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  1. My alt is going to be leaving this Victorian house with green grassy waterfront on Carville - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Carville/76/191/23 at 9:10 SLT
  2. Plus LL is using way less scripts in the new Victorian regions, so that helps with script lag! Until people add a lot of items to their parcels....
  3. There are 10 inland regions of Victorians that have not been released yet - they have been releasing regions slowly all day!
  4. Looks like Lockwood released as I was making the list! Most homes seem to be claimed since 7 SLT.
  5. These are the inner regions that have not been released yet, as of 8am SLT today: (not guaranteed to be completely accurate) Wolfsbane Price Lockwood Fjord The Mews Zwischen Pickford Rumpole Abbey Little Sandsbury Queens Arch Middle Totting New Farthing Easton Priory Southkeep Lissome Morgall Plus all the regions that did not have names yesterday.
  6. This - no "helping" unless it is requested. It is really the person behind the avatar that matters.
  7. Thank you If he can't find Jason hair, maybe he could get some Conall hair
  8. Would this be a good place to ask for ideas about where to find men's hair like Jason's? Asking for a friend...
  9. The campers are appealing to me because of the smaller parcels and lower prims, as well as all the beautiful landscaping. There is more space between the parcels and it is less likely people will stuff their land with high prim items full of scripts to lag out the region. There are usually 15-20 houses or houseboats in a region or 20-24 campers, I find campers to be the best deal if you want to avoid lag! When land is abandoned without items being removed, everything is returned to the owner(s) as coalesced objects. These can be rezzed at a sandbox to find individual items.
  10. Something that people from colder climates know and people in warmer places may not understand is that snow is NOT a decoration - it is weather or environment, a fact of nature or whatever you want to call it but it is most definitely not just a decoration.
  11. Could they be SF Victorians or Seattle craftsman style houses to go with the house lots outlined in SSP602-605?
  12. Looks like it could be - can anyone else see the faint outline of squares along the mysterious pieces? They look rather close together and have 12-18 per region, so maybe urban lots?
  13. Hi neighbors! This is a great parcel and it was abandoned, the house is sideways to the shoreline, but that makes a very private backyard with a nice view of protected land along the coast. Maybe some day I will have a picture to post....
  14. Forum readers who do not post much are on Well Spring, too
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