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  1. I am actually seeking a sugar daddy. I am experienced in SL and RL. I have RL photos. I am willing to dedicate my time to you and send you real pictures real videos and even voice or cam chat. Anyone interested?
  2. I have been on SL for almost ten years, i am hoping to find someone who is seriously seeking a sugar baby? I am experienced, in RL and SL. I just downloaded SL again, it seems dead? I'm hoping to meet some people via this community and also earn some money. Sorry if this sounds weird! But I'm so serious and so ready to dedicate my time to my sugar daddy.
  3. Hello! My name is Skylar, And I am starting my very own sim! MY GOAL: To custom design my own sim and provide a fantastic enviornment for people who like to express themselves creatively! I want it to be mostly residental, But it will have a shopping area that I will custom design and build! Think Swanky Outdoor/Indoor mall with BIG windows, California style! The mall is going to be located right on a beach, that will have fantastic party opportunitys! so you can shop and swim! The beach will be lined with plots, I loveto build so I would like to build each building in my sim!(of course if you rent a plot you can put what ever building you want, But I will give you the option of a fully modi/copy build of your choice!) The sim will also have luxury homes, On big plots! I want to include everything from apartments, to mansions here. I will be looking for anyone who wants to start their own store! If you think you have a great product and you need somewhere to showcase your designs, let me know! I want to accomidate YOU in my sim! If you are an upcoming business owner and you cant afford to rent a store, let me know so we can include a few of your designs for free in our malls! We want to focus on small business here and stimulate our SL Economy! I want to try and have the LOWEST RENT POSSIBLE. I have been working some figures out and I will have many plots available from 1300P/2000L a week, 1500P/2700L a week, So far less then the cheapest rent I have found! I want each plot to be unique, and have a distinctive feel, I also will be very interactive with the citizens! I want to include a comitty of residents who wish to help make desicions on future expansion, and any idea or concerns they have! I will be hosting many events weekly, anything from as small as free building lessons, to fun and exciting dances! And even movie showings! I want my sim to have a very "COMMUNITY" feel! If you are interested, or have any advise for me, please IM me in world, or message me here! Thank you! and I hope to see you all soon!
  4. Hello, My name is Skylar Woodford, I am a very experienced builder, I build all my own homes and stores(when I own one). I have alot of free time on my hands, I love to build so I decided to offer my services of CUSTOM builds. I have photos, demo builds, and lots more. IM Skylar Woodford inworld for more information.
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