. I didn't really appreciate at the time how much difference that made to my advancement. Especially in understanding animations, mesh bodies and heads, and skins. For me, it's just about helping, so I decided not to charge, and I don't advertise anywhere, but good luck with your venture. There are loads of people needing help out there.
  15. I suppose I'm different......although my first alt was created to test mesh and appliers, I really enjoyed having her as.....well, an alternative. In time I meshed her up and gave her a wardrobe and she made friends. That process was so much fun that I did it all over again, and the same thing happened. We go out together either two or three of us, and I enjoy the challenge of what that entails. Although I don't hide the fact they are alts, I rp each one and maintain my immersion. The next one, and maybe the last was because friends were saying if I made another they would know it was me. I fooled a few with Skye. Yesterday I spent my whole session in SL with Skye, clubbing, and on the beach, and it was a lot of fun. In my head I keep a list of who comes on next and what clothes they need, and so on. Sometimes I don't get in world for two or three days. It has become my way of working SL.
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