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  1. For male avatars, I like nice suits but also well-fitted other clothes. It has to suit the general style of the avatar. If a guy's got a bit of a casual, scruffy look going, I don't mind when even fancy clothing is more unusual with a few hints at their own style. Basically, I can get on board with most things but I'm just so bored of always the same look (topless with black (leather) pants *yawns*). With female avatars, it's a different story because there's more choice and some of the clothes have more details. What I hate are clothes that have too much life of their own (bling, waving skirts, etc.) I don't think you can say that too revealing is cheap or too covered is boring. If it fits nicely and is worn with confidence because it's "you", it's always attractive, or even sexy. It always comes down to fit and quality. Anything can be sexy, it's just a question of who you want to be attractive for, apart from yourself. Someone who's looking for a submissive and sl*tty girl will love you in a strappy leather dress while someone who's looking for a serious relationship may assume that's not what you want.
  2. Haha, I know. People can never believe I want to learn it but I think it's a beautiful language. It would be lovely if you could help. I have no idea how to do this, tbh, I never learned a language through another person, but maybe we can figure something out.
  3. Hey all, This may be a far stretch but I figured I could give it a try. I've wanted to learn Romanian for a while now but can't find any RL lessons near me, so I figured why not look on SL. I saw there are various language schools, courses and groups but couldn't find any Romanian ones. Does anyone know if that exists. I don't care if it's free or not, for now I'm okay with any suggestion for me to look into. If it helps, I'm a bloody beginner, only know the odd word so far.
  4. It's evening for me but Helena's just enjoying her first coffee of the day - and some music.
  5. I love your belly tattoo. Everything Wonderland-ish is right up my alley.
  6. I only just rented my first SL home yesterday, so I have no actual experience to go by. But judging by my RL, I'd say I'll probably always spend more money on clothes than home stuff. I don't really like to re-do my home all that often because I like returning to the familiarity of 'home' but clothes...man, I could go shopping for clothes every single day. No no, scratch that, I wanna go for a shopping spree as soon as I return from the last!
  7. I've only been using my account for a few weeks now and it's already happened once. As it seems, a lot of people have friendships and even relationships in SL but don't consider them "real". Whenever something in their RL changes, it'll be easier for those to just walk away, or so it seems. I try to get a feel for how closely linkes people's SL and RL are, so I know not to expect more commitment than they're planning to give.
  8. I was dealing with this a lot and the only thing that helped was changing to a classic avatar and then back to mine. Which viewer are you using? Switching from the official SL viewer to Firestorm has fixed this issue permanently for me.
  9. Ready to find a nice beach, maybe with a party going on...
  10. Thanks for sharing your experiences. It does sound like it's possible to find someone without really looking, which I was hoping for.
  11. I'm sorry you made such bad experiences. But even though I'm still relatively new to SL and not that experienced in BDSM, it sounds like you chose the wrong approach for what you were looking for. Like seanabrady said, slave auctions are just that, auctions. So if someone pays to buy you, of course they're gonna see you as property and it sounds to me like those auctions are designed for people who enjoy that. You, on the other end, sound like you were always looking for what you have now, a kind and loving relationship with D/s elements. And even in RL, you would be hard pressed to find that through a slave auction or other places and events designed to focus more on the ownership side of things rather than actual relationships. Although I wouldn't completely disagree, I've met a lot of rather uncaring people in my short time on SL. But I've also met those in other BDSM-central places. SL makes it easier for some, I think, because they can be selfish and confuse dominance with abuse from the comfort of their own home.
  12. I find this happens a lot with random encounters, whether for sex or just hanging out. Not everyone takes this serious or considers there are people behind the avatars. It's kind of like an RL where you also happen to run into rude people a lot.
  13. Thank you for your input, ladies. That's my experience so far, too. Of course, things are a bit different in SL. Like you both mentioned, my avatar is a bit of her own person and the lack of actual physical danger makes it possible for her to experience and explore things that I would hesitate to approach in RL. However, I have noticed that SL is not completely without danger because there's still the emotional side to everything. Like you said, if I would feel uncomfortable doing something with a stranger in RL (like some kink stuff), I probably wouldn't like it much on SL. It does require a bit more imagination, of course, but I like to bring that in and not just think of my avatar and somebody's else's avatar being pixel people doing pixel things. And then I find it's possible to get (butt)hurt as much as it would be in RL, at least for me. Just like in RL, it is possible to bring more to the table than the other person or to overestimate a relationship and then walk away with hurt feelings and a bruised ego. Since you guys seem to have found partners (even if it doesn't always last), can I ask how you met them (and people in general)? Did you just go to popular clubs to dance or visit other sims to have fun on your own and ran into them? I'm finding it really hard to find people to connect with, not just romantic / sexual relationships. I keep adding friends but then they never come on again or we just don't click. It kinda feels like Facebook sometimes, just fishing for friends.
  14. Kann ich nur bestätigen. Ich nutze ein relativ neues Macbook Pro und es ist trotzdem oft schwierig, je nach Sim und Aktivität. Einen Rechner in die Wohnung stellen möchte ich trotzdem nicht. Meintest du im Titel, dass du verschiedene Viewer probiert hast und es mit allen nicht geht? Weil bei mir der Wechsel auf Firestorm ein kleines Wunder vollbracht hat. Ich würde die Performance immer noch nicht als perfekt bezeichnen, aber es crasht nichts mehr und Avis werden wesentlich schneller geladen.
  15. I'm in Germany but for some reason I always expect everyone I meet to be in the US, too. Even though the majority of people I've talked to so far was from the UK or South European countries.
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