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  1. For male avatars, I like nice suits but also well-fitted other clothes. It has to suit the general style of the avatar. If a guy's got a bit of a casual, scruffy look going, I don't mind when even fancy clothing is more unusual with a few hints at their own style. Basically, I can get on board with most things but I'm just so bored of always the same look (topless with black (leather) pants *yawns*). With female avatars, it's a different story because there's more choice and some of the clothes have more details. What I hate are clothes that have too much life of their own (bling, waving
  2. It's evening for me but Helena's just enjoying her first coffee of the day - and some music.
  3. I love your belly tattoo. Everything Wonderland-ish is right up my alley.
  4. Ready to find a nice beach, maybe with a party going on...
  5. I'm in Germany but for some reason I always expect everyone I meet to be in the US, too. Even though the majority of people I've talked to so far was from the UK or South European countries.
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