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  1. I tried for several minutes to find where to post this. No luck. So, wanted to get it posted before I moved on. I do see the Moderators step in many times to reply and assist here. This post might be moved elsewhere, so that's fine with me too. Thank you for suggesting the JIRA Report area. When I get time I'll do that, too. And, yep, I have accidentally hit that "delete" button too many times and had a moment of "dang!! frustration" LOL. I design and I blog, so I am usually working a bit fast.
  2. I have always felt the "Delete" or "Discard" button was too close to the "Save" or "Close" buttons. At times while possibly in a hurry I have hit that delete button instead of save or whatever else function I meant to do. I feel that "Delete" button needs to be as far away from the other buttons as possible. This may seem a bit frivolous to some, but how many times have YOU hit that delete button accidentally?....especially before you saved a note card for example? In posting the suggestion I am in hopes of comments, of course, and the attention from Linden Lab! Have a blessed day!
  3. Well deserved! Congrats on such an amazing piece of art!:matte-motes-inlove:
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