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  1. I feel as though a lot of this is already covered. Just look at people who make a living streaming video games. They do not have to give royalties to those games. A photo wouldn't be much different than a recording or a stream. Much like in the real world. If I took a photo of a bunch of people and decided to sell it, I wouldn't need to get permission from them or the makers of whatever they are wearing to do so. Nor would I need permission from any signage that may be in the background. I think the lawyers will come calling anyways since this is newer ground but I feel like there is already m
  2. You don’t but you did. And now you’re saying you did in it in foresight. Got it... 👌
  3. SL doesn’t protect creator content so I wouldn’t base anything on what the say on their wiki outside of taking it as mere suggestion. I would read copyright law and in your case specifically the parody clause portion.
  4. My statement wasn't about entitlement (or even about wanting to buy anything) at all it was more along the lines on how to speak to a customer than anything. If anything his response was more along the lines of someone being entitled than that of the customer asking a simple yes or no question. Your statement in itself reeks of entitlement. You know who else runs charities? A lot of people who don't feel the need to tell others that they run charities for the sole purpose of making a point on a mundane internet forum topic.
  5. Opposed to the customer also not being a charity and also having bills to pay? God if a merchant ever responded to me like this that would certainly be one less place I'd spend anything. I get it you're probably trying to be funny but still lol. Damn. I wouldn't say that.
  6. I usually buy for 248L and it generally fills fairly quick. All that linden tied up at 240 and below just makes me wonder. Are those merchants tying up all that linden? Or just people patient enough to hold out for market buys? Doesn't seem like a bad gig. Considering now since there isn't a huge difference between market and limit buys. (roughly 300-400L per 50usd of lindens.)
  7. Just curious. How would one find out if they're being tracked by something they are wearing or have attached? I kind of want to delete these items now if I have any.
  8. I think people are missing your point about parodies. Here's a little tidbit I just read about Weird Al. "but his policy of getting permission for his parodies is a personal decision, not a legal obligation."
  9. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The Dark Awakening/65/67/62 It's from a gacha at the fair. They have tons of different colors.
  10. Whoever made these sims - Just wow. HD Black Dragon viewer POV. Just uploaded not that long ago. The HD versions might not be ready yet.
  11. Yes scanning makes sense but still think anything over 1200 is pointless unless you plan on the output print being something like a billboard size. PPI and DPI are the same. DPI (dots per inch is in reference to inkjet type printers) is what we used to call it. Now it's almost universally referred to as PPI. Some old timers might still say DPI.
  12. 7000ppi for a website? Doesn't seem right. Printers require the most with the minimum being 300ppi for color. Black and white or greyscale can get away with 150ppi. However anything with type on it I wouldn't recommend anything less than 300 regardless of color or black and white. Most of the high end production digital printers (machines in the 125k to 250k usd range) don't print higher than 1200ppi. Websites only require and usually only display 72ppi. 96-150 would be considered high quality for a website.
  13. I usually just work with the same proportions. For instance if I make a picture that is say 2048x1024 pixels I would make an object that is 2.048x1.024 and scale it up or down proportionately from there. The game only displays 72ppi regardless so scaling shouldn't reduce or enhance the quality assuming the original is 72ppi or more and you're not making it so big that it ends up being less than 72ppi (pixels per inch). If I'm planning on uploading to SL I work in 72ppi. If for display on the web I use 96-150. For print 300-1200ppi.
  14. Don't get so worked up about it. There's a handful of regulars on here that just go around crapping on people's posts for really no reason at all. They generally have like 12k + comments but if you look up their previous posts, none of them are remotely productive. Just reference the above posts as an example and ignore.
  15. Being able to wear multiple animesh parts and having priority status when tp'ing into full sims is reason enough for me to go premium. The weekly stipend is nice little perk. Especially added across multiple toons. Works out to 1100L per week for me which is like 1 or 2 fatpacks from some of my favorite creators.
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