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  1. If all the illegal and immoral activities on SL are so easily dismissed as roleplay won't people need to admit that SL is just a game?
  2. Try doing what so many of the guys in SL do, get yourself a female avatar then you can go to the places that only allow females! Well, female avatars anyway. And don't worry about losing your boy parts, many of the "girls" in SL have those!
  3. Hmmm, looks like Patch is replying to the idea that the Halloween pictures are not tagged "Linden Homes" not the idea of a goth theme. But he didn't deny it!
  4. Looks like Patch is dressed up as Elvira, Mistress of the Dark - so possibly a goth/dark fantasy theme?
  5. Does it make me a prude if I find it creepy that a site with so much focus on sex also allows child avatars?
  6. never mind - answered my own question and asked on the wrong account!
  7. Just left a beach camper on Wood if anyone is looking for one!
  8. Just left two waterfront Vics on Knightley http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Knightley/215/143/27
  9. Fools Errand region is releasing with Log Homes And a little hamster is going to be leaving their traditional home on New Hamersterdam with sandy waterfront in just a few minutes - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/New Hamsterdam/247/205/24
  10. Please excuse my misbehavior - I will not post in the forums again. I forgot that they are only for a select group as well.
  11. Thank you, Hendrix for that list - my internet provider is Wave in the Pacific northwest area of the US, and is not even on the list. And we pay extra for a higher data usage, so that adds to my frustration. Oh well, I am relearning how to live without SL and the internet - and others will have a better chance at getting good locations if I am not able to be online to claim any when they are released
  12. Put me down as another who is starting to not care about when the log cabins will be released. Or perhaps I am trying to convince myself I do not care as my inworld time has been cut back to almost nothing because of poor internet performance. Even though I live in the center of a town of about 20,000 people in a former first world country my internet is only usable early in the morning and by 5pm goes away completely only to return sometime after I go to bed. This is partly due to load on the system, sub-par cable in our neighborhood and rather heavy internet usage by my husband. But
  13. So many windows to wash, too! And all that yardwork was more than my poor internet connection could handle I had 6 coastal Victorians at one point, but after reading articles about hoarding I realized how foolish it is to have more than I can use so have been abandoning them and will keep just one. I have two more to leave sometime but not sure when as my internet connection comes and goes lately.
  14. It was a gorgeous spot, but I have too many houses so I am leaving some so as not to hoard them!
  15. Just released a Victorian in Dimanche http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dimanche/0/173/23 still in maintenance as I type this.
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