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  1. We looked at rental parcels as well - in case it is an awesome region and has a plot for sale nearby. Turned out pretty much as you say plus when we given up on areas pleasing to us and just went with performance, zone and overall no-casinos-1k-script-clubs-bot-fun-factories-etc. rule ... only Horizons lands applied. Bay City, Nautilus, Nova Albion and related regions sometimes had better architecture but ... parcels for sale were in laggy spots. The 8k parcel was an error or the owners read my post and realised they listed it wrong but could have been all those Google Adsense blocking protests that affected it (as absolutely everything on our connection was). Did buy a nice 1024 (yeah, standard) and 703 plot (again, standard) in Horizons for 20k (17k one was the lowest and was unfortunately situated). Since it was 10k each plus both of us being in a group where we donated 512 tiers to - ended up okay and if we sell it for 10k when wishing to leave (I assume those will go down) - still would be fine. Paid quarterly subscription which is 6 pounds per month (but you pay for 3) and then 30 a top of it. Not the cheapest but if you consider the fact that it is a server and one we can sell for 15 pounds - it will do. Anyway, thanks for advice as without reading the forums would not know what to look at.
  2. To be fair, I don't mind prim builds and it was stupid generalisation on my part as seen gorgeous ones all the time till 2008 - like former artilleri sim. All the parcels I seen for rent were with neighbours who just made dumping grounds nearby and yeah - we might just end up with skybox over a land but wanted to ask anyway . Did look in a similar manner as well - looked at old landmarks to see if anything in area was for sale but most nice builds were gone and neighbours seemed to just make sandboxes round. Yep, I know that anyone can move in and build a giant, glowing mushroom even if I find a nice plot - on one hand, that's grand as everyone does what they like, on the other it selfishly offends my eyes. We would not mind one bigger plot up to 2048 in size and would commit to most themes unless it is said giant mushrooms just even potentially having money to spend on parcel over 10k - it feels like losing money. Probably will end with skyboxes but will look through forum as well, so thanks for link and reminding me as sans landmarks, done so with marketplace and the whole rent / buy section to scope full areas.
  3. Have been looking for a parcel to buy with my husband and we found precisely one area fitting half of our requirements and we looked for hours on the map (that is not long - I know, but asking for recs as maybe someone knows anything). We want to do a modern fantasy themed small street but could be urban or just houses or ... just anything at this point. We are looking for: 1) Two parcels next to each other and preferably 512 to 1204 but we could take on a 2048 one as well. 2) Modern area where people did not abandon it - themed sims where there is a mock-town design seem to be gone (old Topgol, anyone?) so would do with anywhere that neighbours use mesh for architecture and houses have a small bit in common but would settle for just mesh as we seen places that seemed to exist in 2005. 3) Land price is not inflated so up to 10k Ls for the deeds - preferably up to 5k individually and 10k all together. 4) Prims seem to have been more or less standarised so would go with defaults by Lindens as we have a house on private land and just looked for mainland parcels. 5) Yes, looked at Horizons and Bay City - one parcel at 8k but it was next to some particly, glowy, toxic mushroom thing (as in no division between those). Would be grateful for any possible leads. Thanks!