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  1. Thank you LL, I am still going to eject people in my groups that have not logged in in over a year to help improve our own group performance.
  2. I got one years ago, I have never been premium in all my time. but i often don't get emails from LL on my main my alt does and my main is setup to get emails etc. I get MP emails just not all announcements from LL.
  3. I don't 'hate' LL but I do dislike them big time, and so about 3 years ago I stopped making new content apart from Halloween and Christmas, I don't log in every day as i used to and I did what you said i wen't else where.
  4. Here is an idea why don't LL create a poll and ask premium members if they want / need more groups to the detriment of basic accounts?
  5. If i was LL I would float on the stock exchange. Now that would be fun to watch.
  6. I get Netflix for less than the new monthly premium price here in the UK. That's far better value for money!
  7. Its because its a con to make more money, less people are using SL now as it is. LL need funds for Sansar and any other projects they may have planed, maybe their own VR rig? who knows? You know its that old trick drug dealers use, give out free drugs then once addicted you have to pay, its the same principle here give something then take it away when your used to it unless you pay its gangster mentality at its best!
  8. Thanks Jo I will take a look at that when i log in. I have saved that into a note on my desktop so i don't have to hunt for it
  9. Yes my 11 year old club group goes up between 10-30 a day its currently at 15,383 members, sometimes as the owner of it i don't get notices when i am online, I was thinking some time ago of ejecting people that had not logged on in over a year but i am not sure there is a bulk way to eject avs like that and I am not sitting for weeks on end ejecting people one at a time.
  10. I advise everyone to make 10 alts and fill their groups to maximum ^^
  11. My im's to email get capped, i often do not get im's sent to email its broken and always has been.
  12. My Landlord put the rent down instantly, you need a better landlord.
  13. Hehe no one should be using fakebook its run by the CIA!
  14. I hope LL realize whats going to happen with groups? People on basic are going to spread them over alts so in effect nothing will change for LL but basic residents will get a little bit of inconvenience! I have been doing this for years.
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