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  1. Definitely a good model. I for one have advocated paying more for mod perms in the past. However buildings and homes I kind of expect to be mod/copy.
  2. Oh okay yes, I was assuming they would convert to traditional type sales. I'm not sure I would be as interested in NC/T items if there wasn't some sort of uniqueness applied to them like say limited availability or quantity. PS I enjoy breaking things. It's basically how I learned to build in SL.
  3. Thank you! Someone as slow as I am. There is a way to stream line similar items using the SKU thing at the top once you've established a template. I assume most who are proficient in the MP have a bunch of templates they use.
  4. It's related to how gacha vendors will convert to non-gacha. I don't see how it's irrelevant. In fact its the most relevant discussion going on for quite a few pages now.
  5. They would also need to go in and change the perms of each to C/NT. This could be easy or difficult depending on how well organized their inventory is xD.
  6. No it cannot be batched all at once even if they're the same price. At least I haven't figured out a way to do it.
  7. If it's the same item or packaged items it can be listed as 1 listing with either limited or unlimited amounts. You only have to do it once per say outfit. You can also use that listing as a template for other listings to stream line things. I think this is what you're asking. If not my apologies.
  8. I think 1800 is a reasonable price for a fatpack depending on what it is assuming its an outfit and not just a shirt with 50 colors. I think fashionatic has the most reasonable prices for fatpacks and they are like 2400L I believe? They usually offer full ensembles, head to toe and call them "Mega Packs" lol. They're generally what I base whether or not I'll buy a fatpack or not around. If it's equally or better than that in materials, options and quality then I'll buy it. If not I'll walk away. If it's just the same texture with varying multiply layers of colors over it then I kind of expect those to be around 600-900 range. I think the issue with fatpacks in general in SL is there's no steering in either direction. We are either punished for buying the single or gouged for buying the fatpack. Hence another reason I like gacha.
  9. I kind of miss the old prim days. Especially with clothing. Was a lot easier to mix and match outfits. Now you have to know how each vendors rig and what can be matched with what. Like for instance if I like a jacket now I need a shirt that will fit under it without poking through. I know at least a handful of vendors who rig very tight to body that I could go to to find something to wear under the jacket. PS GL going forward.
  10. I think thats the root of the issue. I dont play gacha for one item. I want the whole set. I compare it to the price of a fatpack, not the price of a single item. Since I almost always rather the fatpack over the single. And I find some vendors have a business model where I am either punished for buying the single with lesser options or gouged for buying the fatpack. More often then not I end up paying less than what others pay for a fatpack (using a 2500-3000 threshold). Except rather than just right-clicking and paying for said fatpack I get to play a game while socializing with my friends and making trades for the pieces I am missing.
  11. Hehe yes. I didn't consider pre-made or 3rd party mesh. I was thinking original content creations. But even 3rd party mesh normally requires some form of conversion since they aren't usually in DAE format and it is not a simple right-click and save-as solution.
  12. I honestly don't know. I go by how I play and the people I associate with play. I don't assume how others play as it's not high on my agenda to ponder such things.
  13. That doesn't even factor in the hours, days or even weeks to create the mesh before even getting to the uploading part.
  14. If you want a black dress and one is 200L and the other black dress is part of a gacha that has 24 other dresses in it why would you play the gacha and not just pay 200L for the initial black dress? I play the gacha because I want all the dresses. Not because I want one dress. That just isn't logical.
  15. I know and I agree they are doing with what they have to do. They're a private business. It's their right. But it's also my right to have an opinion about it. I was just responding to the notion that I somehow have gambling addiction because I like to play gacha in secondlife.
  16. Which legal definition? As far as I know the US has no laws and only one state is considering it and most other countries are only regulating it because of children being targeted. Some of these countries gambling is legal... So if it were "legally" gambling then it would be legal in these countries.
  17. Sorry I have already responded to a similar question. Again I do not agree with your pov. Can't you all just agree to disagree? Or am I required to keep repeating myself? That being said I'm kind of loving the SMH responses. So please continue. It reminds me of this three-headed bobblehead doll I once won at a carnival with raffle tickets I paid money for.
  18. I pay money for the gas. Kind of like how I pay money for the lindens. I pay money for gas to do things with my car. I pay money for lindens to do things in SL. Once you buy lindens you already paid. You are not somehow paying more by choosing one thing over another thing to do whatever it is you do with your lindens.
  19. If we are going to literally compare everything to gambling do we ban baseball cards as well? Or other trading card games? There's this street I live near. If I go left I might hit a very long red light. But It's shorter to get where I want to go. If I go right there's a short cut to avoid the light but it's potentially a longer route. This decision is a "gamble". Should this be outlawed too?
  20. SL Gacha. Paying 50L (21cents) for an item I can clearly see listed on a box. Similar to a gumball machine which actually costs more. Sorry that I disagree with your opinion while acknowledging that you disagree with mine. And I am sorry that you and others seem to have issues with people who disagree with your point of view.
  21. I always got the sense they were regulated because those vendors were targeting children. Isn't gambling legal in Netherlands and Belgium?
  22. Hmm. I don't think you got the gist of what I said at all. I said gacha players not gambling or gamblers. Please if I am quoted or responded to do not take my words out of context or put new words in my mouth. Thank you.
  23. I agree with this. I don't agree with the relationship between that and playing SL's version of gacha. Sorry.
  24. Hi Luna, I am Finite. Nice to meet you. I got my week 1 chip today.
  25. So now gacha players are being compared to junkies and crackheads? Like seriously lol. I live 5 miles from an actual casino. I think its 5 years old now. I've never been there nor do I plan on going. There's another one about an hours or so drive I think that's been there most of my life. Never been there either nor do I plan on going. I play lotto once in a blue moon if I happen to have cash on me when at the convenience store. I have zero aspirations of going on some vegas vacation or anything. If I were to go out west Im far more likely spend a week in SF and have some good food, scenery, wine and sushi.
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