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  1. I don't recall what I was on last week sorry. Region is called End of Days Is my region now on a RC server ?
  2. My region has been resarted twice today by LL and once by me before hand and the server code has been changed to :- Second Life Server 2020-01-23T00:43:42.53512 it was :- Second Life Server 2020-02-05T22:16:31.536040 ? I did have problems with the region crashing one or twice a week and LL moved it to another server last week, not sure whats going on.
  3. Hi everyone, since LL did a double rolling restart at the end of last year my region crashes once a week on average, its a standard sl region, sim10100.agni.lindenlab.com ( anyone else experiencing crashes ? I have spoken to one other person that says their region is also crashing about one a week for some weeks! I have opened a support ticket but was curious if anyone elese expeiriencing simmilar issues?
  4. You have to be an idiot to leave your pc/laptop on 24/7 my gaming pc uses about 100 watts when not in sl or gaming. those people are chucking money down the drain.
  5. The person or company streaming the music requires a 'license' not the service provider that's a fact so if you rent shoutcast streams out to others you do not need a license because your not streaming the content your customer is, otherwise data centers that 'rent' shoutcast streams would be paying the license and the renter would not be!
  6. I am privacy focused and have never used FB (fb is an evil bad actor) and there is not one photo of me on the net.
  7. So LL deleted my comment on the official thread where I asked them to supply me with their photo id etc^^ it says questions only and I asked a question?
  8. That,s not true, the service provider does not need a license, the person that rents the stream and streams the music does.
  9. If I have to pay any money to LL I will be requiring LL and the investors to give me A copy of their photo id's their names, addresses and phone numbers etc!
  10. I have several years ago had to give LL a scan of my UK driving license, as I withdraw over a certain amount at times, my question is will I have to do anything else now?: edit to add I have also had to do this for Paypal a couple of times now, Paypal have my uk id as well.
  11. Thank you LL, I am still going to eject people in my groups that have not logged in in over a year to help improve our own group performance.
  12. I got one years ago, I have never been premium in all my time. but i often don't get emails from LL on my main my alt does and my main is setup to get emails etc. I get MP emails just not all announcements from LL.
  13. I don't 'hate' LL but I do dislike them big time, and so about 3 years ago I stopped making new content apart from Halloween and Christmas, I don't log in every day as i used to and I did what you said i wen't else where.
  14. Here is an idea why don't LL create a poll and ask premium members if they want / need more groups to the detriment of basic accounts?
  15. If i was LL I would float on the stock exchange. Now that would be fun to watch.
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