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  1. You logged in just to type that utterly useless response ?? Yelling ? I'm sorry did I record audio ?? Climb back into your hole, you know very well my post was not directed at any users or members & anyone with half a brain would know this automatically. Cykarushb appreciate your reply. I understand that not everyone has high end PC but that doesn't mean anything, if they don't have the requirements then they can put the settings down. The problem is Second Life Recommended Requirements are even so downgraded, remember this is "Recommended" system requirements & not "Minimum" we're talking about but those Recommended specs are still no where near enough. Wow 226 fps! Well who can't get that by just looking at a plain wall with 3 textures geeze, & who can't get that with really really low settings. Second Life shines because the graphics, textures are excellent but when all these settings are put down to make it look average then SL doesn't shine anymore, it falls in the average category. Just saying. I realize that but SURELY I should of seen some kind of performance boost going from literally 1/3 of a MegaByte per sec ADSL connection to Fibre 12 MegaBytes per sec. I know there's no servers in Australia & that's the main problem here & you're emphasizing exactly what I'm saying which is SL doesn't really care about overseas performance which is pretty cruel. Official Recommended SL Requirements & me = Cable or DSL-Check! I have Cable. Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 64 bit version-Check! I have 64-bit Windows 10 Pro, 2-GHz CPU or better-Check! I have 3.8GHz Intel Core i7-6850K, 4 GB or more RAM-Check! I have 32GB running in quad channel, 1024x768 Resolution or higher (that's ridiculous as a recommended resolution in this day & age not to even recommend a widescreen resolution, remember this is Recommended not Minimum)-Check! 1920x1080, Nvidia Cards 9000 Series-Check! Nvidia GTX 1080 8GB video card. My hard drives are M.2 Samsung Pro SSD drives just for more info. As you can see I well exceed these so called outdated Recommended Requirements & it still runs like crap without even maxing all the graphics settings until I put the settings down so low that it makes SL useless & takes away everything that's awesome about it. It's clearly just an internet speed issue with no servers in Australia it's the only thing I can think of left which is a real shame that after all these years there's no improvement from SL Server Side. There really must be hardly ANYONE using SL here in Australia for SL as a company not to even consider upgrading servers or hosting a few in other countries other than the U.S.
  2. I started SL a few years ago, I live in Sydney Australia. I originally stopped getting on SL because I was SOOOO SICK of the ridiculous lag & crappy frames per second so I gave it a break for a few years even. Recently, fast fibre internet came to my area which I got straight away, speed is at 12 MegaBytes/s Download with 4 MegaBytes/s Upload. My PC is new only bought it few months ago. I decided I'll give SL another go with my new found net speed & new PC, so I got on today & far out what a *****-HOLE! You'd think after literally YEARS since I last logged on that there would be a vast improvement in my SL performance but it's as crap as I remember it & it still looks the same. What have you guys been doing?? Surely there would be a huge improvement by now but it's like SL has been frozen in a *****-running state. That's not even maxed settings, your recommended settings aren't even close to running SL nicely with high quality textures, AA etc. Is it because you guys don't want to spend money upgrading your servers?? I know Australia is at the ass of the Earth but really ?? Is it because I'm far away?? My net speed is literally more than 10x faster than what it was when I used to get on & it still runz as slowly as I remember it. Very disappointing, why don't you have somewhere in fine prints that SL is not intended for Australian users?? It's really a joke, I give up, if I could vomit virtually into this forum I'd instantly do it. YEARS without improvement, do you guys only have like 6 employees?? Did you guys sack your developers ?? Just told a few friends about it too who were hoping to sus it out with me now I have to get back to them to let them know to just not bother with SL. One of them also has really fast internet & a video card of 8GB's which exceeds your Recommended System Requirements by FAR, her PC is exactly same as mine but she has a better video card. I'm going to test it on hers but I have a feeling it's only going to be a tiny bit better than mine. Anywayz just thought I'll give you guys some honest feedback of what Australians think of SL performance & the disappointment of years without improvement on SL side even though we've improved our side dramatically compared to a few years ago, & anyone who knows their PC's knows that years in the PC world is a HUGE advance in terms of parts & performance. Oh well, back to my First Life.
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