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  1. I am getting rid of parcels on Horizons and one I have left is Horizon's Nova for 40K . If you want it, feel free to buy as it is on sale for anyone. Edit: It is gone now and it went quick.
  2. i'm forever shaven isl as my rl stubble is like steel that takes hour to shave. can't say i match age wise as most avatars look 20ish to me. did not see many older one's and peony's looks bad arse. the only 'why?' i ever got was on ancient avatar. started sl sharing friend's account during pre-sculpty age. he roleplayed a soldier somewhere and made his avatar ... well ... like a realistic woman with this job. she also had a heavy prosthetic so kinda was more toned and muscled than average. got plenty of 'why are you so muscled!?' or 'why are you so masculine!?' while she was not that much different than standard. no other account got this question.
  3. acedacid

    Catya head.

    omega has a rigged mod mesh neck seam that works for most female heads on male bodies.
  4. lol i approve of rolling in pants all day long, especially after washing because of that fresh laundry smell. but that distracts from designing ones for sl so... as tazzie said - you're gonna still have to deal with maya or blender. people go for 'em as both have a tool mentioned above - avastar. it's a plugin that helps ya rig things you make; without plopping those pants onto skeleton properly, they are as stiff as a board and just like old attachment prims. marvelous designer is actually okay for sl and ya can yank a dev kit or avastar skeleton to import there which lets you fit clothes better. it has few issues though - mind your mesh complexity as marvelous designer likes to add unnecessary faces and vertices. when done with model just export it as .fbx or .dae or whatever maya uses (i use blender) and go to your 3d program of choice to rig. that's still loads to learn and adapt to. sooo... most bodies have clothing layers like system bodies did and you can make appliers for them. omega is most universal injector and you just work as in pre-sculptie era. when ready with your pants layer run to buy omega dev kit and follow instructions. good luck with all :>
  5. i come back with verdict on sl and it's less choppy when you need to take a hd photo with all options on. not sure if it's not more due to gpu but didn't run detailed benchmarks. other combinations would probably get you a boost as well - old pc pre-broken one had ran sl much better then the dead one even if it was dual core intel, 4gb ram and nvidia 9400 gt. another thing - if you go with this mainboard - it doesn't support windows 7 at all. tried all user scripts, custom installations and hell, written my own but no. currently running custom windows 10 one which i made work almost like 7 but it still's not ideal.
  6. it depends on what are the specific objects. if you have two standard boxes with one wood texture and LOD - then 2 prims are probably going to become 1. if it's a more complex build with various textures, alphas, weight and soecular maps then the prim count will probably be the same as singular objects separated.
  7. you score as: optimal nerd. you can use your 'optimal nerd' card with 'responsible tech employee' to boost your level and gain skill in software testing on serious side, sl hated me on a 2005/2008 pc most - others were consistent in smoth performance without advanced lighting (that's gpu's responsibility) and performance gains happened with internet changes. australia and uk both suffer from old infrastructures and fibre optics just became affordable. for more sl on ultra - that's mostly on your machine's cpu / gpu and memory mix plus how you set it up. lindens are like any front end support staff so they'd test things on more standard machine like Monty has. my sl been crap 2 years ago due to nightmare of an adsl, it stopped lagging that much on fibreoptic one. machine wise - didn't change for over 6 years for me despite different rigs being updated . the priority is always to make things work for majority of users.
  8. was the error on all water settings? firestorm likes to reset to some horror blacl pixel stream as water texture when you change windlight settings. usually picking another one (i favour nacon pond water) gets rid of that but it certainly can be also a cache issue. if in doubt - switch to default windlight settings, clean cache, relog, change to the ones you use normally.
  9. had to double check the 'nickname' of processor 100 times and it did not stop being funny - i never seen those (my laptop apparently has 'kaby' which is not as amusing). sl is finicky and cosmetics won't change if your gpu can load ultra and not burn your town - upgrades can make top notch settings synced faster but it still is partially internet related. black dragon is most flexible when it comes to gpu while firestorm and alchemy are meant to be more balanced. it's all just blind luck really. i guess, i'll tell you op as i just got this processor and mainboard but that'll take a while as rewriting windows 7 ultimate 64 bit installer lol. same as linked tester above - have it with gtx 1080 (not ti) but 2666 mhz ddr4 ram (32gb). wouldn't really recommend it this set up for sl as it really needs proper cooling - wouldn't do much for it (i think, as usb 3.0 drivers keep me awake tonight) and would be wasting money. it'd be useful if you do mesh work though. otherwise, i'd stick with previous i7, 1050 or 1060 gtx, asus or gigabyte mainboard that's newish and fast 16gb ram (over 2mhz but look at mainboard recommendations). can't say anything on amd as never worked with their hardware which is embarassing enough. (still laughing at coffee thing) ps. didn't read whole thread but might be useful to those making purchase decisions: https://forums.overclockers.co.uk/threads/8packs-no-bs-testing-intel-8700k-and-z370-with-delid-5ghz-and-above-available-from-ocuk.18795256/ ps 2. poster above is right on i7 being overdue an upgrade, same as amd's models but part market got inflated with ethereum resellers so if you can pull through that - wait. my main rendering pc died, otherwise would not bother and my first gen i7 lasted 4 years without any performance loss (short, i know - it died with motherboard and it's a total tech murder mystery. going to have old pc researched by people as same strange errors resulting in component deadness plagued me and others in october / november).
  10. bento shapes are best learned with fiddling and making your own ... same as photoshop. plenty of tutorial's on youtube and sure, sucks to organise all but there's forums like reddit ones and here's https://www.reddit.com/r/LearningPhotoshop/top?t=all for example. in case you want to look at sl blogs there's http://meshbodyaddicts.com and http://strawberrysingh.com both of which have photo taking tutorials. otherwise - update ur graphic drivers, use alternate viewers that are graphic intense (if you can) like black dragon or firestorm (it lags for me). set them up with tools like nvidia inspector or equivalent to get best results. https://loverdag.com does explanations for her photos which she does with reshade network which works with every viewer: https://reshade.me as for marketing - for blogs look at seo positioning which is usually editing your posts and website to add keywords that place you atop of google rankings. repost all your website posts on flickr (and all sl groups - for best ones, look up individual photographers you fancy and their photo info which includes groups placed), plurk, fb, twitter and tumblr with sl and theme tags. if you want to cover events, track them and be atop of updates with sites similar to http://seraphimsl.com . if you want to see how others edit stuff or work on their photos or sets - again, youtube is awesome and plenty slers showing crearive process like this one here: http://crmmudblood.tumblr.com (can't link youtube on phone so have her blog). also ... don't pay for such schools as they usually only get you contacts at best while teaching you photoshop basics, placing props, making poses (again - i advice fiddling with tools such as https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Animare-Pose-Animation-System-BOXED/1554912?id=1554912&slug=Animare-Pose-Animation-System-BOXED ), chosing aos, hitting right shops to app to or for promo items (there's flickr groups for sl blogger search like this one: https://www.flickr.com/groups/2844722%40N24/ ), making websites (blogspot, wordpress, dreamwidth and tumblr would be best for initial one - have lots of themes you can use) and just oozing confidence. posting this as used to work for one of first schools like that (nah, not good at any of topics above or seen anyone be a pro at first - it's all just case of wanting and fiddling on ur own; worked in marketing so yeaaaaa). they're grand if ya don't have time and learn best with direct guidance or in groups but wouldn't be worth it for last 5k per month tops if that's ur thing. sorry to but in op but ... smells like a scam with website down and no price tag or concrete skills so kinda went essay here (can't blame you for working for someone or if you do detailed promo one day).
  11. i feel u. had to learn polish and i want my life back ... (or brain). no idea where to learn romanian (or any slavic slash iberic language mixes) but can tell what helped me - subtitled films and equivalent of simplified english books plus pictorial magazines. probably would be best to go looking into language courses at local colleges as yeah i get ya on needing systematic stuff. still practice with native speakers or similar like poster above offered - best to be put in foreign situations where you need to talk your way out of.
  12. didn't rent or own place from 2006 to 2009 and loitered in my group's fav shops. life happened, came back in 2013 and crowned myself the king of hobos. eh, not really but found a sim with permissions and no owner present ... ever. still going there sometimes if needing to test something. kinda freeloaded on husband who had a series of weird houses but then we got our own parcel. if ya need private space to rezz a thing or two - search map for empty places. also land sales sometimes have permissions ticked.
  13. that thread is totally brilliant. love how you mix free and cheaper items to create an interesting chara and then show them all drawn. it's a good practice and fun to watch.
  14. could be something somewhere being updated as this somehow makes all my avis have sticks for legs, tiny feet and short arms with small hands. no shape changes or stuff on my side - happened to me few times after bento update. nothing on me auto-updates, so dunno but wait a day and see if people still run around with oddly proportioned bodies. oherwise, yep, seen plenty and lemme tell ya that booties are out and slenderman shapes are so in.
  15. We looked at rental parcels as well - in case it is an awesome region and has a plot for sale nearby. Turned out pretty much as you say plus when we given up on areas pleasing to us and just went with performance, zone and overall no-casinos-1k-script-clubs-bot-fun-factories-etc. rule ... only Horizons lands applied. Bay City, Nautilus, Nova Albion and related regions sometimes had better architecture but ... parcels for sale were in laggy spots. The 8k parcel was an error or the owners read my post and realised they listed it wrong but could have been all those Google Adsense blocking protests that affected it (as absolutely everything on our connection was). Did buy a nice 1024 (yeah, standard) and 703 plot (again, standard) in Horizons for 20k (17k one was the lowest and was unfortunately situated). Since it was 10k each plus both of us being in a group where we donated 512 tiers to - ended up okay and if we sell it for 10k when wishing to leave (I assume those will go down) - still would be fine. Paid quarterly subscription which is 6 pounds per month (but you pay for 3) and then 30 a top of it. Not the cheapest but if you consider the fact that it is a server and one we can sell for 15 pounds - it will do. Anyway, thanks for advice as without reading the forums would not know what to look at.
  16. To be fair, I don't mind prim builds and it was stupid generalisation on my part as seen gorgeous ones all the time till 2008 - like former artilleri sim. All the parcels I seen for rent were with neighbours who just made dumping grounds nearby and yeah - we might just end up with skybox over a land but wanted to ask anyway . Did look in a similar manner as well - looked at old landmarks to see if anything in area was for sale but most nice builds were gone and neighbours seemed to just make sandboxes round. Yep, I know that anyone can move in and build a giant, glowing mushroom even if I find a nice plot - on one hand, that's grand as everyone does what they like, on the other it selfishly offends my eyes. We would not mind one bigger plot up to 2048 in size and would commit to most themes unless it is said giant mushrooms just even potentially having money to spend on parcel over 10k - it feels like losing money. Probably will end with skyboxes but will look through forum as well, so thanks for link and reminding me as sans landmarks, done so with marketplace and the whole rent / buy section to scope full areas.
  17. Have been looking for a parcel to buy with my husband and we found precisely one area fitting half of our requirements and we looked for hours on the map (that is not long - I know, but asking for recs as maybe someone knows anything). We want to do a modern fantasy themed small street but could be urban or just houses or ... just anything at this point. We are looking for: 1) Two parcels next to each other and preferably 512 to 1204 but we could take on a 2048 one as well. 2) Modern area where people did not abandon it - themed sims where there is a mock-town design seem to be gone (old Topgol, anyone?) so would do with anywhere that neighbours use mesh for architecture and houses have a small bit in common but would settle for just mesh as we seen places that seemed to exist in 2005. 3) Land price is not inflated so up to 10k Ls for the deeds - preferably up to 5k individually and 10k all together. 4) Prims seem to have been more or less standarised so would go with defaults by Lindens as we have a house on private land and just looked for mainland parcels. 5) Yes, looked at Horizons and Bay City - one parcel at 8k but it was next to some particly, glowy, toxic mushroom thing (as in no division between those). Would be grateful for any possible leads. Thanks!
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