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  1. Offering beach themed quarter sim plots for rent. 10k move in fee with no tier due until exactly 1 month has passed. At which point the rent will be 3k per week for 3000 prims. Tenants will have parcel owner rights with ability to terraform and set media. Please IM or send NC with any questions or for a viewing.
  2. Decided im only going to rent off 2500 more of my prims. Will do 1 2500 lot or 2 1250 lots. Again it is for skybox space that is equal to the dimensions of a full sim.
  3. I have 5000 prims left to rent. I can do 1 5000 or 2 2500 prim spaces. Would be 3500/wk or 1750/wk. Again it is a full sim skybox. There are full sim terrains you can get to make these look like actual land.
  4. Renting skybox space each the length and width of a full sim with 300 meters of height for privacy. Rent however many prims you like at .7 lindens per prim per week (ie 5000 prims would be 3500L). Feel free to message me in game. Thank you, -Fin
  5. Still prims to rent at .7 per prim per week. Can rent any amount. Sky box size is same as full sim with the only limititation being the amount of sky which would be 300m (150 above and below). This space is available regardless of the amount of prims you rent.
  6. Still have two 2500 prim or one 5000 prim space to rent at .7 per prim.
  7. I have 5k left of prims I'm willing to rent off at .7L per prim. To reiterate its 256Wx256L worth of space (the size of a full sim) with a 300M (150M above and below) depth of privacy.
  8. I am currently working on a sim that’s months away (at least 6) from completion and am looking to rent off skybox space. Any renter would be allowed to stay upon completion. The prim limits are flexible I only ask for .7Ls per prim (ie 700/wk for 1000 prims). I can set the rental box to however many prims you wish to use. I can provide a high altitude grid for privacy with a 256x256x300 area of space. What you do within those parameters is up to you. This will be residential only. The sim is low population as only a handful of us use it so there’s almost zero lag. I do weekly resets usually on Sundays to keep it that way. Currently the ground level is a work in progress. It has a coffee shop and a running train system and a few buildings. Eventually there will be a couple clubs there for hanging out. Also a few of us put our kraftie temples up on a platform. I think we have around 10 temples and 3 giant temples. If you’re into that sort of thing you would be more than welcome to use it. Feel free to IM me if interested or if you have any questions.
  9. It was more to do with the declaration by the sellers that the buyer cannot turn around resell the textures (which in my opinion they have as much right to as the seller). But thanks for your literal input. Yes I can upload something that doesn’t belong to me and I guess sell it as full perm since those 3 little boxes say I can and those that buy it would have those abilities in game. Anyways, it’s a good idea to protect your products by simply doing a little background in the 3rd party sources you are using. last I checked “I didn’t know” isn’t a good defense.
  10. After spending hours on google looking for textures for a personal build I am making for my sim I decided to see what was available in the Market Place. To my surprise (not really) I noticed a lot of the textures I saw online were also available full perm in multiple packages by various sellers on the Market Place all declaring that they cannot be resold as individual or packaged textures. This is ironic considering In reading the terms of a lot of the textures I've seen online, most (if not all) do not allow their products to be resold as packages and some (if not most) specifically state that they are not to be used in Second Life. So with that being said, just because you purchase something "full perm" in Second Life, it does not necessarily mean that product is actually full perm. And if you did decide to "violate" the terms of the Second Life seller it's highly likely that he or she would fail in proving intellectual property since more than likely it belongs to someone else.
  11. Thanks for the headsup but yes I found a builder with experience bringing mesh into SL and I've even figured out how to bring fully baked mesh in myself using 3DS maxx which is supposedly hard to do. And I have very limited 3D modeling ability. My thing is more graphic design. There's kinks and wonks with bringing mesh into SL but they're more of the annoying types. Not the end all types. There's a youtube vid for just about everything. And I as well was referring to the interior layouts. Not decorations.
  12. You can technically do 3D mesh in photoshop but it’s monotonous and very time consuming. And you would likely run into more problems as you attempt render it into SL as it’s meant for dropping 3D objects into a scene. Something Dimensions now does better.
  13. Yes I have reached out in other forums to 3D builders and have gotten some hits. I am willing to spend what’s necessary. As for interiors, I’m confident in my own abilities on that end of things.
  14. Here's a search of how the brownstones in Boston look. https://www.google.com/search?q=boston+brownstones&rlz=1C1CHBF_enUS714US714&tbm=isch&source=iu&pf=m&ictx=1&fir=hbSUPsxl9dcpOM%3A%2C3KNfAqOweqVbtM%2C_&usg=__yZRtbL8VzWkav76GUP_Y60eXjU4%3D&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjZhcqamorXAhVMQiYKHQstCBEQ9QEIOTAC#imgrc=hbSUPsxl9dcpOM: Here's a search of buildings in general. https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1C1CHBF_enUS714US714&tbm=isch&sa=1&q=boston+buildings&oq=boston+buildings&gs_l=psy-ab.3..0j0i5i30k1l5j0i8i30k1l4.55847.58654.0.58781. Bostons street layout is very old from back in the horse and carriage days. Streets generally point toward a center rather than square blocks. Roads come to a point which is a good reason why a few of the modern buildings are more triangular. Here's a link to google sketch models which are meant for Google Maps. They're crappy, hollow and the textures are low res but they are decent enough references. https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/search.html?backendClass=both&q=boston A few of the buildings I'd very much be interested in outside of Boston Proper brownstones would be: 125 Summer Street, Boston Custom House, Five Hundred Boylston, Old State House Boston, Boston Back Bay Hilton, Old South Church, Bulfinch Hotel, 101 Huntington Avenue.
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