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  1. Friday night at the disco... someone brought a cat ??
  2. The thread is working then. Maybe they got told extra stuff, making them special, so had to have a harder tap, .... ?
  3. lol - tbh I have not seen those films .. I just like the "philtral dimple" - especially on dogs.
  4. In Jewish mythology, each embryo has an angel teaching them all the wisdom in the world while they are in utero. The angel taps an infant's upper lip before birth to silence it from telling all the secrets in the universe once it is born. This is what creates your philtrum.
  5. The list is potentially endless, but so far today I am grateful for ... the zoom chat this morning with old friends thousands of miles away, we should have been on holiday together at this time ... the walk in the autumn sunshine with the dogs, and the gorse which is starting to flower.
  6. I find SL voice to be wonky & sometimes just can't figure out why it is or isn't working at any given time. Discord - the IM equivalent for voice, works every time without having to constantly fiddle with menus & settings & sliders, so easy to understand why more & more people are using it.
  7. I am pretty much "me" in SL too, so yes OP, I know where you are coming from. As for other people inworld, I take them as they present themselves, how could it be any other way ? But that is with the knowledge that how they present themselves inworld may be far from reality & that's ok. If I am enjoying their company it's not going to matter too much to me who is on that other keyboard, but that does depend on why you're in SL, what you expect from it & what you expect from the people you meet & chose to spend time with. I keep my honesty levels high & my expectations low,
  8. Q-translator, that's how. Funny enough I seem to have met a heap of Italians & we are using this on the fly. The translations seem ok to me but both parties have to be a bit judicious with their choice of words. And yep, I've got google-translate always open in a window too.
  9. I am using the Q-translator, I paid $L900 for it on MP. It won't work on the fly with IMs, only in local chat, but it does have this: _____ Private channels to help manage with IM LSL scripts can not listen directly to IM, and therefore can not translate Instant Messages. However Q-Translator provides two private channels to translate IMs using copy/paste. ______ which I have never tried.
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