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  1. Ok i have been doing some experiments, my alt account cant use our staff chat, so i deleted the cache folder uninstalled FireStorm and re installed it same fault, installed singularity viewer still no chat in our staff group so ive come to the conclusion this is account based fault that some accounts have. I can chat in some other groups ok.
  2. Group chat is totally borked I have a staff group of 54 members and group chat does not work for most members if any we now have to use discord, when is LL going to fix this bs
  3. I will come back in a day or two it took LL almost 16 hours to get my region back online the other month ^^
  4. My L$ account went to zero and I locked up now I cant log in on any account.
  5. The next big tech advancement for SL should be 'keeping it working' beacuase at the moment its far from that!
  6. My region is having this problem for over an hour now and LL support page is borked.
  7. For the last few days group chat has not worked even in our staff group that only has about 30-40 members we are now using discord for all staff chat. this needs fixing, group messages seem to be working mostly.
  8. Sl group chat has been rubish for years, this current 'fault' has been going on over a week now its not good enough, we now use discord for staff chat and for our club vips we have been trying to divert them for a year to discord, many have joined Discord but only a fraction of our over 11.000 member base have joined so far, I think the more active memebrs have joined Discord.
  9. Normally LL answer region down tickets in under 20 minutes this ticket is over 11 hours now with no answer.
  10. Region crashed twice support ticked unanswered an hour since i submited a ticket, our region has been crap since LL moved it to a RC region ages ago LL are going down the pan! I will have to rethink paying for it in the future!
  11. My region is running like crap now it restarted again while i was offline, not sure if it crashed or what, I have restarted it myself but its still the same i guess I will have to open a ticket.
  12. My region has been offline for over 40 minutes so far! Ohh never mind its just came back online!
  13. I don't recall what I was on last week sorry. Region is called End of Days Is my region now on a RC server ?
  14. My region has been resarted twice today by LL and once by me before hand and the server code has been changed to :- Second Life Server 2020-01-23T00:43:42.53512 it was :- Second Life Server 2020-02-05T22:16:31.536040 ? I did have problems with the region crashing one or twice a week and LL moved it to another server last week, not sure whats going on.
  15. Hi everyone, since LL did a double rolling restart at the end of last year my region crashes once a week on average, its a standard sl region, sim10100.agni.lindenlab.com ( anyone else experiencing crashes ? I have spoken to one other person that says their region is also crashing about one a week for some weeks! I have opened a support ticket but was curious if anyone elese expeiriencing simmilar issues?
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