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  1. This is probably the best solution currently. They would essentially work like Lucky Chairs.
  2. It's out of their control. Certain US states and certain countries do not allow online gambling. Linden Lab could be sued and fined for breaking the law.
  3. Do Powder Packs and other loot boxes fall under these rules? From what I remember, powder packs contain random skins.
  4. I think most people will move to OpenSim if SL ever shuts down. Some creators will move too, which will ultimately determine if SL continues in OpenSim, or not. All i can say is, prepare for instability in the upcoming weeks and months.
  5. Yikes. No custom last name? Was it really that difficult to find a couple developers to come up with something, besides this half-baked idea? 😐
  6. Linden Realms was decent for what it was but then people started abusing it with bots and multiple accounts.
  7. It's way too steep when you compare it to MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft, which is only $10 every 3 days.
  8. I have no desire to be part of one, but i view it as adults playing "house", similar to how children play it. One kid would be daddy, another mommy, and others as kids. It's just not my thing, same for vampire bloodlines.
  9. Convenience, language barriers, social anxiety, discrete infidelity, etc.
  10. Anyone else remember those female shapes with the widest hips and gap possible? This was before mesh bodies. They also had pouty and sad mouths. So glad it faded out. It looked ridiculous.
  11. I'm aware of that, but i should've been more clear. I meant seeing the Resident tag inworld such as in scripts, chat, from lucky chairs and MM boards, etc.
  12. No thanks. I like the ability to change display names for RP reasons. I also like using them for fun and flavorful text such as titles or other symbols. If you take them away, people will start using titlers which would add more to the script count.
  13. I always see this topic but I don't understand the overzealous fascination with last names. Granted, i wasn't around back then, but the current system works fine as it is. We can always put last names in our display name if it's really that important to people. I do wish they would get rid of the Resident tag though. It seems unnecessary but i'm sure there's probably some technical reason why they are required. Perhaps i'm not understanding this issue clearly, but can somebody explain why they want them so badly. 😐
  14. The entire marketplace needs an overhaul. It's outdated and inefficient and makes it cumbersome to find anything specific. The MP is filled with older stuff from 15 years ago which makes it even worse to find stuff that is new, and even using the filters doesn't always work. It would make sense to prioritize it since it generates money for LL, but i wouldn't hold my breath.
  15. Ok, i've been patient long enough. I could understand an hour or two, but we're going on 5+ hours now. This is beyond ridiculous.
  16. Smells like a troll thread, but i'll give advice anyway. It's pretty much the same way you get one in real life. Meet them at an event, party, work, school, through friends, etc. Develop an interesting conversation between the both of you. Exchange contact information (or add to friend list in SL). Continue seeing each other and hope for the best. Other tips: Don't be aggressive or stalk. Don't ask her to marry you within the first five minutes. Only bring up real life if it's about you, then see if she/he wants to talk about their life. Whatever you do, don't force it. Let it happen naturally. Those are the best relationships that last years.
  17. SL is stagnant, not strong. I think it's safe to say there hasn't been any user growth in years. It's to be expected though since SL is 16 years old now. The userbase is also old and i'm guessing the average age is 40+ by now. The youth today doesn't know about SL or virtual worlds. They know about Fortnite and VR. Not to go off topic, but LL messed up with Sansar. They could've used Sansar to bring in a new generation of teens and young adults, as well as the existing SL userbase. Except it didn't happen for various reasons. They pretty much failed on the VR front and alienated their core SL base, which left Sansar empty. If they would've catered to their existing SL base, they could've at least had some people in Sansar still.
  18. Premium membership makes no sense because of the way the Linden Exchange works with real money. With enough effort, you can bypass all the premium services. You can get a bigger plot and a better home with enough lindens, provided that you make enough lindens in-world.
  19. The entire unpacking system is a mess because of various scripts and rezzing methods over time, and they all overlap each other. Perhaps some older SL'ers can explain why things need to be boxed in the first place. The entire process would be much easier if everything were placed in folders.
  20. You also have to consider location. If you're hanging out at an adult sex place, then you really shouldn't be offended by people trying to look for sex. If you're at a club or shopping area, then yes, it's very rude to try and look for some action on the spot. There's a proper place and time for that and a shopping area isn't one of them.
  21. Some of those options aren't so bad for attracting new people. I think listing Real Estate, Business, and Education for new people is too advanced for them. Creativity too, since you need to learn how to build and use 3rd party apps.
  22. I never said that should've happened from my own personal viewpoint. I followed up with a second post clarifying what i meant. Hope that's clear enough unless you want to go in circles. Here's my followup quote:
  23. A lot of people are misconstruing of what i believe. Personally, i wouldn't want separate accounts. I'm just trying to convey, what i see as a mistake, from a business standpoint. /shrug
  24. Wouldn't make sense to be honest. They are better off converting Sansar's VR UI to a desktop friendly UI. Sansar has a lot of UI problems for desktop users and making text-chat easier would be a huge improvement for communication. SL already does this pretty well. If anything, LL would be better off selling Sansar and create an SL 2.0. I'm pretty sure the SL community would've been more excited for the latter since 99% of them didn't own a VR headset when Sansar was announced.
  25. I actually started with OS Grid around 2013 (found it after i tried IMVU), then Inworldz, then eventually SL. It wasn't until later on that i found out that OS Grid and Opensim were basically opensource versions of SL. My first SL experience was confusing. I was thrown onto a path to learn movement, jumping, and flying. I heard a lot of people on voice chat trolling and being obnoxious so i turned it off immediately. After the tutorial i reached a circular platform with all these people and portals around me and thought it was cool. After all that, someone sent me a folder for freebies and landmarks, so i TP'd to London's freebie megastore and saw all the cool things i could get for free.
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