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  1. that's a 4 year old thread you just answered.....................
  2. You do realise you just replied to a two year old post, right?
  3. The only "public" land, is where it is owned by Linden Lab, be roads, water, abandoned etc.
  4. you DO realise you replied to a 2 year old post, right?
  5. Do Skrill have a support desk you could ask?
  6. Really? That gets you wound up? Just mute them, no need to get so wound up.
  7. A loose definition. What someone may call a troll is more than likely just someone with an opinion that they disagree with. They don't like it, ergo they label them a troll.
  8. But the OP can tackle the lag on their sim, she can't tackle all the spampire griefers
  9. Have you checked for any nefarious scripts?
  10. if you're in the EU, use the GDPR field..........................
  11. What you see though is pretty much irrelevant, land is a buyer's market right now. A landowner can sell for any price they want to, they don't "owe" you a special deal, they're in it to make money. Sorry, but to answer your question, yes it's 100% fair, you wouldn't ask a garage to trade you a better car for free, would you?
  12. You interviewed your right hand? Curious.
  13. Spammers on the forum make my mute list, inworld and on here ^^
  14. Why not just ring billing support? Use Skype and you can ring them for free. "Support doesn't work" is nonsense, it's in their interest to help you fix the problem to get you spending money again.
  15. Daft question but does the volume icon have a red circle on it? As in you muted it?
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