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  1. You logged in just to type that utterly useless response ?? Yelling ? I'm sorry did I record audio ?? Climb back into your hole, you know very well my post was not directed at any users or members & anyone with half a brain would know this automatically. Cykarushb appreciate your reply. I understand that not everyone has high end PC but that doesn't mean anything, if they don't have the requirements then they can put the settings down. The problem is Second Life Recommended Requirements are even so downgraded, remember this is "Recommended" system requirements &
  2. I started SL a few years ago, I live in Sydney Australia. I originally stopped getting on SL because I was SOOOO SICK of the ridiculous lag & crappy frames per second so I gave it a break for a few years even. Recently, fast fibre internet came to my area which I got straight away, speed is at 12 MegaBytes/s Download with 4 MegaBytes/s Upload. My PC is new only bought it few months ago. I decided I'll give SL another go with my new found net speed & new PC, so I got on today & far out what a *****-HOLE! You'd think after literally YEARS since I last logged on that there would
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