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  1. My friend showed me this store the other day and I found this gem of a fatpack for 369L. So many editable faces xD. I say rather than get annoyed just shop around. There's a lot of reasonable vendors out there you don't have to shop at the high price ones. High prices in SL doesn't necessarily equal better quality anyways.
  2. Yes I did that but that in itself doesn't make it not cast as shadow lol.
  3. I've had this for months but just recently started using it. Today I noticed there's no option in snapshot to save to disk. I only have inventory option and there's no drop down or anything to change it. Is there something I need to enable somewhere? Edit: Disregard. I literally found out what I did right AFTER posting this.....
  4. No since that's basically what alpha masking is meant to do. You are basically telling it how to interact with other textures around it.
  5. Not sure but I had an issue and doing that resolved it. Changing the masking doesn't make the object transparent. It only makes it act as if it is. Basically I wanted to put up a big giant green object in the background for taking a photo without it interacting with the shadows and light. Basically I did not want this object to cast a shadow and basically act as if it wasn't there.
  6. It's done by simply selecting alpha masking under "alpha mode" after you have applied a texture.
  7. Actually I just figured it out. Doesn't require a script at all. Under textures set color to green (or whatever you want your screen color to be). Check Full Bright. Use an alpha texture and under "alpha mode" select alpha masking.
  8. Actually just figured it out. Doesn't require a script at all.
  9. I am trying to make a prim not cast a shadow. Someone referred me to PRIM_CAST_SHADOWS but I have been struggling to get it to actually function.
  10. Yes I think the script is likely what I will need. Thank you.
  11. Is there a way to make a prim not cast a shadow? Basically it would have alpha properties but be visible. I'm just trying to use a prim as a green screen for photoshop and not have it interact with the environment.
  12. Offering beach themed quarter sim plots for rent. 10k move in fee with no tier due until exactly 1 month has passed. At which point the rent will be 3k per week for 3000 prims. Tenants will have parcel owner rights with ability to terraform and set media. Please IM or send NC with any questions or for a viewing.
  13. Decided im only going to rent off 2500 more of my prims. Will do 1 2500 lot or 2 1250 lots. Again it is for skybox space that is equal to the dimensions of a full sim.
  14. I have 5000 prims left to rent. I can do 1 5000 or 2 2500 prim spaces. Would be 3500/wk or 1750/wk. Again it is a full sim skybox. There are full sim terrains you can get to make these look like actual land.
  15. Renting skybox space each the length and width of a full sim with 300 meters of height for privacy. Rent however many prims you like at .7 lindens per prim per week (ie 5000 prims would be 3500L). Feel free to message me in game. Thank you, -Fin
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