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  1. bento shapes are best learned with fiddling and making your own ... same as photoshop. plenty of tutorial's on youtube and sure, sucks to organise all but there's forums like reddit ones and here's for example. in case you want to look at sl blogs there's and both of which have photo taking tutorials. otherwise - update ur graphic drivers, use alternate viewers that are graphic intense (if you can) like black dragon or firestorm (it lags for me). set them up with tools like nvidia inspector or equivalent to get best results. does explanations for her photos which she does with reshade network which works with every viewer: as for marketing - for blogs look at seo positioning which is usually editing your posts and website to add keywords that place you atop of google rankings. repost all your website posts on flickr (and all sl groups - for best ones, look up individual photographers you fancy and their photo info which includes groups placed), plurk, fb, twitter and tumblr with sl and theme tags. if you want to cover events, track them and be atop of updates with sites similar to . if you want to see how others edit stuff or work on their photos or sets - again, youtube is awesome and plenty slers showing crearive process like this one here: (can't link youtube on phone so have her blog). also ... don't pay for such schools as they usually only get you contacts at best while teaching you photoshop basics, placing props, making poses (again - i advice fiddling with tools such as ), chosing aos, hitting right shops to app to or for promo items (there's flickr groups for sl blogger search like this one: ), making websites (blogspot, wordpress, dreamwidth and tumblr would be best for initial one - have lots of themes you can use) and just oozing confidence. posting this as used to work for one of first schools like that (nah, not good at any of topics above or seen anyone be a pro at first - it's all just case of wanting and fiddling on ur own; worked in marketing so yeaaaaa). they're grand if ya don't have time and learn best with direct guidance or in groups but wouldn't be worth it for last 5k per month tops if that's ur thing. sorry to but in op but ... smells like a scam with website down and no price tag or concrete skills so kinda went essay here (can't blame you for working for someone or if you do detailed promo one day).
  2. Romanian Language Lessons

    i feel u. had to learn polish and i want my life back ... (or brain). no idea where to learn romanian (or any slavic slash iberic language mixes) but can tell what helped me - subtitled films and equivalent of simplified english books plus pictorial magazines. probably would be best to go looking into language courses at local colleges as yeah i get ya on needing systematic stuff. still practice with native speakers or similar like poster above offered - best to be put in foreign situations where you need to talk your way out of.
  3. Girl be a gay guy on SL

    all of that. i kinda suspect op is doing some uni survey work or lurking but yeah ... good advice to them all or others. my mum's straight (i know internet, what to do now!?) and i used to be semi-known gay activist (wish that's been bragging but nah - got involved with political parties ... wasn't nice so don't do that op! unless green party or similar ... ). we once had to see a leading psychiatrist in our city to get random document and he so had a field day on us - criticised mum for looking 'butch' (she's not even close in presentation ... also was alwas hetero and identifies as such) while i got slack for long hair. yea ... my hair had been short then. currently past shoulders, lol ... not due to dude but just me liking long hair. point is - u can rock anything irl or isl. would say it's best to be yourself ooc so if you feel uncertain of sexuality or gender then just be accountable to yourself and give no *****s. yea, irl local politics and safety come into play but if you wanna test waters isl, it's best place. hell, don't listen to anyone in this thread or me - if you feel totally ungay or unbloke and it's just a rp thing ... more power to you and if that changes ... or stays the same - stay safe, have fun and stop stressing. (doesn't apply to those in bigoted areas or with *****ey fam you're dependent of)
  4. Ever squatted inworld?

    didn't rent or own place from 2006 to 2009 and loitered in my group's fav shops. life happened, came back in 2013 and crowned myself the king of hobos. eh, not really but found a sim with permissions and no owner present ... ever. still going there sometimes if needing to test something. kinda freeloaded on husband who had a series of weird houses but then we got our own parcel. if ya need private space to rezz a thing or two - search map for empty places. also land sales sometimes have permissions ticked.
  5. My bad drawings of my worse avatars

    that thread is totally brilliant. love how you mix free and cheaper items to create an interesting chara and then show them all drawn. it's a good practice and fun to watch.
  6. Small hands?

    could be something somewhere being updated as this somehow makes all my avis have sticks for legs, tiny feet and short arms with small hands. no shape changes or stuff on my side - happened to me few times after bento update. nothing on me auto-updates, so dunno but wait a day and see if people still run around with oddly proportioned bodies. oherwise, yep, seen plenty and lemme tell ya that booties are out and slenderman shapes are so in.
  7. females with mama allpa or deciduen read this NOW

    "All the mum's already tried it - the definitive gender test. Helps your child reach the true gender potential and detects any abnormalities. Try it and get a free package of gendered school items for your child!" Afraid I been wrong on the weird depths as it is still used in psychology to spot personality disorders and just one of the elements is gender conformation and consistency. It is MMPI - current version is MMPI 2 RF (revised second edition). Back on topic ... how's the doctoring going, author? And yes, please give us the questions.
  8. females with mama allpa or deciduen read this NOW

    losers. i'm the best dude here because i always tip my nail lady! it's my mum. there was this one weird test in the depths of internet that guessed fairly accurately but the questions were mostly checking your consistency so if you can pass or not lol.
  9. females with mama allpa or deciduen read this NOW

    i also want to see that list as i love tests ... people who like tests are great at responding the expected answers unless it has other means of testing honesty. probably is one of those iq ones with spatial questions and linguistic ones - some scientist once said men do better at orientation while women do languages better. otherwise ... can't make better puns than those above me .
  10. District 18 [Roleplay Community]

    sounds absurdly interesting to me as i love dystopias :D, gonna check that out when free!
  11. Girl be a gay guy on SL

    i also know plenty people always in rp mode and just not mentioning their own lives so just put a note about it in your profile. kinda need to add one important thing - if you're gay, you're gay and family guy probably is not going to change that . not that you have to have anything set in stone as stuff changes, sexuality's fluid and what not but saying 'you wish you were a gay guy' sounds ... yep ... gay. never heard of those anime you watched but will check them out but lol, kids still get dragged into gayness by yaoi ... aw. school friend shown me gravitation, now i'm married to a dude. strangely, the only gay club that's been active i found under 'yaoi' tag in sl and has plenty of people behind various dudey avatars - it changes names and sims often but kinda always is under this search term. flickr has sl gay groups as well - some are sfw, most aren't but you could take a look at sims mentioned or rps.
  12. OCC Ethics and Morals in Roleplaying

    Couldn't find any sim I liked after being back in SL after looong as all of you mentioned some stuff that bothers just about everyone. Kinda seen people be IC on general sims in beginning of SL but not roleplaying just being casual as whatever character but usually it went like 'hi person, how old are you' and they went 'i'm 30 but this character is 40' or such (I did as mine was very different from me but that's kinda how lots of people started - made a concept character who would have an excuse to travel sims so mine was a post-apoc war reporter). Serious RP sims were more detailed and people did usually use a totally different background than concept one. However, that teen grid thing might be some reason and hell, teens were in SL since start just not 'officially' and always run into pretty mature kids but since it became official it might be why everyone went all weird on regulations plus LL is consolidated now like doesn't have EU locales so all's USian laws. Can't blame people being wary but that just *****e to other players when they're treated patronisingly (don't mean kids should be - just that some love treating them this way, nor should anyone be exposed to anything beyond their own or their guardians limits). The NPC thing's probably biggest reason - RPs became smaller player wise (old CoLA had one sim and now it has ... uh ... dunno, had 4 last I looked but was dead while being jammed like tuna in a can in ye old times) so ... you don't have variety of folks - if you disliked someone officering in your class, role or whatever, you could shrug and stick to another group. All would have their own plots and they'd vaguely intersect on theme so probably had less micromanaging so players had more freedom to create. On the other hand ... it also stopped those who brought a gun to a sword fight or a detailed train model to a wooden block group as someone said above - they would just be shrugged at and ignored because they'd lose special factor. Having a concept world and plotting within the frame of it like dunno ... Tolkien did with Nordic mythology (extreme example as both would make different RPs ... and hm, mythological ones set in specific area of folk tales without every creature possible could be fun ... something like Xena and Hercules telly shows crossovers) . Also - seen another extreme when looking into newer RPs - OOC and IC divide is grand but seen some games requiring no OOC contact between players ever (meaning - private one off whichever site or sim) which I guess is kinda to curb the cliqueness which's not plot mandated or whatever but strikes me as a copy of a turn-based game where you wait your turn to advance and win as someone mentioned and you absolutely will not go outside that Healer role by asking Archer if they could be ready to potentially shoot you in battle by accident. That post went on long but SL's got weirder than I remembered it. Also all furries disappeared (never my subculture but always had those avatars out and about ... or South Park ones).
  13. Looking for modernish, sci-fi / horror RP

    It is kinda same in any RP community - heard all war stories about WoW lol. Was on SWtoR and boy it's been fun - one eventful night everyone argued about 1) vegans, 2) feminists, 3) bdsm and something I muted but forgot. Livejournal had bad-rpers-suck community which is dying but absolutely seen all there. Did try some SL RPs but ran away fast for the very same reasons you mention; me and my husband kinda liked villains hence heard it became impossible to even be vaguely ICly negative. Alsoooo ... it's same game masters everywhere as we ran into same folks a lot (and they probably were same ones who ran an LJ RP long ago). Can be amusing for ... a month like some weirdo black comedy if you avoid speaking to anyone ever besides general chat and it is impossible if you need to ask for someone's black list or about a scene. Pure ERPs are not my thing (unless it is some ... dystopian goverment forcing you to dance vertical tangos; not that ERP lacks anything - it's genre for me - would say same about comedy but never seen that on SL RP ads) but heard some still are not that affected as others - potentially when great minds meet and plot - it might be more than all skin rubbing bits (I'm not good with synonyms lol). Did not go Thursday as planned but will take a look tomorrow and eh, nice sims are nice for sake of oogling and photoing plus seems loads of people like RP writing and sure there's forums or IRC (okay, not much on IRC now ...) but SL gives a nice visual benefit. Never done RP as a kid so skipped all LARPS and tabletop meets (my area had loads which ended in sightseeing IC crawls lol. Kid!me thought it boring) and any place could be re-vitalised with enough interest really.
  14. Looking for modernish, sci-fi / horror RP

    Will check that out on Thursday - do not mind few people around at certain times just not dead silence ... though this might fit theme. Premise sounds intriguing (they have no website so I assume you are part of a retrieval crew for a space ship). That is ... actually the best phrase to describe all what went on in various RP circles . Read about one which started drawing so many restrictions that in the end you couldn't make any negative characters. I don't ERP but plenty do so 'purity' also applies with the increase of 'your kink is ew and you are a bad person ... never mind if it is characters' either!' . Am sure plenty fit and like popular ones mentioned and even thos which have admin wars leading to all players being treated like children in a school.
  15. Does anyone here know an RP sim which is set in modern times or eventually one with setting not older than 19th century? Will take any active place with an interesting premise BUT one which is not rooted in fantasy genre. Would also love some supernatural and horror elements but fitting within sci-fi tropes. To elaborate: - Fantasy bits are okay but am looking for a place without every possible race and class under the sun. Would be grand if they fit sci-fi tropes; for example - mutants who evolved after humans who had been experimented by the government. - Wanting an immersive setting that has a tad bit of a mystery such as a small town which seems too nice, a cult whole world loves which in reality is vile, world post apocalyptical event, humans struggling to accept alien refugees ... etc. - Horror I am into is usually ambience and psychological such as dystopias, conspiracies, brainwashing and all similar genres. What I am very not into are vampires, werewolves, elves, angels or demons. However, would not mind them in sci-fi frame such as vampires having an odd virus which government deals with or angels and demons being just different species from another dimension. - Would be keen on Adult sim but not sex oriented. A hud which regulates game but is not overtly combat centred would be a plus. Para or semi-para RP style is my favourite to read and write as well. Missing Mile from ancient SL times would have fitten or Celar Proper which never had been an RP but sim design was based on mystery. Pleasantville (the one which had cave systems) might have worked but never have been there long enough. As for other media examples: Silent Hill and The Secret World check out in games category for me while In The Flesh, Bedlam, Aliens (BBC 3 television show), Torchwood, Doctor Who (UNIT parts), Primeval, Utopia, AHS: Asylum and Black Mirror match as television shows. Books are a bit harder but something like 1984, Hunger Games, In the Company of Shadows series and Inherent Gifts (it is the odd one out as it is about a world where slavery is legal due to humanity developing ESP powers - those with physical ones become slaves in some countries. Series follows a doctor who aids the rebels) would do. The only film I can come up with is Franklyn. As for RPs I checked and was meh about: - City of Lost Angels - used to play there and faction RP is not for me. Would fancy one centred a role such as scrap gatherer, waiter, secret agent, cleaner and so on. - Convergence - premise was nifty but also too much fantasy elements for me plus it seems not very active and the build is kind of dated. They focus more on the class and faction play which is not my cup pf tea. - Crackden and Deadend - they are the most active but looking for a different feel. - Outbreak - considering this one but it seems to be dying. I do not like zombies but would be willing to give it a go. Tl;dr - an RP where darknes lurks, world is bleak and new government rules a poor, small town ... with a tragic mystery.